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Bizzy Body, the Malaysian’s 1st Assurance Slimming Center celebrates its 7th anniversary! The Asia’s leading slimming brand and the trusted brand for professional Slimming programs since 2004. Correspond to their success for 7 years, Wyann International, the holding company for Bizzy Body, Facial First, Skin Nutrition, Masculine and Enavose will launch its Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, a collaboration with Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), one of the oldest non-governmental organization. Wyann International believes that it’s time to return  some favors to the society and environment in this collaboration to raise awareness and highlights the benefits of “Going Green” (pssst~ Skin Nutrition is all natural and Paraben-free!).

In such an exciting campaign, Wyann International proudly present to you the 9 top Malaysian personalities along with this celebration.  They came from various industries, successful, multi-facet and fabulous. Here stands the personalities from top business entrepreneur and socialite, supermodel, actor and actresses, web entrepreneur, TV personality and Malaysia’s beauty queen. They are Datin Sharifah Shawati, Kevin Zahri, Nadine Ann Thomas, Sazzy Falak, Serena C, Wilson Tan, Winnie Loo, Tony Eusoff and Yasmin Hani.

I was very fortunate to join them on their photo shoot before the launching of Fabulous 7. Imagine how excited I was for I’m the first to arrive. It was held at Blink Studio quite early in the morning and was fun to meet the celebrities and they were hilarious! I drooled over the makeups, I really wish that I could play around with it!

They are all so friendly and easy to get along with. You must be wondering why I joined them in this photo shoot. Hey, I’m not going to be superfluous and there will be more exciting post coming up soon.

There are 70,000 slimming, body toning and facial treatments at only MYR7 per session, up to a maximum of 20 sessions per customer. This campaign starts from 26th September till 30th November and MYR7 will be donated to MNS for every customer who register for this program in support of the society’s conservation effort. You can now register for the program online too, visit the Fabulous 7 campaign. They promise for 7 day money-back guarantee and fixed price menu across all brands with NO hidden charges.

Starting on December, plastic bags will be discontinued and there will be a launch a series of eco-friendly bags specially designed by the 9 top Malaysian personalities (as mentioned above), Ong Bee Hee and Jessica Hsuan, Bizzy Body and Facial First regional spokes person!

I have more to exciting post to share, so stay tuned!



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