Basics of Concealer & How To Apply

Concealers are one of the must-haves in any makeup routine, doesn’t matter if it’s daily or full on makeup and they are definitely my must-haves to brighten up my complexion on some part of my face. Concealers are multi-purpose to enhance our features all around our face. Here I would like to share the basics of concealer and how to apply concealer. I was trying to make my video a little interesting, hence this is the first time for me to do stop motion. Enjoy!

This topic is very basic and I tried to explain as simple as possible. Trust me, even with just concealer, it helps to make your skin glow when you have selected the right shade and type of concealer. Its alright to skip foundation and less is more. Honestly, most of the time I would go out with concealer and just set it with powder to even out my skin. I keep foundations occasionally and its really difficult to cope on its staying power with the humidity in Malaysia. I would like to understand more of you, please tell me…

Which type of concealer do you use often?

  1. Liquid concealer
  2. Cream concealer
  3. Stick concealer
  4. Medicated concealer

Which is your favourite blending tool?

  1. Makeup sponge
  2. Brushes
  3. Fingers

Concealers are not only meant for enhancing our features. I once did it to lighten up my brows for Halloween and on my recent tutorial of SNSD Tiffany Inspired makeup too, do check it out if you haven’t. Be creative!


What are the other ways have you used on concealers?


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I started out with stick concealer, and now i mix that with liquid ones (because it’s easier to blend). 😀 On good days, i just pop on a bit of concealer without going out, because the hear in Malaysia makes everything else slide off sooner rather than later, lol.
    Oh, and i always use fingers coz it’s easier. 😀
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