Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Bash, Celebrating Their 10th Anniversary!

A couple of weeks back, I received a call saying that I am one of the consolation prize winner for a Facebook contest that I have participated. I have forgotten about it, disbelief and feeling lucky to know that I have won something! Thanks to generous Berjaya Times Square and they have recently just celebrated their 10th year anniversary on the 29th September. All of their loyal shoppers were invited to come together to celebrate the golden moments of it.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Cupcake Tower

Right before the high red curtains were the stage is hidden, stands a 10 tier tower of cupcakes made and sponsored by Berjaya University College of Hospitality.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Cupcakes

Each of their cupcakes are decorated with the names of location themes in Berjaya Times square such as 1st Avenue, Central Park, Tiny Taipei, Grand Musical Stairs as well as Guinnes World Record title holder for the Largest Capsule Vending Machine.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary VIP

Upon the arrival of the VIPs, there were Ms Koh Huey Min (Executive Director of Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur), Madam Loh (mother of Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan [Chairman & Chief Executive of Berjaya Corporation Berhad]) and Mr Tan Mun Choy (Chairman of Berjaya Times Square Joint Management Body).

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Launch

The celebration is officiated by the VIPs and our host is no strange humorous emcee, Mr Bernard Liew. As the VIPs officiate, the high red curtain drops revealing the stage.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary History

From the top view (which cannot be seen here), it reveals a Mickey Mouse shaped stage with three projector screens and staircase that is incorporated with the Grand Musical  Staircase. Reminiscence the past, Berjaya Times Square was opened since 2003 and I lived nearby, I have witnessed all since they were constructed. It feels nostalgic yet happy and proud that Berjaya Times Square had made this far.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Clown Performance

We were greeted with jolly happy and perky clowns. Clowns on stilts were making some balloons and enters to the stage area. At the same time, there are some on unicycle, juggling and another gives us a yo-yo performance.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary  Facebook Wish & Win Contest Winners

Image Courtesy of Berjaya Times Square

The first prize giving is for Facebook Wish & Win Contest. This has started since  10th June till 13th September 2013  and participants will just have to share what they wish to spend in Berjaya Times Square and why if they were given MYR1000.  Five winners has their wish fullfilled and 10  consolation prize  worth MYR 300. Can you spot me? I’m one of them and I have won a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8!

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Victoria Institution Band

We were then entertained with band performance by Victoria Institution. They are also representing our country to compete with other nations this year.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Media Draw

Media members are also showered with rewards  for their great support by having a live draw based on their name cards during registration. Prizes showered are Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, Borders gift voucher worth MYR100, spa package from Beaute A’nergy worth MYR320, 2 Days 1 Night stay in Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur, 3 Days 2 Nights stay in Berjaya Langkawi Resort and 3 Days 2 Night stay in Berjaya Tioman Resort.  10 of the media members was selected and luck came by to me, I won the spa package too!

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Magic Show

No matter how much secrets are revealed, who doesn’t enjoy magic show? This man certainly caught our attention by taking imaginary ‘pieces’ off from the forehead of audiences into a tiny box, place it on the table and floats it.  He even picks one from the crowd to join with him to witness the floating table.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Dance Performance

Psy Gentleman dance moves hype didn’t die off, these girls are bring them back again live! They made me feel like dancing so much!

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Perfect 10 Winners

The moment of many shopper awaited was the live draw of  ‘The Perfect 10 Celebration’. For every MYR50 spent in unlimited receipts can redeem lucky draw tickets and all tickets are deposited in a box to be drawn live as to this celebration. 10 lucky winners was selected to walk away with packages of memorable holiday of their dreams. Each packages is worth MYR10,000 and that’s a total MYR100,00. The ticket collection has been recorded of 81,600 tickets throughout the duration of 4 months.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Burlesque Dance

In the mid of the live draw, we were also entertained with burlesque theme-like dance moves. You got to love them because they have never stop smilling! Plus during the live draw, there’s quite a bit shoppers missed their chance of winning the prize since they weren’t present.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary  Perfect 10 Winners 2

Congratulations to all the ‘Perfect 10 Celebration’ winners and it ended with a huge confetti burst, flashes of camera taking their proud and happy faces.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Ballons

The never ending reward with balloons filled with vouchers of retailers in Berjaya Times Square was released to reward shoppers who was around with us for the celebration. Congratulations for your 10th anniversary Berjaya Times Square!

Fred not if you have missed out this celebration because Berjaya Times Square has more for you. Just like their Facebook below and you’ll be updated with latest updates daily!

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