April 2012 Hits & Misses

April has been a productive month for me where there was video shoot, part time job (I’m still working full time) and more video tutorials for you! Notice that I’ve been uploading videos almost every week? I’m trying my best to produce videos while The Lover had to work on weekends. I put my weekend in good use for filming. It was also my birthday month that I fell sick a couple of days before it comes. Let’s hover over to what’s my hits and misses for last month.

Lancôme Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal Essence

I never thought I love this essence so much that I have already finished it. I still have the bottle with me and literally just took a whiff of it because I miss the spicy floral scent. I love this essence that has corrected my skin undertone which became less yellow. I have a full review on it here, do check it out! Definitely worth it if you’re willing to splurge.

Lancôme Hynôse Doll Eyes

When I first used this mascara, I thought of giving up because I just don’t get the effect I’m expecting. As a mascara-holic, I gave it a second chance since this is one of the highly raved mascara and probably the formula has thicken, I started to love this.  What I love the most is it doesn’t clump no matter how many coats I layer on. I also reviewed this mascara, check it out here!

Hiruscar gel is one of my must have to clear up my post acne scars. I used to have lots of red spots on my cheeks which was left by the acne and I used this religiously on day, evening and night. Its quite a huge difference for me and if you look into my videos, my skin is looking better on each videos. I bought this from Carings pharmacy at MYR49.00 for 20grams. I find that Carings is always cheaper for this scar gel compared to Watsons or Guardian.I’m not sure if this helps for raised scars but it didn’t do much for my pitted scars.

Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Balancing Serum

Another secret to my clearing skin, I noticed I did not breakout for two weeks (I usually breakout every few days). This is also provided that I had enough sleep and regulate my sleeping hours but once I ran out from my usual sleeping hours, I started to breakout again. I bought this for MYR52 just last month too (check out Naruko Hauls) and its worth every penny. I only need one pump for my entire face and it has a very light tea tree scent but strong mint scent, like a toothpaste. At first, I didn’t get used to it but its alright now.

Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Eye Essence Cream

When I read the name of it, I was confused. Is this suppose to be an essence or cream? I love to use it because its very moisturizing and non-oily. The nozzle is a fine tip nozzle, sorry I forgot to snap a photo of it which is very useful because it controls the amount that I squeezed out and it helps to prevent wastage. It hasn’t done much to the dark circles yet. Also purchased it from Naruko.my, I posted the haul here.

Ogawa Unique Shine Eye Massager

I bought this with my colleague a while ago with a discount coupon and I abandon it until recently I decided to use it again. If I have not mistaken, the retail price is for MYR45 – MYR50 but I got it half off. What is does is to massage your eye area and on the inset of bottom left of the image you can see a little dot at the tip of the massager. I’m not sure what it does, maybe a pointer or something. This kind of reminds me of an adult toy because it vibrates. I use it prior to my eye cream application that replaces my dabbing motion around my area. I love the feeling of it and it uses one AA battery.


What’s your must haves for last month?


Traclyn Yeoh
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