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Last week I was extremely sick. If you follow me in Facebook, I was sick on 4th and 8th October. Both were fevers and I think I have found what was the caused of it. It was rain drops and apparently people around me is getting sick (I could say almost all of people whom I always hang out with gets it from fever, flu to sore throat). When I was sick, I was really worried about the reviews and Halloween videos. I have all the idea set up but I was too sick to go ahead with what’s planned for that weekend. Don’t worry I’m alright by now and I’ve finished filming my Halloween videos and will have it edited as soon as possible. Woo hoo! I can’t wait to let you see what’s for Halloween.

Here is a review on Beauty Foot. I heard a lot about this product before I have my hands on it, about how great the peeling process. When I applied and was selected for one of the bloggers on Guest Reviews Campaign by Sasa Malaysia, I was a little worried. The peeling of the dead skin might be too disgusting for people to see especially I had to go to work but I was really happy and amazed by the effectiveness of the product. I actually enjoyed peeling my dead skin at home, work and every where! I made a mess in my BF’s car though silly, hey but I cleaned it up. It was unnoticeable though until you tell the people around us or start peeling dead skin in front of them. The dead skin peeling was really distracting!

Check out the video review!

Special thanks to Sasa Malaysia for giving me the opportunity to try and review this product.

Traclyn Yeoh
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