La Vogue Femme is an independent beauty blog showcasing online beauty knowledge from head to toe. Sharing tips & advices plus reviews on new and latest beauty products, while creating how-to, D.I.Y, and tutorial videos. Aside from the beauty world, not to be missed on fancy schmancy fashion styles, scrumptious food indulgence, travel adventures, lifestyles and more!

Pronounced as la-vōg-fem, it is a mixture of English and French language which means “The Prevailing Fashion & Style of a Woman”. Formally known as Vogue Femme where it begun in Xanga.com in 2007 as a personal blog and established to self-hosted blog of LaVogueFemme.com in 2011. This blog is garnering more than 3500 unique visitors monthly and in Youtube channel, there are more than 2300 subscribers with more than 1.2million views.

In this blog is where I story my experiences, inspiration and creativity. It helps each of us to discover the world of beauty to enable us to feel beautiful inside out and unleash the confidence in everyone. Your comments are very much welcomed as it builds interaction between us, get engaged and help the rest of the community to discover and support each other. If you feel that you need to speak personally to me, you can always email me here.

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Stay Beautiful and Be Inspired Always

The definition of the word ‘beautiful’ varies by each individuals perception. It doesn’t have to be something physical. Beauty also comes from within the heart and soul of each individual.

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Without it, we will be dull and all the same. It gives us the drive to be so passionate about the things that we do and what we want to achieve.

I’m constantly learning from my readers and subscribers. My environment and also surroundings. This tagline serves as a reminder for each of us to achieve and be more than what we set out to be.


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Traclyn Yeoh

Traclyn Yeoh

A Malaysian beauty blogger expressing her views on beauty and life’s other superficial aspects. Not to mention, beauty tutorials to appease the die-hard beauty junkies. She wasn’t blessed with smooth baby skin and everything begun when she is eager to share her guides on taking care of troubled skin in Xanga, thus everything is born. Her passion grew slowly and she started to write more and delve further into the world of beauty. When writing wasn’t enough to express her ideas, she started her own Youtube videos in 2009 to share more with the world.

After attaining Degree in Human Resource Management from Australia, she came back for good in 2008. Juggling a professional career, her own interest and life was tedious but to “BELIEVE” in herself is the word that she took in. And this kept remind her that this is for her family, friends, readers and subscribers. She is much honored to be featured in numerous media outlets such as Malay Mail, News Straights Times, Seventeen Malaysia, LifeStyleAsia.com, The Women’s Weekly and more.


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