How To Build Face Volume Naturally

When most of us are constantly looking for ways to have that V-shape face, I’m looking for ways to build face volume. Maybe because I have oblong face shape, never had chubby cheeks and dislikes my sunken cheeks. In my opinion, when you have fuller face, you will appear younger and healthier with plumper skin. I have tried my best by eating as much as I can but when I workout my face is the first where the weight loses. Its rather difficult and I have always brush-on the highlighter to have that plumper cheeks effect but this doesn’t last all the time.

Dr Lashela Dharmadass - Mediviron UOA

Image Courtesy of Mediviron UOA Kuala Lumpur

On my recent visit last weekend at Mediviron UOA, I have met Dr Lasheela who has 7 years of experience in aesthetics practice mentioned that face muscles are one of the factors that creates face volume. This had made me raise a question seeking for useful advice from her and according to her, my face muscles aren’t as prominent.

How To Build Face Volume Naturally - Chewing Gum

Image Courtesy of Health Tap

I have a friend who once mentioned that chewing gums could help to build face volume and I never believed it until I get my re-assurance from Dr Lasheela. She mentioned that when we workout in gym, we build muscles as we go and this applies to how we chew on chewing or bubble gums. We can build muscle on our cheek area to make your face fuller naturally.

After my appointment, I have been looking out for chewing or bubble gums and I chew about once or twice a day. This doesn’t give immediate effect but hopefully, this will help me to have fuller cheeks as I have always wanted. Just as a soft reminder if you happen to practice this, watch on those sugars from the gums and always try to pick for the sugar-free ones!


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