Review: Ko Dermacare Aqua Hydrating Moisturizer I, I Love Everything About It But Just One Thing…

Selecting a moisturizer could be quite tricky for it’s texture and the results they deliver. However, they are essential in our daily skincare regime to lock moisture, replenish and protect our skin. I have recently finished my jar of moisturizer, Ko Dermacare Aqua Hydrating Moisturizer I that I first doubted and love after the first use.

Ko Dermacare Aqua Hydrating Moisturizer 1

‘An invigorating water-based moisturizer that drenches your skin in a veil of tranquility. Calms skin irritation while replenishing moisture level. For acne-prone and oily skin.’Ko Dermacare Aqua Hydrating Moisturizer 1 2

The moisturizer comes in a large skincare jar of 60 grams which is sufficient for more than a month usage depending on the amount that was used. You could actually double apply if your skin it’s still dry, most of the time is recommended to apply twice daily.Ko Dermacare Aqua Hydrating Moisturizer 1 Spatula

It comes with a clear spatula for hygiene purposes, this also helps to remain the purity of the moisturizer to avoid mixing with other ingredients or objects.Ko Dermacare Aqua Hydrating Moisturizer 1 Texture 1

The moisturizer texture…well this made me doubted from the first look of it. It looked thick and rich, normally I am reluctant toward using such texture because of my combination skin. Also, I would use only one moisturizer for day and night.

Ko Dermacare Aqua Hydrating Moisturizer 1 Texture

Through swatching, this moisturizer started to relief my doubts. the texture felt like whipped gel, light and easily absorbed by skin. As I massage the moisturizer on my skin, it turns a little watery and I could literally see droplets of water then absorbed by the skin.

Ko Dermacare Aqua Hydrating Moisturizer 1 How To

After cleansing and toning, apply a pea sized amount over your face. I would use the spatula to scoop the moisturizer to minimize the contact with any germs. Just like how I felt over the swatch when I apply this moisturizer on my face, it goes watery then absorbed easily without any oily residue.

Ko Dermacare Aqua Hydrating Moisturizer 1 Before and After 2

Throughout using this moisturizer, it has kept my skin moisture level well balanced and my skin doesn’t feel as oily as before. My skin also appears supple and acne free.

Ko Dermacare Aqua Hydrating Moisturizer 1 Before and After

A comparison of before and after using the moisturizer after a month. I do find that my skin is much more brighter, supple with balanced sebum production.

Above all…

I really love this moisturizer, everything about it that keeps my skin moisturized with balanced sebum production, supple, brighter, acne free and much radiant skin. However, from all these, the back lash is the price. Quite hefty for a price of moisturizer for my preference. Unless if you don’t mind the price, by all means please do give it a try!

Price: MYR280.00

Weight: 60g

Availability: Dr Ko Clinic


  • Watery texture easily to be absorbed by skin
  • Moisturized skin with balanced sebum production
  • Brighter skin
  • Acne free skin
  • Better skin radiance


  • Hefty price

My Rating: 4.9/5


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This moisturizer was provided for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh
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