BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop @ Circus, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

When I found out about this workshop, I couldn’t help myself to quickly register because I have been eyeing on one of their makeup but wasn’t sure if its going to work well. BCL which stands for Beauty Creative Lab, a Japanese brand that offers a variety range of skincare and makeup. The BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop registration was inexpensive, its only for MYR30 to secure a seat and each of us goes home with a goodie bag. I mean no harm done in participating this workshop as I wanted to give a try on their products plus to brush up my makeup skills.

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop Table

It took place in an eatery named Circus located in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. This was part of the set up on the table, all geared up with most of BCL’s makeup, mirror and little text book where we get to scribble on the tips learned.

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop - Mr Daizo & Ms Yoko

Mr Daizo from BCL Japan International Divison who is in charge of the sales, made his way to start the workshop by introducing BCL and the four kawaii makeup based on the trends back in Japan. He soon introduces this beautiful lady named Yoko (I hope I got her name correct), who will be the translator for this workshop. Back to the makeup trends, there are four latest trends in Tokyo.

  • Shibuya Girl – with cool and confident character, highly fashionable and they wear sharp and impressive eyeliner with black hair
  • Harajuku Girl – with sweet and pop of color character, they love accessories, colorful clothings, looking young and cute. Mostly their hair is colored and applies on gradation eye shadow.
  • Akihabara Girl – portrays dolly and natural character, loves anime and they usually wears natural makeup with bob hair.
  • Yokohama Girl – gives a fairy and elegant character, feminine with conservative fashion carrying luxury brand bag and often visits places like gourmet restaurants. They wear thick makeup with airy and curly long hair.

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop - Mr Tanabe Makeup Artist

Mr Tanabe, BCL Japan’s makeup artist who has more than 10 years experience when he was previously working with Shiseido and currently, he is conducting more workshops like this to share his skills to everyone who is willing to learn. The look that he created was a Shibuya Girl, which appears to be cool and confident. I will showcase the makeup available and used by him just to ensure that you could see their product quality.

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop - Clear Last featuring Peach John Face Powder High Cover

Clear Last feat. Peach John Face Powder High Cover

If you haven’t know what Peach John is, they are a well-known Japanese catalogue house and retailer of women’s fashion including lingerie, women’s apparel and beauty care products. This powder foundation comes in two types, the pink case has matte finish and black case has shimmer with it. Earlier, Mr Tanabe had prep the model’s skin before the workshop and his tip for longer lasting foundation for humid weather would be pressing the powder onto the skin first then blend it all over the face.

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop - BROWLASH Eyebrow Pencil & Liquid

BROWLASH Ex W Eyebrow Pencil & Liquid

This was the makeup that I was eyeing  to try on. It is a dual ended brow pencil and liquid that promises to last for 24 hours. They come in two shades which is Grayish Brown and Natural Brown. They glide really easily for swatches but I noticed for the shade Natural Brown, the pencil looks way much darker than the liquid. Mr Tanabe did use this on the model and shares his tip that we should always start drawing from the arch of our brows then carefully filling in at the beginning of the brows.

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop - MAKEMANIA Gradation Shadow Liner

MAKEMANIA Data Gradation Tip Shadow

This come in a sponge applicator where the eye shadows are packed at the cap. They also come in two shades with fine glitter finish which is Bronze Brown appears to be ash brown tone and Light Brown appears to be copper brown tone. Mr Tanabe applied Bronze Brown on the outer corner of the eyes first then followed by Light Brown on the rest of the eye lid.

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop - MAKEMANIA Pencil Gel Eyeliner

MAKE MANIA Data Pencil Gel Eye Liner

I instantly love this eye liner the moment I swatch them. Not only they are retractable, glides easily but they are incredibly pigmented. They come in two shades which is Jet Black and Deep Brown. Mr Tanabe actually used this on the waterline and filling in the gaps between lashes.

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop - BROWLASH Water Strong Creamy Eye Pencil

BROWLASH Ex Water Strong Pencil Eyeliner

I didn’t get to swatch this eye liner because I was a little confused over the makeup, having to swatch and paying attention to Mr Tanabe’s work. It’s not easy to try to remember every little things but these eye liners are retractable, pencil based and comes in two shades of Deep Black and Deep Brown.

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop - BROWLASH Water Strong Liner

BROWLASH Ex Water Strong Liquid Liner

I’m falling in love with this eye liner too seeing how pigmented it is. It comes in a brush tip applicator and only one shade of Deep Black. Mr Tanabe uses this eye liner to line the upper lash line.

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop - Mascaras

Volume Lash Fiber, Lash Curler Express, Lash Sculpture Mascara

We were told that it’s best to use these three mascaras together, I believe that you could also just use one depending on your desired lash effect. Three of the mascaras comes with different types of brushes.

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop - Makemania Data Essene Rouge Gloss in Strawberry Red

MAKEMANIA Data Essence Rouge Gloss

The Shibuya look goes with sheer lip color and this shade of Strawberry Red was applied on her lips. This lip glosses comes in three shades, however they are yet to be available in Malaysia. Best thing about this lip gloss, it smells delicious!

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop - Mr Tanabe Demo

One aspect that I liked of Mr Tanabe is his friendly approach in offering his help to apply makeup for participants. He goes on around in between his demo drawing eye brows, eye liner to applying mascara for those who needed help.

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop - Model with Shibuya Look

Here is the finish look of the kawaii Shibuya look. The makeup is very settle, well-defined eyes and natural.

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop - Tsusuri Ghassoul Paste

Mr Daizo explains that mini Tsurui Ghassoul Paste is included in our goodie bag. It can be use as makeup remover, helps to remove blackheads and remove excess sebum. My goodie bag is inclusive of a MYR30 voucher, MAKEMANIA Gradation Tip Eye Shadow in Bronze Brown, MAKEMANIA Data Pencil Gel Eye Liner in Jet Black and mini pen.

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop - Skincare

The voucher provided has to be used on the same day and they have skincare displayed for us. They have Tsururi range of soaps, makeup remover, pore peeling, cleansing cream and more.

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop - Makeup

Not to forget their makeup too! Guess which I have picked? It was the one that I longed for, BROWLASH Ex W Eye Brow Pencil & Liquid in Natural Brown. It was a great deal that I only top MYR 8.40 with the voucher to grab it and it was deducted over their promotional price, great deal huh?

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop 2

The workshop ends with group photos and I really enjoy this workshop because I was happy to meet new people around me. Also, we were served with loads of food of pizzas, lamb skewers, nachos, fish bites and more but I couldn’t stay long because I had to run to another venue. I totally didn’t mind paying for the workshop because it’s really worthy.

If you’re interested to be updated with BCL Malaysia’s latest news, don’t forget to like their Facebook below and have fun!


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