Removing Contact Lens with Q-Tips!

When contact lens first came out, they were meant to correct vision and therapeutic purposes but with the latest technology, contact lens are not only limited for medical purposes but to play an important role in enhancing ones’ look which allows everyone to be able to try them on. I wear contact lens to play around with colors and I usually wear planos which there isn’t any degree of power to adjust my vision.

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For girls (or guys maybe), sometimes we keep our long beautiful nails and we are always reminded by opticians to keep our nails short while handling contact lens. This is just a friendly reminder just in case, your nails might rip the lens or poke into your eyes while removing. The key to rinse your contact lens is to use your finger tip, not your nails. Removing contact lens will be quite tricky, some could use their eyelid to squeeze the lens out and some use fingers to push it out. Both ways doesn’t work so well for me and finally I found a method that works. No fingers to touch the lens at all!

You might be wondering if the lint from the q-tip might get into your eyes. The q-tip is suppose to grip your lens and it shouldn’t be touching your eyes. If you’re still worried, you may wet it with your saline solution for the lint to stay on the q-tip. After you remove your lens, you should always rinse your lens, even before wearing them. Also, dispose the q-tip after each use for hygienic purposes. Hope this little tip helps!


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. This is my first time wearing contacts and I was taking hours to remove them until I saw this video! Doesn’t even take one second to get them out now! Thank you so, so, so much!

  2. hey i found your video days ago and it has saved my day. and i’ve been using this method every time i take out my soft lenses. i told my friends what i’ve been doing and their response was negative and worried even when i said that i always rinse my lenses before and after using it, but they still think it’s dangerous, and that using finger tip is the only way to take soft lenses out. so i was wondering is this method really save? because this is the only method that work for me. i can never get my lenses out with my fingertip, nor the eyelid trick.

    • Great to know. I have no issues with this method by far. Perhaps, seeking advice from an optician would be the best.

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