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How thoughtful for Bizzy Body to come out with Bloggers Day Out held at their Sunway Pyramid outlet. This session is to allow selected bloggers to try their signature treatment, E-Intense worth MYR660 which has been voted as the Best Slimming Treatment in 2010 Spas and Salons Awards by more than 65, 000 readers of The Malaysian’s Women’s Weekly magazine.

Let me share to you the details of E-Intense:

” E-Intense is the latest technology that helps improves lymphatic drainage and flush out toxins and bodily wastes. E-Intense technology also helps to relax the membranes of fat cells for the toxins to dislodge in preparation of the slimming process. Once the body has been detoxified, E-Intense mobilizes the uneven fat cells and increases the metabolism rate. In just 20 minutes, E-Intense can eliminate body fats and burn off at least 600-1200 calories as oppose to 1 hour of intensive exercise that burn 300-500 calories only.

The final step of E-Intense is to revitalize the body by stabilizing fat cells, soothing and relieving tension. The body is firmed up and you can expect slender and a more refined body!” – Bizzy Body

E-Intense is a package that comes with two days of treatment and each treatment is customized according to individual’s issue. We get to try the Day 1 treatment for this day and the Day 2 at our preferred Bizzy Body outlet.

Look! They have banner and balloon specially for us. Wonderful!  I should have grabbed some balloons to decorate my room.  *blue smile*

We are given silk robes, shower cap and disposable panties to change and get ready for the treatment at the locker and changing room.  Let’s have a tour into my treatment room~ it looks relaxing isn’t it? It was very spacious and love the bath tub, so elegant and pretty!

In the room, there is a wash basin and shower too. I wish there was candle or tea lights, it helps to spice up the ambiance more and the potpourri definite does the job, giving more colors to the room.

Day 1 – Marine Detox Wrap

“A treatment program that is designed specially to detoxify the body, improve the body contour and enhance fat metabolism. Marine Detox Wrap consists of a Marine Detoxifying Body Mask, Body Contour Wrap and Infra Ray Heat Blanket. The Benefits of Marine Detox Wrap is maximum efficiency, high bio availability contains no preservative( e.g Paraben) and contains no synthetic fragrance” – Bizzy Body


The Experience?

I had to get semi-naked in front of the female therapist, Eva which I’m still comfortable. Before she started the treatment, she explained to me what she will be doing, what product will be used, what does this treatment is going to do for me and how this treatment is going to work on my body.

First, she applied Skin Nutrition Marine Detoxifying Body Mask on my body and she warned me that I might get a little colder since its air conditioned. I thought I could bare with it but when she applied the mask about on the fourth quarter on my body, I began to shiver  *LOL*. After she applied the mask, she cling wrapped my entire body and she explains that this would help the mask to penetrate better into the body and shape my body when I’m in the heat blanket. The lavender scent from the mask smelt so soothing and calming. I rest myself on the Infra Ray Heat Blanket after the wrapping is done. This treatment takes 30 minutes and Eva left me in the room with the lights off. She also warned me in case I get uncomfortable with the blanket, I could just push it sideways to open it up because its only secured by Velcro. There is a buzzer placed beside me, just in case I need Eva’s help.


30 minutes has passed by so quickly, it was so relaxing and what’s more comfortable is the heat compliments my previously shivering body. I slept through during the treatment and I did felt like I sweat. After 30 minutes, Eva came to release me from the heat blanket and started cutting the cling wrap for me to wash off the mask. It was true that I sweat for a bit and she prepared me a towel by the shower door. I washed off the mask without using any soap and it felt great because it did not leave any sticky or oily residue behind, plus point the lavender scent lingered around my body for the rest of the day. My skin felt smoother and brighten up right after washing off the mask. When I changed into my clothing, I noticed that the bulges at the sides of my hips have smoothened. You might think that I’m exaggerating but I’m saying this honestly because I do see a difference as I really have bulgy hips, even Eva said I’ve got big booty for my body. Thumbs up for this, I love this treatment!


I had my Day 2 treatment in Berjaya Times Square outlet and I love their lounge display where there are artificial flowers and grass around their product display. The treatment room here was half the size of what I went through for Day 1, there was only the bed and a machine. It wasn’t decorated with any potpourri or any artificial flowers, it seems plain.

Day 2 – Slimming Day

“The benefits are burns off storage fat as energy usage increased, increase metabolic rate, breakdown stubborn fats, reshape the body and improve digestion and bowel movement.” – Bizzy Body


The Experience?

I was greeted and consulted by Cheryl, the Outlet Manager and I had to fill up a form with my personal details. I was told to change into their silk robe before another staff came to take readings on my height, weight and water retention level. I was then ushered to a consultation room and this is where Cheryl consulted me about my issue. I told her what are my concerns, basically on the areas of my tummy, thigh and booty where I felt there is excessive fat and cellulite which is pretty accurate because I had to remove my silk robe for her to look at. My water retention level is pretty severe as my percentage is double of what I’m suppose to be at. I was served with fruit tea whenever I got seated no matter at the lounge area or consultation room.

She mentioned to me what treatment that I have to go through and how does this treatment is going to help me. The treatment that she gave me was the machine which also known as Catena, essential oil, wrapping and heat blanket. Catena is a passive exercise machine where the duration takes for 30 minutes and that is equivalent to 3 hours of exercise. The essential oil given is Ginseng where it helps to increase my metabolic rate and wrap immediately right after to shape my body. The heat blanket helps to increase body temperature to 45-60°C for internal detox.

She also introduced treatment packages for my thigh problem. She suggested to take ‘reform’ where it is a fat melting and to stimulate collagen treatment of 10 session for MYR 4,800 and ‘MDS’ where it helps to drain out the liquid fats, restructure collagen and elastin fiber and loosen up the fat tissues treatment of 10 session for MYR3,800. That’s pretty pricey and she also introduced me that they have mini packages if budget is my constraint.  *thinking smile*


The Catena treatment seems like a serious business where I’m all wired up on my entire body. Before the therapist attached the wired patches on my body, she applied a gel substance onto it. I assume that’s going to help to adhere on my body. Once the machine is turned on, I felt light tingling sensation followed by bits of pulse beating. The strength level of each patch can be controlled on the machine, so different parts of my body received different strength. The therapist mentioned that the strength cannot be too high, otherwise it will make my body exhausted. The treatment takes 30 minutes and I really enjoyed the tingling sensation and pulse beating but it was a wee bit bored because there wasn’t any soothing music played when I was having the treatment. There is something played 15 minutes later.

After this treatment, another different therapist came in to remove the Catena and proceed to the next step. She slathered Ginseng oil generously on my entire body. I could smell a wee bit bitterness from the oil but it doesn’t give any immediate reaction to my skin. She then cling wrapped my body and I got to admire her speedy wrap! The wrapping was so quick and firm, it was ZAP, ZAP,ZAP! I’m being mummified and rest myself on the heat blanket for 30 minutes. The heating was alright as I slept through this treatment ( I didn’t have enough sleep on the night before) and I was told to wipe off the oil with the towel. I got confused because I didn’t know which towel I should be using but I ended up taking the ones from the shelves. I thought I should be taking a bath or something because I wasn’t too sure if the treatment was over. The therapist left the room right after she told me to wipe the oil off. It felt sticky and uncomfortable especially I don’t have to wash it off but it kept my skin very moisturized. I can’t say that I noticed any difference from this Day 2 treatment as compared to the Day 1 and I find the pursuance  of packages was unnecessary at that point of time.


If you’re interested on E-Intense treatment, find out more information from them at Bizzy Body Facebook or call them at their toll-free number, 1-800-888-330.

They are giving free tummy flat treatment trial when you register at Bizzy Body’s website!

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