Empro Cosmetics BonBrow, Touch Up After A Month

Last month I went for Empro Bonbrow and a month later, I went for a touch up session which I definitely need it because my brows look way too natural from what I have expected. From my purchase, I am entitled with a free touch up session.

The process goes the same as how I had described it in my previous post. I’m so glad to meet my artist again, May as she is very patient to hear what I want to archive for me brows. Since the outcome turned out so natural, I did share with her I want my brows look even thicker and flatter. Basically, like the current trending Korean brows. This would be able to shorten my oblong face shape.

Empro Bonbrow Touch Up

This is how it looks like after the touch up. It looks really thick like Shin Chan which I didn’t mind because I know I will go through the process of peeling and the brow shape would shrink.

Empro Bonbrow Touch Up After Peel

After a week, this is how it looks like. Definitely this looks so much better and from this photo, the shade may look uneven but it’s quite alright in real. I do notice where my left brow seem to be higher than the right and it’s some area are not quite filled at the top part of my brows. The front of the brows seems shorter, slightly more further from my nose bridge.

I did share my concern to May on what if I am still not happy with my brows. She mentioned where I could come back a month later to get them fixed without charges. I think I would need to look out for her again to fix my left brow.

Empro Bonbrow Touch Up - Traclyn & May Yong

This is May Yong, where I promised in my previous post that I would get a photo with her. She is the Senior Artist as well as Assistant Supervisor of Empro Mid Valley. She is highly recommended for her service, patience and experience. Feel free to look out for her if you would like to get your brows done.


Traclyn Yeoh

2015 innisfree Festa Malaysia Featuring It’s Global Brand Ambassador, Lee Min Ho

innisfree has launched it’s first store in Malaysia stands in Sunway Pyramid last month, December 2014. I came about to know innisfree when I was still writing for Korea Cosmetics a few years back and Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask was the first ever product that I have tried and love it.  innisfree continues to celebrate the joy with innisfree Festa 2015 happened last weekend featuring it’s Global Brand Ambassador who came all the way from Korea, Lee Min Ho.

2015 innisfree Festa Malaysia - Julie Woon

The media event was hosted by our most recognized personalities in Malaysia media, Julie Woon. Started with details of innisfree origin at Jeju Island, product purity, innisfree has strengthen the brand name across the nation to different countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and finally has arrived to Malaysia shores.

2015 innisfree Festa Malaysia - Koo  Ae-Ran

Ms. Koo Ae-Ran, Marketing Director of innisfree headquarters shares, ‘With increasing green consciousness and lifestyles in harmony with nature booming, it was a timely decision for us to bring the natural goodness of Keku to Malaysia to fuel the demand for natural beauty products. As we make our mark in Malaysia, we are grateful and indeed thankful that innisfree is well-received in the local market. As we celebrate the success with our loyal customers today, I can assure you that the store at Sunway Pyramid Shopping mall is just the first of many stores planned for Malaysia in the near future”.

“Committed to take our green goals to the next level, this closed-door innisfree Festa is our way of bringing the essence of Jeju Island alive. We believe the thoughtfully crafted experiential walkthrough will take ou one steop closer to understanding the green ideology and methodology behind this brand. Plus it’s also our way to introduce our Global Brand Ambassador, Lee Min Ho to his fans and local media.”

Over in innisfree Jeju House, guest are able to reflect the sensorial experiences of the brand through sound, sight, touch, tast and small. The house has various activities that gratify one’s senses in the nature of Jeju such as cosmetics made up of pure Jeju ingredients, organic soap making experience and organic cafe with fresh Jeju ingredients. Graced by gallery are not only Lee Min Ho’s images but also Yoona, innisfree’s Global Female Brand Ambassador taken over the breathtaking sceneries of Jeju Island.

2015 innisfree Festa Malaysia - Ms Park

Ms. Park, Brand Manager of innisfree headquarters shares of where innisfree is the first to use squeezed fresh green tea essence. As this technique able to retain the purity of green tea’s properties and it could provide more moisture and amino acid which is beneficial for every skin type.

Organic green tea leaves were grown and harvested in pure Jeju Island. Within an hour after harvesting, the fresh green tea leaves were steamed for 30 seconds to retain their natural nutrients. Steamed green tea leaves that are rich in moisture are squeezed to extract 100% fresh green tea essence. Finally, fresh green tea essence is stabilized to prevent it from blighting and extracted using purified water for better skin absorbency.

2015 innisfree Festa Malaysia - Lee Min Ho & Julie Woon

Stood tall over the event is Lee Min Ho who brought much more excitement to the event shares his must-haves is  innisfree Forest for Men All-in-One Essence. Personal care is important, not only for women hence men too needs to take care of it. He swear by innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and Green Tea Seed Serum to keep his skin clear, hydrated and fresh over his busy  schedule of filming and travelling. He also shared that he has finished filming of a movie, Gangnam 1970 and looking forward for more movies in future.

2015 innisfree Festa Malaysia - Margaret, Lee Min Ho, Ko Ae-Ran

Along with Lee Min Ho, Ms. Koo Ae-Ran and Ms. Margaret Chin, General Manager of AMOREPACIFIC Malaysia officiated  innisfree launch into Malaysia as well as to honour innisfree Festa 2015 by watering a green tea plant as a symbolic gesture.

2015 innisfree Festa Malaysia - Margaret, Lee Min Ho, Ko Ae-Ran 2

From left to right, Ms. Margaret Chin, Lee Min Ho and Ms. Koo Ae-Ran.

2015 innisfree Festa Malaysia - Lee Min Ho

Lastly, Min Ho thank everyone for coming and to innisfree for the successful launch. Also, thanking for all the effort and support he received especially for his upcoming movie.

Share your support and keep yourself updated for more innisfree Malaysia happenings by liking their Facebook below!


Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Fanipia Cucumber Mask Pack

It has been a while since I wrote for Korea Cosmetics when  I was their Official Beauty Blogger. You could check on the articles I wrote for them, here. This was given complimentary upon working with them to be part of the team and yes, I have been reserving this Fanipia Cucumber Mask Pack for some time now. Finally, I have used it.

Cucumber is known for its hydrating properties and this is not your ordinary sheet mask. Its the world first double layered mask pack and of course , it’s made in Korea.

I found the closes description of Fanipia Cucumber Mask Pack online and its the same as now it is printed on the back of the pack.  Its suitable for all skin types and contains hyaluronic acid for better and lasting moisturizing effect.

The mask sure look ordinary with film protection. It doesn’t have much left over essence because there wasn’t any dripping either.

How to Use

  • Step One – Cleanse face and apply skin lotion (which I believe its referring to toner)
  • Step Two – Discard mask from its pack and apply it over the face. Leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Step Three – Remove the mask, pat the leftover essence on the face and continue with skin care regime

The definition of the double layer mask is that it has a thin layer of plastic above the mask. I was first confused didn’t know which side should I put on. The plastic doesn’t slip and embedded with the sheet mask firmly but because of so, it doesn’t adhere onto the face properly. I did slit on the nostril area to fit it nicely.

My skin is much more moisturize and seems real shiny. I was worried thinking that it’s oil but it doesn’t feel oily and there isn’t any residue left on my fingers when I tried wiping it. Looking at my skin condition like so, the next thing I was worried if my skin could still absorb my skincare products. It wasn’t a problem after all!


I like that the mask made my skin glowed so much right after removing it but it doesn’t fit nicely onto my face. I had to keep monitoring if there is air bubbles underneath the mask. With my concern if my skin could still absorb my skincare products, it drinks up all my skincare product like how it normally should. However, after using this mask I did get two small inflamed breakout the next day.

Price: n/a

Weight: 22g

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: Not in Malaysia


  •  Glowing skin
  • Moisturized skin
  • Skin is able to absorb skin care after the mask


  • Doesn’t fit onto the face nicely
  • Broke out the next day
  • Not available in Malaysia
  • Contains Paraben

My Rating: 3.8/5


Traclyn Yeoh

Featured – My Super-Lash Experience!

Just when I thought I was done with my featured articles from Korea Cosmetics, now Female Malaysia are featuring my articles from my blog in their website. I’m so excited! Here is a share of the featured article which I have previously reviewed on Rimmel London Extra Super Lash Waterproof Mascara. If you haven’t read about it, click here. There are more articles that has been selected by Female Malaysia and I will keep you updated which are the lucky picks!


Traclyn Yeoh