Review: Lash Concierge by Yumi Hirano False Lashes, Blends In Naturally That No One Could Tell That You’re Wearing It

When it comes to Japanese false lashes, they are one of the best. I definitely can’t deny the quality and how lightweight it could be. Introducing Lash Concierge by Yumi Hirano that will be available by end of this month, a range of Japanese false lashes for office ladies.

Koji Lash Concierge  11 Basic Casual Lashes 1

‘The Last Concierge range is specially design for OL in Japan, which is natural and easy to apply, each eyelash is handmade, the strand is soft yet comfortable. The latest Collection of Lash Concierge False Eyelash #09 – #12. ‘ – Koji

Lash Concierge comes along under the brand Koji-Honpo which also carries Dolly Wink. These lashes comes in 2 pairs in a box and you’re able to see the type of lashes from it’s clear box.

Koji Lash Concierge  11 Basic Casual Lashes 2

On the back of the box, there is more description of the false lashes but I could not read Japanese, therefore I had a hard time understanding about these lashes. I was given a choice to select between four types of false lashes that was available and I have chose this which is #11.Koji Lash Concierge  11 Basic Casual Lashes

#11 is half lashes where to my understanding, it is always to be used on the outer lash line. The band of the lashes is thin and transparent. It has a mix of crisscross and straight lashes, and I believe that they are synthetic lashes. By the look of it and usually, synthetic lashes gets shiny when it hits the light.

Koji Lash Concierge  11 Basic Casual Lashes Glue

Also from the box, it comes with a tiny cute tube of lash adhesive. There is no weight indicator, so I won’t be able to tell you how much product I’m getting from it. Most of the time, I use additional lash adhesive and hardly use the ones that comes along with the lashes. Although I’m doubtful about this lash adhesive capability, I’m going to give it a try.

Koji Lash Concierge  11 Basic Casual Lashes Instruction Manual

It comes with a manual on how to apply the lashes accordingly. I have no clue on the details of the description but referring from the images, I get the idea how it should work.

Koji Lash Concierge  11 Basic Casual Lashes How To
Applying false lashes if not difficult at all, let me show you how I did it and if you prefer watch a video on how to apply lashes, view it here.

  1. Hold the lashes with a  tweezer or fingers, any way that you would prefer. Apply a thin layer of the adhesive on the lash band and allow the glue to sit for at least 5 seconds.
  2. Look down and carefully place the false lashes close to the lash line. As close as possible.
  3. Allow it to dry and curl your lashes with lash curler if needed.

Koji Lash Concierge  11 Basic Casual Lashes Before After Eyes

Before I start sharing how the lashes look on me, my natural lashes is quite long. Having to wear #11, it looks very natural on me.  It looks so natural that no one could tell that I wore false lashes, even the BF.

Koji Lash Concierge  11 Basic Casual Lashes Before After Open Eyes

Here is how it looks with my eyes opened. The false lashes helps to add volume to my natural lashes without looking too overwhelming.  In fact, this goes great for those who wants to look for natural looking lashes and since this is made for OL, it is perfect for daily wear.

Koji Lash Concierge  11 Basic Casual Lashes - Traclyn Yeoh 2

Could you tell that I’m wearing false lashes? I reckon the factor that made it look so natural is the thin and transparent band and the length of the false lashes.

Koji Lash Concierge  11 Basic Casual Lashes - Traclyn Yeoh

The length of these false lashes blends very well with my natural lashes. The lashes is so lightweight that I almost forgot that I have them on.

Above all…

Incredibly in love with these lashes! Not only they look natural on me but it is so lightweight and the adhesive is trustworthy. The false lashes stuck onto my lash line without budging! I believe that it will look natural too for those who have shorter lashes. They may look pricey but remember that you are paying for the price of two pairs of lashes. Just as a soft reminder, they are only available by the end of April 2014.

Price: MYR  45.90

Availability: End of April 2014 at Sasa Outlets, Stardust @ Farenheit88, Isetan KLCC, Isetan One Utama

Visit Koji-Honpo at


  • Natural looking lashes
  • Helps to add volume for the lashes
  • Blends well with natural lashes
  • Trustworthy lash adhesive
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect for daily wear


  • Limited locations available

My Rating: 4.9/5


~ ♦ ~

The false lashes was provided by Koji-Honpo for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Maybelline Lip Polish by Color Sensational in Glam 3, Effortless, Precise & Smooth Application At Once

When it comes to lip gloss, I’m quite particular for it’s texture and opaqueness. Many have raved the Maybelline Lip Polish on how easy to use it with just a single application. I was waiting for the Lip Polish to go on sale but Maybelline step ahead and send one for me to try. I fell in love with it!

Maybelline Lip Polish by ColorSensational in Glam 3


Lip Polish is a powerful 3-in-1 potion. A perfect blend of sweet and sensual, the smooth, lightweight formula of Lip Polish delivers a moisturizing liquid balm that preps lips for intensely rich color. Pure pigments provide deep color that never settles into lines and won’t leave lips feeling dry, and a built-in, glossy topcoat enhances curves, making lips look fuller and more luscious than ever. Lip Polish by Color Sensational features unique want that makes application speedy and precise. Available in 10 dazzling shades, there’s a tube of Lip Polish to match every mouth and mood.’ – Maybelline

This lip gloss comes in a clear tube which I assume it’s either made of plastic or acrylic. It will be easy to select for shades from the clear tube. The size of the tube is similar to a typical lipstick, almost a palm size which can be held easily as well as storing it.

Maybelline Lip Polish by ColorSensational in Glam 3 applicator

‘Much like mascara, Lip Polish by Color Sensational gets a boost from it’s unique applicator. A leaf shape, 180 degrees of flexibility, and mix of long and short fibers, makes application soft and delivers a high-shine finish.’ – Maybelline.

I thought the applicator looked fussy but it seems to be able to pick up sufficient amount of product. The shade that I have here is called Glam 3 which from the outside of the lip gloss, it looks like a soft red shade.

Maybelline Lip Polish by ColorSensational in Glam 3 Swatch

From the swatch, it looked very different from the actual shade. My camera seemed to pick mostly orange tone of it. In fact, it is actually soft red with a hint of coral. The texture seems really thick but at the same time, it looks very opaque. Let’s see how it turns out on my lips. It doesn’t have any scent to it.

Maybelline Lip Polish by ColorSensational in Glam 3 Before & After

Prior to the application, I did apply a little foundation on my dark lips. With only a single application, I manage to achieve even and precise application without using other makeup tools. The fussy looking applicator felt soft over my lips. I would say the opaqueness is about 65%  because it is still slightly sheer and you could see from the mole on the right of my lips. The gloss does make my lips look fuller and plumper. With the precise application, it does help to emphasize the shape of my lips.

Maybelline Lip Polish by ColorSensational in Glam 3 Application

Applying it over my lips with Lip Polish was easy and the next thing that I’m looking into is the texture and feel on my lips. After a minute or two, I do feel slight tingling sensation and that feeling is similar to how it feels when you apply lip plumper. The tingling sensation doesn’t stay too long, approximately after 5 minutes then it’s gone. Upon pursing my lips, the lip gloss doesn’t feel sticky but they felt smooth and lightweight.

Maybelline Lip Polish by ColorSensational in Glam 3 2

When the lip gloss tube is placed on it’s top, you could see the shape of a lipstick. That’s one uniqueness of the design of the tube and I would say it’s very creative. Upon twisting to secure the lip gloss, there is a snap toward the end of the twist to indicate that it is completely locked.

Maybelline Lip Polish by ColorSensational in Glam 3 - Traclyn 2

This is how Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 3 looks on me. I find the shade is not overly red  but the BF seems to think it is and I wore this to a wedding recently. I don’t mind wearing bold and darker shades, the BF just likes me with lighter lip color.

Maybelline Lip Polish by ColorSensational in Glam 3 - Traclyn 1

When a lip color can be applied effortlessly just like Lip Polish, it brings out ones’ smile with that beautiful lip color and accentuated lips. It also kept my lips very well moisturized because I have yet to experience any lip dryness.

Above all…

I am loving every inch of the Lip Polish at the moment from the tube design to it’s texture. I wasn’t expecting incredibly opaque pigments since this is a lip gloss but it gives quite a good color payoff. It is easy to use and with only single application to apply all over my lips, I think it is economical too. Lip Polish has been around since December 2013, it’s fairly new but I do find that it hardly goes on sales. If you’re into fuss free lip colors, this could be for you.

Retail Price: MYR 32.90

Weight: 5ml/0.17fl.oz.

Availability: Leading pharmacies, Sasa, supermarkets and departmental stores

Support Maybelline Malaysia by liking their Facebook below!


  • Soft fussy applicator
  • Effortless application
  • Single application for the entire lips
  • Able to achieve precise application
  • Non sticky texture
  • Lightweight
  • Good color payoff
  • Creative tube design
  • Economical
  • Kept lips moisturized


  • Hardly goes on sales

My Rating: 4.9/5


~ ♦ ~

This lip gloss was provided by Maybelline for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

5 Days Challenge to Flawless Skin With Cellina Masks

I was running out of facial sheet masks and decided to pay a visit at Watsons to look for some. Sheet mask isn’t cheap nowadays especially when you buy them in individual packs. The price of one sheet mask could almost be equivalent to a meal and of course, I was looking for something affordable. That’s where I have came across Cellina 5 Days Flawless Skin Challenge pack.

Cellina 5 Days Flawless Skin Challenge

What attracted me the most is that they have packaged it in a promising challenge and they are quite affordable with what’s in the pack. I was also looking for masks that helps to minimize my pores instead of hydration and they have it! This will be my first time using Cellina masks and they are originated from Taiwan. If you happen to be in Taiwan, masks is something you want to hunt for because they are way much affordable there. I believe this masks were reviewed as seen in Vivi and Queen magazine as shown from the packaging.

Cellina 5 Days Flawless Skin Challenge Packaging

It comes in a small box, like a gift box specially made for mask sheet size. There are 5 different mask to use for 5 days. Behind of the box states the sequence of the mask usage.

Cellina 5 Days Flawless Skin Challenge Pack

Here’s what’s inside the box! 5 different masks for 5 different days and bonus of free 5ml toner and lotion to use along with this skin challenge. When I made my purchase of this mask, I do notice that these mask are also sold individually over the shelves. I have completed the challenge and do you want to know what’s the result? Let me share with you the different types of masks that was included as well as it’s texture and my skin of before and after the challenge.

Cellina Dullness No More Mask

Day One – Cellina Dullness No More Mask

‘To brighten your skin, relieve dryness immediately, use before your makeup will let your makeup more stay on.

Riched with sodium hyaluronate, Hawaii Algae Extract which transform eneven skin tone, have your skin immediate brightness and moisture.’ – Cellina

Cellina Dullness No More Mask 2

The mask is the thin translucent sheet and has quite a bit of essence because when I removed from the pack, it was dripping. It smells refreshing, however it did not fit onto my face shape perfectly. I has to snip the mask around my nose area and the bridge of my nose to ensure that it fits better. I do notice that my skin was glowing the next day.

Cellina Season Hydrating Mask

Day Two – Cellina Season Hydrating Mask

‘Hydrating and calming effect.

Riched with allantoin, chamomile extract and 24 hours hydrating essence which fully hydrates your skin, reduce skin itchiness and balance up skin moisture. So now, you can say bye bye to your dry skin.’ – Cellina

Cellina Season Hydrating Mask 2

Again, I had to snip the mask at the same area as the previous mask to make it fit better onto my face. This mask has familiar tingling scent but I wasn’t sue what it is. Even so, it doesn’t tingle my skin.

Cellina Daily Whitening Mask

Day Three – Cellina Daily Whitening Mask

‘Riched with L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and arbutin which brighten your skin, make your skin transparent fair and moisturised.’ – Cellina

Cellina Daily Whitening Mask 2

It has the same thin translucent sheet texture where again, snipping the mask seems to be a routine.  It does have the same tingling scent just like how it is for Season Hydrating Mask.

Cellina Luxury Collagen Moisture Mask

Day Four – Cellina Luxury Collagen Moisture Mask

‘Deep moisturizing. Recommended for dry, dehydrated and rough skin.’ – Cellina

Cellina Luxury Collagen Moisture Mask 2

I do find that this mask fits better as I only snipped the mask around the sides of my nose. It has slightly thicker essence compared with the rest as you could also see the visibility of it on the forehead area. It has slight fruity scent, brightens up my skin right after removing and the leftover essence tend to be absorbed by my skin faster.

Cellina Luxury Pore Minimizing Mask

Day Five – Cellina Luxury Pore Minimizing Mask

‘Soften skin’s old keratin and minimize large pores. Leave skin supple and silky smooth.’ – Cellina

Cellina Luxury Pore Minimizing Mask 2

This mask may look dryer than the rest and it is entirely my fault because I had only noticed that my camera battery went flat. Therefore, this photo was taken about 10 minutes after I had the mask on. Also, I would like to note that I had skip two days after the forth day mask due to my busy weekend and suffered a few breakouts. I did try to use all the mask consecutively but only to miss it at the end of the challenge. This mask has that calming and soothing chamomile scent.

Cellina Hydrating Lotion & Essence

Remember the bonus of free 5ml samples? I use the toner before the mask and the essence after the mask. I have also continue with the rest of my skincare products after the essence. The texture of both is quite light and I only use them at night along with the mask regime.

Cellina 5 Days Flawless Skin Challenge Before & After

Here is a before and after the challenge. I could see quite a significant improvement of my skin, It looks much more smoother, refined and plumped. Also, the scarring on my forehead and above my right brow disappeared totally. The new scarring on the After is from the breakout I mentioned earlier.

Above all…

I wasn’t convinced at first if the challenge would help my skin but what it did for my skin was impressive! Although my skin wasn’t completely flawless as it claims but I could see how well my skin improved and it made a difference. I may not have dry skin, in fact I do have combination skin. This challenge doesn’t have much effect towards improving skin oiliness. I do hope that they be able to have more slits around the eye area and higher slit for the nose area to enable it to fit better for different types of face shapes. For a difference with such affordable price, I wouldn’t mind going for it again!

Price: MYR 20.00

Availability: Watsons


Like Cellina Mask Taiwan to find out more about them!


  • Comes with guidance of which mask to use each day
  • Affordable
  • Improves skin texture, hydration
  • Fades acne marks


  • Not enough slits to fit onto face

My Rating: 4.8/5


Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Dr. Barman’s Super Brush Cleans 3 Surfaces of The Tooth At One Go

I have not reviewed any oral care products before despite my effort of wanting whiter and brighter teeth. After all, smile is also a key factor to beauty. I do think our oral care is as important as taking care of our skin. In this review, I will be sharing Dr. Barman’s toothbrush.

Dentiste' - Dr. Barman Super Brush Special 2

This Dr. Barman’s toothbrush is not your normal toothbrush. It is specially developed for receding and sensitive gums. The one I have here is Dr. Barman’s Super Brush Special 2 and this is definitely some fancy toothbrush.

Dentiste' - Dr. Barman Super Brush Special 2 Back

Behind it’s packaging, it describes the functionality of the brush and how it works.

  • brushes 3 surfaces of the teeth simultaneously
  • cleans inside as thoroughly as the outside
  • bristles are precisely angled to remove bacterial plaque from the gum line
  • more efficient cleaning within a shorter time
  • user friendly action also for both care providers and recipient
  • use short scrubbing strokes
  • grip the brush lightly
  • tilt the brush slightly for optimal plague removal along the gum line

Dentiste' - Dr. Barman Super Brush Special 2 Description

Dr. Barman is known for developing 3-headed toothbrush for optimum teeth cleaning. These toothbrush promotes  3 surfaces of the tooth cleaning at the same time reduces plagues with greater contact with the tooth.

Dentiste' - Dr. Barman Super Brush Special 2 Close Up

For the toothbrush that I have is only two headed which definitely look fancy to me. The brush head is typically small and it does felt weird on the first time using this brush. It was really easy to use for the teeth at the back but when it comes to brushing the front row, I had to keep the toothbrush horizontally to ensure the bristles of the brush has a good contact with my teeth.

Maybe my jaw is slightly narrow but the toothbrush tend to knock against my teeth a lot when it comes to brushing my front teeth especially on the curve towards my back teeth. I have had experienced temporary gum bleeding on my first few use but it wasn’t painful at all. The bristles doesn’t feel very firm, gentle enough for my teeth and I tend to apply more pressure.

Dentiste' - Dr. Barman Super Brush Special 2 Handle

Holding the toothbrush was a little tricky at first because it is designed flat and since I tend to apply quite a bit of pressure while I brush my teeth, there are times it slips off easily. It’s not a big issue after all.

Above all…

I can’t deny for the toothbrush useful function but I do feel frustrated when the knocking against my teeth does happens and cleans fast, somehow, it felt like my teeth wasn’t clean enough. In fact, my teeth is actually squeaky clean. I definitely wish that the brush head is much more flexible to reduce the knocking.  I tend to get plagues on the inside of the front row of teeth and as far as I have used this toothbrush for 2 weeks now, there’s no build up on my teeth at the moment which is a good thing. It shows that this toothbrush helped. Of many toothbrushes I have used, I do think that this toothbrush is quite pricey. I recommend to grab them when it goes on promotion.

Price: MYR24.00


In, they carry loads of beauty wellness products of skincare, makeup, body care and more. Support Hermo by liking their Facebook below and you’ll be able to receive the latest product update!


  • Gentle against teeth
  • Cleans fast
  • Reduces plague build up


  • Experience gum bleeding
  • Knocks against teeth
  • Pricey

My Rating:4/5


~ ♦ ~

This toothbrush was provided by Hermo for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh