Boys, Here is Some Falsies for You!

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Can’t deny it that sometimes men would like to look good, I’m sure everybody does! Celebrities like Zac Efron, Adam Lambert, Bill Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel) and etc hide no more from it. Men with makeup doesn’t necessarily put them to the path of becoming feminine.

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Recently when I was reading the newspapers, I bump into a small column and it has enlighten me something new. It’s fake lashes specially designated for men. It’s by the brand Eylure and they come in two types. They are retailing at £5.57, prices varies at different retailers. The length of the lashes looks symmetrical and I think it may appear doll-like eyes. I would like to give a thought that men can still use the ordinary falsies that women use especially the ones that comes with flexible lash band and light weight.

Eylure is also available locally in Watsons but I’m not too sure if they have these. I adore the Sex and The City range! Click here to check out more of Eylure.


What do you think of the lashes? Would you like your men or boy friends to try them on?


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