Beauty Hauls from Australia!

Wondered how I get some haul from Australia when I have been in Kuala Lumpur all the time? Nothing new, I had a friend who understand for my craze over beauty goodies and he shared with me a site called, Catch of The Day Australia. Basically, its a site that offers different daily deals from household items, sports, apparels and beauty goods. Almost everyday they offer different deals and beauty deals doesn’t come often. My friend was really nice to offer to purchase it for me and bring all the goodies when he comes back to Malaysia. I didn’t purchase too much and they are all in sets which I think is always worth the money. Plus, most of them are not available in Malaysia.

Fusian Beauty 2x The Plump Set

The first set is Fusion Beauty 2X The Plump set for AUD10.00.

Fusian Beauty 2x The Plump Set 2

Fusion Beauty is known for its lip plumper but I never know about the mascara. They come in deluxe travel size.

L'oreal Pastel Heaven Makeup Pack

The second set here is one of the worthy set. It’s the L’oreal ‘Pastel Heaven’ Makeup Pack for AUD26.04.

L'oreal Nail Polish in Charmed I'm Sure & I Pink I'm In Love

Two L’oreal Nail Polishes of Charmed I’m Sure and I Pink I’m in Love.

L'oreal Colour Juice in Golden Splash & Sugar Coated

Two L’oreal Colour Juice in Golden Splash and Sugar Coated. They remind me  a lot of Lancome Juicy Tubes.

L'oreal Volume Perfect Lipstick

Two of L’oreal Volume Perfect Lipstick in Sumpt Scarlet. It comes with a base and lip color.  I believe this is an older version of lip infallible?

L'oreal Le Kohl Pencil Smooth Defining Eyeliner in Smoke

L’oreal Le Kohl Pencil Smooth Defining Eyeliner in Smoke.

L'oreal Hip Concentrated Shadow Duo in Mischief

L’oreal Hip Concentrated Shadow Duo in Mischief. This is highly raved by tons of makeup junkies!

I know this could be frustrating that these are not available in Malaysia unless seeking for sprees. I just wanted to share that what the site offers ain’t too bad and if you have any friends who is in other country, it will be a good chance for you to ask for help.


Which of these makeup caught your attention?


Traclyn Yeoh
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