Authentic vs Replica Urban Decay Naked 2, Spot The Differences

Its almost a year since Urban Decay Naked 2 was  launched in Malaysia for MYR179.00 and about more than a month ago, some discount sites were putting up promotions on the palette selling at about MYR70.00 – MYR80.00. It sounds like a great deal and its more than half price cheaper than what we could get from Sephora. My sister in law bought me one from Living Social without knowing that I actually have one . I received it from her last week and instantly knew that its not the authentic palette. Let’s see how different can they be.

The top palette is authentic and bottom palette is replica. Authentic palette comes with transparent box and foam holder to hold the palette and lip gloss. The replica only comes with cardboard box without the lip gloss. 

The authentic palette has a code printed nearby its bar code which the replica doesn’t have.

Both are tin casing and the authentic palette is slightly heavier than the replica. The colour of the label for the authentic palette is tan gold whilst the replica is black. The raised alphabets on the brand name, Urban Decay on authentic palette is more evident than the replica and the label print on the same area of the replica doesn’t coordinate with the raised alphabets.

On the back of the authentic palette is stuck with the code that was found on the box earlier which the replica doesn’t have.

The workmanship of the replica palette is very poor. On the back of the replica palette, there are gaps and glue stain plus it doesn’t adhere the tin casing nicely hence you could see how I can easily push it upright.

Both palettes comes with 12 eye shadows, full length mirror and the Good Karma brush.

The tab to snap lock the palette on the replica has the lines which authentic palette doesn’t have. The replica palette has a tiny dot between the mirror and the eye shadows which also the authentic palette doesn’t have.

Even the brush has a little difference whereby the types of brush got mixed up. The middle of the replica brush has different colour and the label is not printed nicely. You could see some part of the font on the replica brush is bold.

Pardon me with my dirty brush, I have not wash them yet. The replica eye shadow brush is not shaped nicely and the crease brush is shorter and stiffer than the authentic brush. The replica brush bristles sticks out and uneven.

Both eye shadows look extremely similar but the authentic eye shadows has more texture especially on Half Baked, Chopper, Pistol, Verve, YDK and Busted. If you look closely, the shade of Chopper, Tease, Snakebite and Blackout looked different. Some of the replica eye shadows are not pressed nicely. I accidentally chipped on Verve on the authentic palette.

The font size of the authentic palette is smaller than the replica and notice Half Baked on the replica palette  is out of alignment.

From the swatch, it’s also extremely similar but the authentic palette blends more smoothly, greater shimmer effect and pigmented. There are slight shade difference for Half Baked (authentic=gold, replica=peach), Bootycall (authentic=beige, replica=off white), Tease (authentic=medium taupe, replica=light taupe) and Busted (authentic=dark brown, replica=gunmetal brown).

The replica has lots of back-fall on its quality from the packaging, palette, brush and eye shadows. Although the authentic palette is far more pricey but the quality is there and ingredients are rest assured. There’s nothing wrong in purchasing the replica but you’ll be purchasing it with your own risk and Urban Decay will not be responsible if anything goes wrong. I just wanted to expose that the replica palette does exist and is going around online (discounts sites, ebay). The authentic Urban Decay Naked 2 can be found only at Sephora stores, Sephora’s website or Urban Decay’s website.


Traclyn Yeoh
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    • I have shared out in Facebook when I saw the deal in other sites and in fact, many concerns if its real too. Therefore, when it comes to online purchasing of such product, everyone needs to be aware if there is replica.

    • Glad that you enjoyed it! For big brands to be in these deals are too good to be true. We just have to be really careful and not fall for it. 🙂

  1. what an awesome detailed review.
    good job!
    i’m gonna subscribe your site from now on!!

    • No worries! They are all over now, you just have to be careful with it. I even bump into one selling replicas openly in Facebook too.

  2. Thanks for the I fo. Very helpful! I just bought a replica & am thrilled!! It wasn’t advertised as any more than 12 colour palette so I don’t feel deceived. Plus its only $8!! To buy the genuine jn my country is $95+US..which is ridiculous. So I’m happy paying $8 for a similar surprise:)

    • No problem. Just be careful with replica that ingredients are not assured if it is safe to use.

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