3 Looks In A Go: Purple & Gold Makeup Tutorial

It’s been a while since the last transformation makeup tutorial. From one look to another goes great especially if you have multiple events running on the same day. By transforming, you’ll create different moods catering to the events that you’re going. This time I’m playing around with purple and tan gold eye shadows, combination of cool and warm tone that goes great for every skin color. Please enjoy 3 Looks In A Go: Purple & Gold Makeup Tutorial!


3 Looks On The Go - Purple & Tan Gold - Light & Easy

Light & Easy is like your classic smokey eyes where you’ll go really light on the lip color, allowing the eye makeup to stand out more on the overall look.

3 Looks On The Go - Purple & Tan Gold - Sweetheart Darling

Sweetheart Darling, a mauve lip color was chosen to balance out the entire look without looking too overly done. The more opaque the lip color, the thicker your lips would appear. At the same time it doesn’t look too dramatic, great for a date night.

3 Looks On The Go - Purple & Tan Gold - Romantic Glamour

Romantic Glamour is where everything goes much more heavier and dramatic. Darken up the eyes, adds on false lashes and more contoured face is a way to go for night events. At the same time, this look is very elegant and glam.

What do you think about these transformation? Which look do you like? If you have any other color combination that you would like me to make it as a tutorial, don’t forget to leave your comment below!


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