Announcement: Lost of Camera

I’m so sorry that there’s no updates almost for two weeks now. Firstly, I have promised to update but not as often as I did before I started working. I did try to cope with alternate days of updates and it did work. The tiredness from working sometimes kills my enthusiasm. I usually plan to do something for my blog whenever I’m free during the weekends. I have to work on first and last Saturday of the month.

Last week, I have planned to do recordings and picture taking during the weekends but bad news came along. My brother loss the camera for his trip to China. It’s my dad’s camera and I’ve been using it all the time. He lost it before he board the plane. I know that he was careless but the camera is already gone and there’s no point to blame him. Anyways, he’s replacing a new one for my dad. Not sure when does the new camera comes in but I do hope it will be fast so I could start updating again. It’s a bad news that the camera is gone but it’s a good news that new camera is coming in and of course the new camera is in a better quality.

I will put the updates on hold for a moment until the new camera arrives. Sorry that I have to keep you waiting. Psssst! Actually, I’m excited for the new camera arrival.

How are all of you? I hope everything is fine with everyone. I think I’m a little stressed up with work causing me to have breakouts daily. I’m killing pimples everyday. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine! Take care!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Hey Traclyn! Long time no see! 😉 ::HUG::

    I’m glad you’re sticking with the job even though it’s stressful. We all have to make a living, eh? Just dont let it get TOO stressful. No job is worth your health & mentality.

    I’m doing ok. Thanksgiving for us is tomorrow & we just got back from the store. We actually got all we needed. It’s rained hard all day so it scared away the shoppers! LOL. Do you celebrate a form of Thanksgiving in Malaysia? I know the Canadians do, but they have it in October.

    I bet the new camera will be awesome! Newer models are smaller but have more space. I was thinking of investing in one when I got the money. I dont do much to need one but maybe once my voice comes back, I’ll start a video blog….youtube is a good outlet to reach people!


  2. Sorry about your camera dear. I hope the new one works out wonderfully for you!<3 And yes, I got your email. I intend to wait until your items arrive then email you when I’m about to send your package. Is that ok?

    Hope work gets less stressful for you!

  3. Hahha, it really sounds like in the end u are happy he lost the camera!

    Yeah hope work gets less stressful as u familiarise yourself with your tasks =) If not, i agree with Mina, no job is worth your health and mentality

  4. @Shinbi_Belldandy – :HUG BACK: For the time being, I guess I’ll have to stay strong till I find a new company. I could be a workaholic but I always think that it’s not worth it especially there will be no life balance. So don’t worry about it.

    How was Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is not a really big celebration here, so there’s not much of a big ‘hu-ha’ here.

    The new camera would definitely be great because it has greater capacity for memory card, HD quality and more. So excited! Before you get one, you need to think what you really want in terms of qualities, things you want to capture, functions and etc.., You’re starting a video blog soon? That’s great! I can’t wait to see your videos!

    @Dee – Thanks sweetheart. You’ve been sneaky! I thought the email went to your spam, that is why I was a little worried then and there. Thanks a lot for all the effort and let me know how much everything cost.

    @bay_bee_tea – Haha, in a way I do but I was really stressed that he lost it at first. I had to delay my plan and now there’s no video up till he buys the camera. Don’t worry, I’m in the HR field. I’ll make sure I’ll be great there. Thanks for caring!

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