Basic Mascara Application – Angle Your Mirror Tutorial

Whenever I come across anyone who is doing their makeup, especially applying mascara. I see them tilting their head backwards to get a clearer view from the mirror. At the same time, they tend to raise their brows to get even clearer view and reach out every strand of their lashes. Does that situation sound familiar to you? Don’t worry I was there before.

By tilting your head backwards, it may result in sore neck and in long term of raising brows for every mascara application, you’ll easily get premature fine lines on your forehead. Here’s an easy peasy technique that I would like to share and been practising it for very long.

I always share this tip to anyone I’ve seen applying mascara. If you ever notice, I’m doing this in most of my tutorials but the mirror is just not in the frame. When I share this tip to others, the feedback was ‘oh that’s easy’, ‘why wouldn’t I think of this earlier?’ and to see them applying mascara using this technique with a smile is rewarding.

Give this a practise and keep it as a routine whenever you apply your mascara. Remember, you’ll just have to remind yourself ‘prevent is better than cure’.


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Traclyn Yeoh
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    • Mascara is my must haves, it gives so must definition to your eyes. Good to know and don’t leave the mascara alone!

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