Beat The Heat for Beauty & Health

With the weather hitting on the average of 36 – 38°C throughout the day daily since Chinese New Year, I believe everyone is complaining how hot the weather has been burning into their bones. Nevertheless, I felt the heat was too overwhelming and been looking out for ideas to keep myself away from the heat.

Beat The Heat for Beauty & Health

You don’t want to be falling sick or even to catch heat exhaustion at all. Here are 7 simple ideas that will get you ready to beat the heat in terms of beauty and health. Or to my international readers, this will prep you for the summer.

5 Advantages of Drinking Water in The Morning

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Never get enough of water. Drink as much water as you could to keep yourself hydrated anywhere anytime. Water doesn’t only helps to remove toxins in your body, it helps to balance your blood flow. If this doesn’t convince you, take a read on the image above of the benefits of drinking water. If water is bland for your liking, opt for fresh juices and you’ll benefit  the vitamin and nutrition from the fruits too.Face Mist

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Carry along a facial mist with you and use it whenever you feel the heat, indoor or outdoor. Not only that the mist gives a temporary relief from the heat, it keeps your skin hydrated too. This will help your skin stays fresh, moist and healthy glowing.

Facial Mask

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Boost up your skin moisture with hydrating mask. No matter what skin type you have, hydration is very important. Treat yourself weekly with an intensive mask treatment of sheet mask, gel mask, cream mask or DIY will work too. Don’t be afraid to use more than a mask a day, you’ll be surprise that sometimes I do triple masking and yes, it does make a difference.

Aloe Vera

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No one can deny the benefits of aloe vera. I have been a loyal user of aloe vera gel for my skin for  more than 5 years. Using aloe vera gel helps to cool your skin, provide moisture, reduce redness, heals your skin and more. Of course, it would be great to use  fresh aloe vera but not everyone has it or the time to constantly cut a fresh one daily.

Applying lotion

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Care for your face, remember your body too. To avoid your skin being itchy and scaly, do apply body lotion daily right after shower. When you get off from shower, your skin is clean and ready to absorb anything that goes onto it. Like a flower, when your skin doesn’t receive enough moisture it will become dry. If body lotion formula is insufficient for your skin, try body oil!

Modern Ponytail Hairstyles

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Girls, we love our long hair and we don’t just cut it because of the weather. Styling up our hair to a ponytail can be stylish and keep the hairs off the neck . Ponytails can never be boring and you can definitely find more styles, here.


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Get active with swimming for the benefit of exercising and one of a great sport of sweat-fuss. You don’t really have to worry how sweaty it gets, you get to cool-off yourself and workout at the same time. Isn’t it great?

Hope this ideas work for you and if you have your idea to share, remember to comment below.


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