Battle of Personal Electric Facial Brush, Which Is Better & Effective?

There are a lots of option for us when it comes to selecting an electric facial brush. Why must we choose the electric ones? Because it is more consistent and effective in removing blackhead & whitehead and exfoliate away the dead skin skin cells. To remain the effectiveness of such tool, its advisable to replace the brush head according what has been advice on respective brand.

I have started using electric facial brush in 2009 which is the Watsons Facial Brush and I’m still using it up until today. I only come across the importance of replacing brush heads just recently and they do not sell brush head replacements at all. I notice the bristles are getting rougher and I know its time for me to look for a brand new one. I did a few research and came across a few to compare.

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Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems

Nonetheless, the famous and highly raved Clarisonic range where they have a few different ones under this system which is Classic, Plus, Mia and Mia 2. What has made it as a star product is using the sonic technology that vibrates off the impurities effectively without being too harsh. Even my friends said that they never regret getting their Mia 2. They have different types of brush heads to accommodate different types of skin concern. Not everyone could afford one because it’s highly priced. In the US, it ranges from USD119.00 – USD225.00, see what I mean? Its already expensive in US, imagine for us.

  • Plus for MYR849.00 from Sephora
  • Mia for MYR415.00 from SgDrugstore
  • Mia 2 for MYR672.00 from Sephora, MYR551.00 from SgDrugstore
  • Brush Head replacements (set of 2), MYR140 from SgDrugstore

Image Courtesy of Nu20 Beauty

Pretika SonicDermabrasion Facial Brush

I have read reviews across the internet, many claimed this is the dupe of Clarisonic Mia 2. Both are using sonic technology, 2 speed settings with timer, replaceable brush heads, rechargable and promises the same result. The backlash that I read on the reviews are brush bristles are not as soft as Clarisonic’s, molded brush head after a few use, it died after warranty and rusty on the charging outlet. Most people are loving this and have this for several years claims giving great results. The reason why many would want to try this more than Clarisonic is because of its affordable price. The most expensive is USD50 that it comes in a set, cheaper than half of Clarisonic.


Image Courtesy of DermaNew

DermaNew Microdermabrasion

Came across this from Kandee Johnson’s review here. I remembered seeing this product when I was in Melbourne and its cost more than AUD100.00 as far as I remember. This brush also vibrates its way to cleanse, exfoliate and resurfaces skin. The brush head is in a teardrop shape which is very different from the two above. Its designed that way so that it could reach narrow areas such as the sides of the nose. The brush heads are replaceable and once use, you’ll need to use both sides accordingly to achieve baby smooth skin. There are a few choices in selecting the brush as they come for different type of skin concern. This is also cheaper than Clarisonic.


These type of brushes are much more known in the US and Clarisonic have greater market since they are available in Sephora. Purchasing online does make a difference in the price depending on which retailer and even better if you have a coupon code. This is very obvious especially when I compared Clarisonic’s. After much consideration, I think I would want to opt for Pretika SonicDermabrasion Facial Brush because I have been closely looking this out to compare with Clarisonic. To define which is better is rather difficult unless I try all of them. It all depends on your preference and budget. I could afford Clarisonic Mia 2 but I think I would want to keep the savings for future use.


Do you have any of the above? Share your experience with me!


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