7aste Queenstown

We were in Queenstown, New Zealand just last week! BRrrrr, it was  freezing and finally I get to see snow!

I wish I was in Queensland or maybe one day I will. I hope I do !!! It was an event held by 7aste at Ecoba Kuala Lumpur.

The lover was invited as VIP and he had me and the peeps in the guest list too. An event that we will have the taste of Queenstown, New Zealand. We were given a masquerade mask and a drink coupon upon checking in.

With the drink coupon, we get to exchange a beer and we get to exchange another for every empty beer bottle.  Great idea to avoid wastage of beers! Trays of refreshment strolled around by the waiters, kept our hands and mouth so busy! There are vodka shot stations and we were served with 42 Below.

Coronet Peak is one of New Zealand’s best known ski spots and we’ve experience some wee bit of it. We played some skiing game using Wii with strong air blowing and polystyrene (resemble as snow) at us. What made us look more like it is that they provided Eskimo jackets and ear muffs! It was a game with prizes to be won, score board is placed outside as well as screen projector where you can see how did people play the game.

Emcee for the night and helpful bartenders! There were some shows and music around, I missed most of it because my table was outside.

Though we missed most of it, we manage to grab a photo with the performers. They are beautiful !

Here’s a little bits of Ecoba, they have live band from 8pm onwards every Saturday ! Bands are cool but Ecoba is a little out of my way.

Here is one nostalgic shot I would love to share, it was set on a normal mode. Beautiful eh? It was a great night where many get together and meet new people.  It was a fun night and I wish for MORE fun nights like this !

Traclyn Yeoh
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