ALL ABOARD! A Journey to 1st Avenue

Today we’ll hitch a ride on a train to head to some where …






Here’s our train conductor for the day and we are all ready to go. “All aboard~!”, says the train conductor. ” Good evening ladies and gentlemen, our journey today is to 1st Avenue – The Big Apple Splendour. We will be arriving shortly and please be seated.”

It’s the launching of 1st Avenue located in 1st Floor East Wing of Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. Arriving on red carpet is a little unusual for me but I’m no celebrity with people to usher me around.   1st Avenue has opened a while ago and I hang out around here often and  I was wondering why is this place so  pretty than the others. To be exact is on 1st April is the date that they opened but just last week on the 10th May, they had an official launching.  I had fun meeting friends, getting close up with Amber Chia and to meet a happy lively kid from Bebe Island store.

Adopting the concept of reminisce of the Big Apple of impressive indoor sky arch ceiling, quaint, neighbourly shops, warm cobblestones complete with a replica of a subway station making it as though you’re really shopping in a subway. With about more than 20 different shops available, I don’t think you’ll get bored with it.

Here are some of the shops and here’s list of some of the shops:

Smooshie, Shizzu, Ladies Wear, Boutique, Chantelle’s Chest, Quicksilver Eyewear, Famous Amos, All Watches, Cutie Cat Garden, Seaweed Roasted, Pretty2u, Silver Trend, Dazzle Fashion House, Cecil Mc Bee, Made in Korea, Tamiko Fashion, Bebe Island, Magic Club, Elda, Shimino Japanese Crepe, Color Sky, Mark Red, Offline Blogshop, Skiva, Zing, Zucca International and Starbucks.

Shops are available has your daily street fashion and apparels, street snacks and cafes, gifts, magics tricks and demo, makeups, beauty products and healthy juices!

Not to miss out during the launching with a fashion show, starting with brands from Tamiko, Silver Trend and I.Co Boutique. Models are also carrying drinks and merchandise from Starbucks.

These kids are really cute, some were smiling so sweet and cute, some were gushing to get back from where they start and there was one showing some good muscles! Fashions are from Bebe Island.

Followed by apparels from Elda, Shizzu and Dazzle. Some of the apparels looked really great and gives me more ideas and inspiration to dress. It’s simple and stylish but I doubt I could cope with jacket in the humid weather here.

All the models parading their last apparel together with those cute children models too as a wrap up to the fashion show. I love how they model the apparels lively and happily, I prefer it that way rather than expressionless models. Well I guess it depends on the theme.

Among celebrities who came are Amber Chia, Mizz Nina, Siti Saleha, Hannah Tan, Jojo Struys, Xandra Ooi, Yuri Wong, William San and many more.

The 1st Avenue concept is also inspired by the 5th Avenue in New York. So if you want to have that wee bit feel of shopping in New York, you could drop by here.  For more details, please visit or you may call to their customer care hotline at 1-300-888-988 from 10 am till 10pm.

Here are a show of what’s in my goody bag. There are note books and pen from Times Square, nail stickers from Pretty2u, a booklet of cash vouchers, organza bag filled with goodies from Offline Blogshop, strappy bracelet from Zing, and magic cube from Magic Club. With those cash vouchers, I think I’ll be burning massive holes into my purse. Ek!

“Be inspired. Be bold. 1st Avenue – your door to the latest fashion and so much more, under one roof.”

Traclyn Yeoh
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