Bold, Trendy and Stylish Fashion Show Gala Night


One of the fashion shows to be remembered, I would say. Bold, Trendy and Stylish Fashion Show is to celebrate the debut of Malaysia as  a Duty Free Shoppers’ Paradise and the 1Malaysia Unified Sale from 15 June until 30th August.

The gala night was introduced by Jien, the emcee for the event. I hadn’t seen him for a while, I always do in 2002 and 2003 for Cheer competition. Quite a playful emcee! No longer after the introduction, here comes the fashion show. Participating brands are also the tenants of the shopping mall.

The fashion show takes its break with the performance by saxophonist, Jimmy Sax and violin virtuoso, Dennis Lau. I almost forgot how much I enjoy the music from these instruments. Awesome performance!

The performance did not just stopped right there, next performer collaborating with Dennis Lau is the beatboxer, Shawn Lee. I’m impressed with his performance and I bet his life  would be such enjoyment because he creates music and rhythm by himself! There were lucky draws running in between too. More fashion shows continued right after.

Here is me and Fatin, love her butterfly top!
Here is me and Rhianna from Berjaya Times Square Marketing department. Alright, I look so short beside her. The night end with another lucky draw and photo snapping. This event was mentioned in our local news paper, New Straits Times and I was in it!

Traclyn Yeoh
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