DIY Makgeolli Mask, A Korean Signature Wine With Beauty Benefits

Last weekend, I was dining at a Korean BBQ buffet at Mont Kiara to celebrate a friend’s surprise birthday. The lady owner of the eatery was very kind to share a complimentary bottle of makgeolli for all of us, even poured some for each of us.

What’s more interesting that she shared the benefit of makgeolli in terms of health and beauty. Generally, she has shared that makgeolli helps in digestion as well improving our skin complexion. It intrigues me and got me all excited to find out more. She was kind enough to share how we could also make a mask out of makgeolli in a very simple and easy method. Without doubt, I head to the Korean mart after dinner to purchase one (for only MYR12.90 per bottle) and made further research about makgeolli. Here is what I could share.

DIY Makgeolli Mask

Makgeolli is a Korean signature alcoholic drink and the oldest history among the Korean alcoholic beverages. Sometimes it is also known as takju. The unrefined rice wine is made of steaming short grains such as glutinous rice, barley or wheat, dry them, mix with water and ferment it with Nuruk (a wheat based source of the enzyme amylase). The alcohol content isn’t high, ranging of 6% – 8%. The off-white milky wine has astringent, sour, bitter and sweetness taste.

In terms of beauty benefit, this is not to be missed. I was able to look out for some benefit to convince me.

1. Helps in skin regeneration and whitening

Makgeolli is rich in vitamin B2 and B6 which helps to restore and whitens skin. Also, it contains amino acid that be able to restore skin elasticity.

2. Anti-oxidant

With the presence of vitamin C in makgeolli, it is able to fight free radicals from our daily exposure. It will also help to maintain skin elasticity and delay aging process.

3. Smoothens and reduces skin oiliness

It is made out of rice which leads the factor that it helps to smoothen skin and rice also has the ability to reduce oiliness by absorbing it.

4. Promotes blood circulation

Organic acids can be found in makgeolli such as lactic acid, malic acid and tartaric acid, they are able to help with skin metabolism and detoxifying.

DIY Makgeolli Mask - Ingredients

DIY makgeolli mask is very simple. Only involves three items which is…(from left to right) a small container, fresh sheet mask (or you could also use facial cotton pads) and makgeolli.

DIY Makgeolli Mask - How To
It is very easy to prepare it,

  1. Simply placed the fresh sheet mask into the container.
  2. Pour a sufficient amount of makgeolli to ensure the sheet mask is completely soaked.
  3. Apply the mask on the face and leave it for 20 – 30 minutes.

At the same time, it’s great to consume some makgeolli for health benefits!

DIY Makgeolli Mask - Before & After

Here I would also like to share on the before and after the mask. From the photo, my skin looks brighter and mattified. I was so excited to share this DIY because I tried doing the mask on the same night. After 20 minutes, I noticed my skin is so much smoother and the next morning, my skin is less oily.

Aside from mask, I use it as toner almost everyday now which helps to calm my skin for further acne breakouts. Because it has alcohol content, I wouldn’t recommend this to sensitive skin type as it may irritate your skin. For the time being, I’m religiously using makgeolli and drinking it too. For those who is keen to try this mask, let me know how it works for you and good luck!


Traclyn Yeoh

Weekend Project: Organizing Single Eye Shadows!

Over the time I have been collecting a fair bit of single eye shadows for tutorials or nabbed it from sales. I didn’t bother to put them together in a palette and still have them in their packaging. Recently, I have been going through my make-up drawers and notice that I’m getting lesser space for my make-ups. Its starting to clutter, becoming messy and unorganised. I’ll have to start with something then spring cleaning which is organizing single eye shadows!

All of these single eye shadows are from Elianto. They are really affordable and pretty pigmented, definitely a great pay-off. Whenever I need a particular shade, I never hesitate to look at Elianto. They come with shimmer, satin or matte finish. Some of them I bought them from their warehouse sales which at one point it was only MYR1.00 for 3 eye shadows.

Finally, I have decided to put them into the palette and their largest palette is a 10 eye shadow palette. I bought this for MYR19.00 and currently, there’s sales going on where second item there is 10% discount and third item there is 20% discount. Its build in with foam for you to slot in those single eye shadows and this palette doesn’t come with any mirror.

First, I have arranged them into colour category which is easier for me to decide which colour to be put together in the palette. I would also prefer to arrange the shade from light to dark in the palette. I decided to arrange the browns and yellows together.

Each colour comes with its type of eye shadow, code and shade name, therefore labelling is very important. I’m just using self-adhesive labels and drew circles using the base bottle of my Revlon foundation. You could go with any shape that you prefer.

Since this palette doesn’t come with mirror, I stuck the labels onto the cover of the palette. I labelled the eye shadows right above it when the palette is closed.

For some eye shadows that got stucked with glue, I have used alcohol prep or nail polish remover to remove it. You can also use rubbing alcohol or Zippo lighter fluid. I came to know that Zippo lighter fluid works when I was working in a bookstore many years ago. They use it to remove price tags!

This is the finish product! It looks just as professional as many other brands but most importantly its organized and the eye shadows works great. I think I’ll use these shadows more often now than before because previously it wasn’t organized and I was too lazy to reach out to open each single eye shadows to use them. There are many other ways to store single eye shadow and a while back I did a DIY Floppy Eye Shadow Palette, check it out!


Traclyn Yeoh

Weekend Project: Repackaging Liquid Foundation

Have you ever come across anything that you wish to repackage because it should function better that way? Fret not because I’m just like you and on my last weekend, I have just repackage my liquid foundation and personally, I think it looked better, more hygienic and convenient.

Here I bought a pump bottle from Daiso. This pump bottle are not the ones where there it a tube connects to the head of the pump. It has a base that pushes up each time you press the pump. From the head of the pump, it sucks in which also makes the base to move upwards. I like this type of bottle especially when its clear you get to see how much of product you have used.

I love my Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation. I do love their bottle because its made out of glass but I think they could do better for their packaging. Every time I use this foundation, I felt like there is a waste when the foundations sticks by the rims of the bottle and worried of the oxidation of the foundation.

So I transferred the foundation to my new pump bottle, it takes a while because of the thickness of the foundation. Nonetheless, I also transferred part of the labels too.

Tadaaaa!!! I gave a fresh new look to the foundation, not too bad huh? By using this pump bottle, its more convenient to dispense, hygienic and minimize oxidation of the foundation.


Have you tried repackage any of your products?


Traclyn Yeoh

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