Beaute Pacifique DermaScan, The First Ultrasound For Skin in Kuala Lumpur

Located at Robinsons, The Gardens Mid Valley City, their current one and only counter of Beaute Pacifique. I had the opportunity to pay a visit to experience their promising and made to fulfill near medical claims skin cares.

Beaute Pacifique Robinsons The Gardens Mid Valley

Beaute Pacifique is a skincare brand originated in Denmark that promises to deliver outstanding deep skin repairs as well as protecting it and keeping skin at an optimal condition.

Beaute Pacifique DermaScan Machine

The DermaScan, it’s the first ultrasound for skin in Kuala Lumpur. DermaScan are able to scan your skin to understand the health of your skin structure, from epidermis to your collagen. It is a very personalize consultant where the machine is connected to the laptop to display what it has scanned and customers will able to witness their skin condition and Beaute Pacifique beauty advisors will be able to explain on it and further advice on what customers could do to improve their skin. I had the opportunity to try the scan and I was surprised.

Beaute Pacifique DermaScan Step 1

The beauty advisor who is assisted me is Mei Yee. The first step to the scanning is to apply the medical grade gel (as used in hospitals for ultrasound) onto the device.

Beaute Pacifique DermaScan Step 2

The device then placed at my temples where it has the most balanced skin structure of the entire face. My skin seems glowing on the outside but wait till you see the real truth. Never judge a book by it’s cover!

Beaute Pacifique DermaScan Result

Here is my results! Seems fancy but it’s not a very healthy structure. My skin structure is showing early signs of collagen breakage and you could see it through the black spaces are the gaps and others are the skin and collagen cells. The prominent and thick white line is the skin epidermis which also shows the sign of UV damage. A healthy skin would show skin and collagen packed closely to thick strong epidermis. Though Mei Yee said my skin isn’t too bad but I am very worried for it.

Beaute Pacifique Products

Mei Yee also explain to me thoroughly a few of their skin care and I do noticed that most of their skin care contained natural Squalane which is a natural emollient and can be found in small quantities from our sebaceous gland. These are the products that she had introduced to me and they are recommended to use in small amount because little goes a long way.

I do find Line Combat Fluid is interesting because Mei Yee did asked me to test the product on my tongue (don’t worry it is safe to consume) to experience the numbness that it gives and indeed, I could feel it a few seconds after I applied it. This because of two key ingredient, one is a synthetic and modified snake venom that paralyzes the muscles and other is a flower extract that blocks neuro-transmission going to the muscles. This fluid is meant to combat skin folds and furrows.

Beaute Pacifique Facial Treatment

I had a chance to experience their facial treatment specially for customers who purchases Beaute Pacifique products. I was ushered by Mei Yee to a secret treatment room, I call it secret because I wouldn’t expect to see any treatment rooms in departmental stores.  The facial took approximately 40 minutes and let me share with you what May Yee used on me. From step 1 till 4, there is cleansing during the interval of the treatments.

1.  Lait Demaquillant Soyeux, Toutes Peaux

This is an enriched cleansing milk that is suitable for all skin types to gently remove makeup and excessive oiliness from skin’s surface.

2.  Masque Matite

 A deep pore cleansing mask that helps to deeply penetrate into the pores to remove dirt and excess oil. This mask is limited for only facial treatments.

3. Lotion Tonique Soyeuse, Toutes Peaux

This lotion is gentle enough to be use as eye mask, simply soak the facial cotton with the lotion and leave it over closed eyes for 20 minutes.

4.  Masque Soyeux Hydratant

An instant hydrating mask that can be used as a makeup base for smoother and locked hydration or weekly treatment.  What Mei Yee did was massaging with this mask and my skin totally absorbed it like a thirsty camel that she has to double up the mask to further proceed the massage.

5.  Lotion Tonique Soyeuse, Toutes Peaux

This is the same lotion used on step 3 and the initial use is to tone the skin to remove excess oily residue that is left on the skin.

6.  Creme Metamorphoque Anti-Rides Pour Les Yeux

Enriched vitamin A anti-wrinkle eye cream that helps to treat fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. This eye cream has three types of vitamin A induced to initiate collagen fibre structure to grow denser and better organised for a younger skin.

7.  Creme Paradoxe

A super potent anti-age day cream, that doesn’t feel oily and based on a high content of two highly active ingredient of Procyanidin and Resveratrol that both delay aging process, repair sun damage, fight and prevent causes of blushing and rebuild healthy and robust skin.

I’m totally in love with this facial treatment! Many times that I undergone facial treatments, my skin often get incredibly oily after 2 hours. This doesn’t at all and my skin starts to get oily only within the 4th hour and gets very oily at the 6th or 7th hour. Now I wonder if they only provide facial treatments.

Beaute Pacifique Samples

Mei Yee also did gave me some samples to try on most of the products that she used on me during the facial treatment. Can you believe that this samples could last me a month? As Mei Yee said earlier, little goes a long way, therefore I only need just a tiny bit for Beaute Pacifique products to work it’s miracle on my skin. Support Beaute Pacifique Malaysia by liking their Facebook below! Or if you have any questions for them, do not hesitate to ask.

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