Review: My Burberry, Reminiscence of The After Rain Garden Scent With Admirable Details

Remember the recent launch of My Burberry? It has been almost 2 weeks and until today, I admire every single detail of this fragrance creation that I would take a glance of it every now and then. If you have missed the launch, it is fine because you can always check out this fragrance in-store and I believe you will admire this fragrance as much as I do after discover every details embodied into this fragrance.

My Burberry Fragrance

‘My Burberry fragrance carries the scent of London garden after the rain bringing the grand floral fragrance of confidence, elegance yet discreet in typical British way. My Burberry is a bright grand floral fragrance that maintains its fresh floral scent through to the dry down.’

My Burberry Fragrance 1

The bottle reflects on the same design principles and craftsmanship as the Burberry trench coat, fusing British innovation and heritage with a timeless modernity. Simple yet bold, made of smooth, tactile glass, the design is shaped to echo the folds and soft pleats of the Burberry trench coat. The fragrance has few ingredients that compliment each other to bring you that smooth sweet and dewy after rain garden scent.

Top Notes
Sweet pea and bergamot oil
The oil is sourced from Calabria in Italy and extracted
from the fresh rind by cold expression

Heart notes
Golden quince and freesia with a dash of geranium oil
The oil is sourced from Morocco and Egypt, extracted
from the plant by steam distillation

Base notes
Rose absolute and patchouli oil
The oil is sourced from Malaysia and Indonesia
and obtained by steam distillation

The Bottle Design

My Burberry Frgrance - Bold Horn Cap

The bold horn-finish cap reflects the distinctive hand-stitched buttons of the trench coat. Like natural horn, the material has colour variations, making each cap unique and each bottle a one-off. What special from this cap that I notice the pattern within it where there is gradation layers that blends into darker hues.

My Burberry Fragrance - Ribbon

Around the neck of the bottle is a hand-tied gabardine ribbon knot, the fabric at the heart of the trench coat. Invented by Thomas Burberry in 1879, the waterproof fabric revolutionised rainwear and continues to be woven in Yorkshire, England from superfine cotton. This ain’t just the fabric itself, the knot exemplify the signature knot of Burberry trench coat.

My Burberry Fragrance - Ribbon Woven in England

Woven in England is where the material gabardine was made that protects against from most extreme weathers. This material was worn by the first explorers to the poles and by pioneering aviators.

My Burberry Fragrance - Inner Bottle Shape

The shape of the inner glass bottle has been molded to mirror from iconic trench coat pocket shape. My Burberry juice is reminiscent of the signature honey shade, one of the three colours used in the brand’s Heritage Trench Coat collection and synonymous with the trench coats worn by Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne in the My Burberry campaign.

My Burberry Fragrance - Inner Lining Checkered

The interior is lined in gold and embossed with the iconic Burberry check design, a badge of origin for the brand since the 1920s.

My Burberry Fragrance Box

The box is also made in England, carefully designed to compliment the fundamentals of the fragrance.

My Burberry Fragrance - Monogram

During the launch, I had the opportunity to have My Burberry bottle to be monogrammed with 3 initials of my choice. The letters was limited and I sorted with ‘TNJ’ which represents Traclyn and Jowie, who is my other half. Therefore, whenever I have use or glance at this fragrance, it will bring beautiful sweet memories of both of us.

My Burberry will be available at Sephora and exclusively in Isetan KLCC. My Burberry comes in 3 sizes and prices are as follows;

  • My Burberry EDP 90ml – MYR 465
  • My Burberry EDP 50ml – MYR315
  • My Burberry EDP 30ml – MYR205

Above all…

This fragrance is suitable for anyone who likes sweet and soothing scent. The scent doesn’t choke even if I took a heavy whiff when I applied it freshly and it reminds me of morning dew that brings freshness with a sweet note. As the scent sinks in, it becomes more subtle that the scent could almost replicate a mild honey scent. I would say that this fragrance is worth admiring although it could be pricier side but after knowing every details of the creation, I believe it would be worth to splurge occasionally.

My Rating: 4.9/5


Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Reminisce The Sweet Memories With Carlo Rino It’s Me Eau De Parfum

It’s Me…sure it sounds intimate and personal to me. Carlo Rino introduced their first fragrance last month during the showcase of their Fall Winter 2013 Collection. I received this fragrance during the launch as a complimentary.

Carlo Rino It's Me Eau De Parfum 2

“Inspired by fresh florals that instantly refreshes your senses, giving you the true scent of love and freedom. A trendy scent of belongings, lingering memorable moments for the simple, true of one self.

Made to stir the senses and inspire feelings of romance and tenderness, lose yourself in sweet, earthy notes of iris, rock rose, osmanthus, Egyptian violet, lavender, neroli, cardamom and lemongrass, origanum marjorana and vanilla. The fragrance comes in a beautiful cylindrical bottle embossed with pink hearts and a playful Carlo Rino motif.” – Carlo Rino

Carlo Rino It's Me Eau De Parfum 3

This fragrance comes in a very cute stubby transparent glass bottle and I believe the lid is made of acrylic. The size of the fragrance is just by the grasp of hand which is a good size without being too bulky. The overall bottle shape is very simple.

Carlo Rino It's Me Eau De Parfum 4

Onto the design print of the bottle inclusive of Carlo Rino’s label with hearts, checks and polka dots in soft pink which makes it look very feminine and sweet. Also with It’s Me labelled in the middle of the heart design.

Carlo Rino It's Me Eau De Parfum Ingredients

Ingredients listing for those who is concern.


It smells sweet, tangy with slight jasmine scent, refreshing at the first hour. After that, the scent transitioned to sophisticated and cozy. Just like reminiscing sweet memories where you can feel the warmth of it, the scent that you wouldn’t mind to cuddle with. I believe the tangy scent could be the top note as it is overpowering the rest of the scent which sometimes could be a spoiler with the sudden refreshing scent. For the price and scent, I would say this is quite affordable. If you’re the sophisticated, warm and feminine, this fragrance could be for you.

Retail Price: MYR179

Weight: 50ml / 1.7fl.oz

Availability: Carlo Rino Boutiques

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My Rating: 4.8/5


~ ♦ ~

This fragrance was provided during Carlo Rino Fall Winter 2013 Fashion Show, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Inspired By The Energy Of Live Music, Burberry Brit Rhythm for Men

Burberry Brit Rhythm is one of the latest fragrances for men by Burberry. The name itself has shown where the inspiration comes from. Let the rhythm surrounds and keep you alive with this fragrance.

Burberry Brit Rhythm Men

Burberry Brit Rhythm Eau De Toilette brings three elements with their fragrance note

Top Note

» Fresh Basil Verveina
» Spicy Cardamom
» Shot of Juniper Berries

Heart Note

» Black Leather
» Heady Patchouli
» Styrax Resin

Base Note

» Cedarwood
» Incense
»Warm Tonka Bean

Inspired by the Energy of Live Music, here’s a video campaign that I would like to share. Enjoy!

Burberry Brit Rhythm Men Design

Designated mainly in black and silver, the bottle design shows the masculinity and the signature Burberry checks embossed adds more exclusivity to it.Burberry Brit Rhythm Men Nozzle

The fragrance pump is embossed with the name of the perfume gives an identity to the bottle, in case if you haven’t know about it.Burberry Brit Rhythm Men Ingredients

The ingredients listing for your concern and this fragrance is made in France.


Since this fragrance is for men, I have my BF to try this fragrance for 2 weeks and here are his thoughts. When it is freshly applied, it was very musky and spicy but after 15 minutes, the scent gets settled. It was woody and followed with sweet scent, quite florally. It reminds him of a bouquet of spring flowers. For an eau de toilette, it lasted for pretty long, approximately 8 hours. He loves the scent after it has settled for that sexy and energetic vibe.

What do I have to say of him when he is wearing Burberry Brit Rhythm? This may sound cheesy but he smells sexy! I have to admit that it was choking out of my lungs when he first applied but once it got settled, the scent became masculinely sweet and sexy. At the same time, it smells refreshing. I would be a great grab for yourself(if you’re a man) or as a gift for your boyfriend, friend, partner or husband.

Price (September 2013): MYR 226 (50ml), MYR310 (90ml)

Price: (October 2013 onwards): MYR 235 (50ml), MYR320 (90ml)

Availability: Burberry boutique and counters in major departmental stores such as Parkson and Isetan throughout Malaysia.

My Rating: 4.8/5

They are currently giving out samples of Burberry Brit Rhythm through Burberry Malaysia’s website. To find out how you could redeem it, click here.


~ ♦ ~

This fragrance has been provided by Burberry Malaysia, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Victoria’s Secret Beauty & Accessories is in Pavilion!

I saw an update this morning by Valiram Group announcing Victoria’s Secret Beauty and Accessories opens at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The update came in the right time and I went to do a quick check during my lunch hour. Located in a new section of Pavilion, Fashion Avenue at Level 2, the store is very eye-catching especially for women (maybe men too). The store concept somehow reminds me of Sephora with black backgrounds and filled with mostly pink products. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to snap some photos but I’m so eager to share it or at least a preview for you!

Fragrances, body mist, lotion and creams, love to see all the colors arranged on the shelves. Currently, all of their fragrances and body care is for MYR53.00 each. 

Makeup pouches, toiletry bags, luggage, passport covers and purses. There are a variety of pattern to choose from, logo prints, leopard prints, stripes and croc skin-like.

What’s Victoria’s Secret without the lingerie? Mostly laces and colorful designs I would say, pretty and playful! I like the Famous, however there isn’t any bras around the store. Pretty much explained as its beauty and accessories store.

The only makeup kit that I have spotted and there were some lip glosses near the check out too.

Love their display, simple yet elegant and its quite a great combination too. The sunnies is very pretty!

The first Victoria’s Secret Beauty & Accessories store opened in KLIA (found out this from Tammy here) late last year and I have also spotted another in One Utama early June which was on renovation. Didn’t see it coming for the outlet in Pavilion but I’m so excited that they are here! Also, they are currently giving out FREE tote (while stocks last) with the purchase of MYR249.00 and above.


Traclyn Yeoh