A Day Voyage at Style & Beauty Workshop

Waking up early on Sunday is rather unusual, I love having my sleep longer especially on the weekends but not last week.  I was so keen to attend Style & Beauty Workshop organized by BizzyBody. A workshop learning hair and makeup styling, nutritions for skin, loosing weight, poise to success and wardrobe styling. I was also giving out free tickets in my Facebook before the day comes and at the same time, they were tickets selling in Groupon.

Held at Actors Studio on the 8th Floor of Lot 10, people who signed up for the workshop are not only random people but there are bloggers and guest, Groupon purchasers, BizzyBody and Facial First customers. The host for the workshop is Danny Hoh, the Chief Marketing Officer of Wyann.

 Before the workshop begins, Danny was shooting out some questions for participants to have their opportunity to grab free gifts of Skin Nutrition products. The free gifts doesn’t stop here, it was on going  in between few sessions.

The workshop begins with a makeup demonstration by A Cut Above Academy. Gary Cheok who is a Head of Makeup Education in the academy since 2009 with approximately 10 years of teaching experience in this industry. One of the participants volunteered as Gary was looking out for a model to do the demo. The makeup inspiration comes from Lee Hyori’s dramatic and bold eye makeup which can be seen, here. 

Next session is about Super Food for Skin conducted by Jamie Lam, the nutritionist from Facial First. She explained about the goodness of berries, antioxidants, astaxanthin and what all these nutrient can do for our skin. Oils are also good for our skin because they provide and retains moisture for our skin.

Time for lunch hour and there was a buffet waiting outside of Actors Studio. Meanwhile, BizzyBody Ambassador Search 2012/13 Top 50 Interview runs at the same time. Participants be able to have their lunch while watching the interviews or indulge themselves with hand paraffin treatments body weight and fat analysis, as well as facial skin analysis.  The search will be finalized this November.

After filling up the lunch with the yummy buffet, next session was Power Your Poise To Success by Simones Model Academy. Conducted by Syakella Jazmyn whom is a model from Simones Model and Paul explained to us what it takes to be a model. Learning about postures, types of catwalks and model photo shots doesn’t mean we have to be a model. We could learn this to carry ourselves better, more confident and positive image.

 Ms Yap Yann Fang, the Chief Operating Officer of Wyann International shares with us what are the ways to lose 5 kg in 16 days. She couldn’t stress more how important breakfast in our daily life as well as importance of having a balance diet. Its better to cut down the amount of food taken in a meal rather than skipping meals.

BizzyBody Ambassadors shares amazing stories on how  they lost their weight. I could see how strong this women are to take the initiative to have the curves and body that they desire again. Their story was inspiring, you go girl!

Teresa Chew, a certified Image Consultant since 1996 guiding us to identify our own body shapes and what kind of clothing to go with. She shared the importance of dressing up, how the clothing makes the difference and the image build within what we dress.

The workshop ends with the second session of interview of BizzyBody Ambassador Search. The earlier talks were a little dull because I was struggling quite a bit to keep me awake. Though the workshop was quite lengthy, I really enjoyed myself because I learned something new from each session. Thank you BizzyBody!


Traclyn Yeoh
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