Review: Maybelline Lip Polish by Color Sensational in Glam 3, Effortless, Precise & Smooth Application At Once

When it comes to lip gloss, I’m quite particular for it’s texture and opaqueness. Many have raved the Maybelline Lip Polish on how easy to use it with just a single application. I was waiting for the Lip Polish to go on sale but Maybelline step ahead and send one for me to try. I fell in love with it!

Maybelline Lip Polish by ColorSensational in Glam 3


Lip Polish is a powerful 3-in-1 potion. A perfect blend of sweet and sensual, the smooth, lightweight formula of Lip Polish delivers a moisturizing liquid balm that preps lips for intensely rich color. Pure pigments provide deep color that never settles into lines and won’t leave lips feeling dry, and a built-in, glossy topcoat enhances curves, making lips look fuller and more luscious than ever. Lip Polish by Color Sensational features unique want that makes application speedy and precise. Available in 10 dazzling shades, there’s a tube of Lip Polish to match every mouth and mood.’ – Maybelline

This lip gloss comes in a clear tube which I assume it’s either made of plastic or acrylic. It will be easy to select for shades from the clear tube. The size of the tube is similar to a typical lipstick, almost a palm size which can be held easily as well as storing it.

Maybelline Lip Polish by ColorSensational in Glam 3 applicator

‘Much like mascara, Lip Polish by Color Sensational gets a boost from it’s unique applicator. A leaf shape, 180 degrees of flexibility, and mix of long and short fibers, makes application soft and delivers a high-shine finish.’ – Maybelline.

I thought the applicator looked fussy but it seems to be able to pick up sufficient amount of product. The shade that I have here is called Glam 3 which from the outside of the lip gloss, it looks like a soft red shade.

Maybelline Lip Polish by ColorSensational in Glam 3 Swatch

From the swatch, it looked very different from the actual shade. My camera seemed to pick mostly orange tone of it. In fact, it is actually soft red with a hint of coral. The texture seems really thick but at the same time, it looks very opaque. Let’s see how it turns out on my lips. It doesn’t have any scent to it.

Maybelline Lip Polish by ColorSensational in Glam 3 Before & After

Prior to the application, I did apply a little foundation on my dark lips. With only a single application, I manage to achieve even and precise application without using other makeup tools. The fussy looking applicator felt soft over my lips. I would say the opaqueness is about 65%  because it is still slightly sheer and you could see from the mole on the right of my lips. The gloss does make my lips look fuller and plumper. With the precise application, it does help to emphasize the shape of my lips.

Maybelline Lip Polish by ColorSensational in Glam 3 Application

Applying it over my lips with Lip Polish was easy and the next thing that I’m looking into is the texture and feel on my lips. After a minute or two, I do feel slight tingling sensation and that feeling is similar to how it feels when you apply lip plumper. The tingling sensation doesn’t stay too long, approximately after 5 minutes then it’s gone. Upon pursing my lips, the lip gloss doesn’t feel sticky but they felt smooth and lightweight.

Maybelline Lip Polish by ColorSensational in Glam 3 2

When the lip gloss tube is placed on it’s top, you could see the shape of a lipstick. That’s one uniqueness of the design of the tube and I would say it’s very creative. Upon twisting to secure the lip gloss, there is a snap toward the end of the twist to indicate that it is completely locked.

Maybelline Lip Polish by ColorSensational in Glam 3 - Traclyn 2

This is how Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 3 looks on me. I find the shade is not overly red  but the BF seems to think it is and I wore this to a wedding recently. I don’t mind wearing bold and darker shades, the BF just likes me with lighter lip color.

Maybelline Lip Polish by ColorSensational in Glam 3 - Traclyn 1

When a lip color can be applied effortlessly just like Lip Polish, it brings out ones’ smile with that beautiful lip color and accentuated lips. It also kept my lips very well moisturized because I have yet to experience any lip dryness.

Above all…

I am loving every inch of the Lip Polish at the moment from the tube design to it’s texture. I wasn’t expecting incredibly opaque pigments since this is a lip gloss but it gives quite a good color payoff. It is easy to use and with only single application to apply all over my lips, I think it is economical too. Lip Polish has been around since December 2013, it’s fairly new but I do find that it hardly goes on sales. If you’re into fuss free lip colors, this could be for you.

Retail Price: MYR 32.90

Weight: 5ml/0.17fl.oz.

Availability: Leading pharmacies, Sasa, supermarkets and departmental stores

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  • Soft fussy applicator
  • Effortless application
  • Single application for the entire lips
  • Able to achieve precise application
  • Non sticky texture
  • Lightweight
  • Good color payoff
  • Creative tube design
  • Economical
  • Kept lips moisturized


  • Hardly goes on sales

My Rating: 4.9/5


~ ♦ ~

This lip gloss was provided by Maybelline for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

WIN! Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks, 3 Sets Up For Grab!

March came passing by so quickly and eventful. Here comes my birthday month and to give back to you for those who have supported me strongly in my years of blogging (Youtube too). I know it’s 1st April but this ain’t no April fool. Let’s have a look what to win for this giveaway!

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Giveaway

It’s the Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks! There are 3 sets to win, each set has two different shades. These lipsticks was launched quite a while ago and you can check the shades from my post of Launch of Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede. Before sharing how you could win these lipsticks, let’s check on what other bloggers has to say about it!

Sabrina Tajudin Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede

Image and Review Courtesy of

Ruby Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede

Image and Review Courtesy of

Your Shopping Kaki Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede

Image and Review Courtesy of

Everyone rocked their lipsticks beautifully, isn’t it? Thank you girls! Since there are 3 sets to win, I would like to share the shades of each set for a better selection for you to participate.

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Giveaway Set A

Set A – Iconic & Preview

  • Iconic – brown with gold shimmer
  • Preview – medium magenta

Suitable for those who wants to strive for slightly bolder look.

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Giveaway Set B

Set B –  High Heels & Private Viewing

  • High Heels – candy pink
  • Private Viewing – nude with gold shimmer

Great for everyday look yet innocent

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Giveaway Set C

Set C – Fashion Forward & Womenswear

  • Fashion Forward – dark plum
  • Womenswear – medium pink

Shades that is awesome to bring the boldness out of you.

 Terms & Conditions

  • Open to all Malaysia residents, participants who is aged 18 below will have to seek for parent’s permission
  • Only one set, one comment per participant. Strictly no spamming. If you are commenting for the first time, your comment will be held for approval. Don’t worry, I ‘ll check them daily.
  • For serious participants only who sincerely care to support all beauty knowledge in, not to only aim for freebies.
  • Winner will be selected based on their creativity in their comments and will be announced in my Facebook.
  • Giveaway ends on 15 April 2014 at 11:59pm (Malaysia time).
  • Winners will also be notified through email, please do respond in 48 hours to avoid prize being forfeited.
  • Prize will be mailed personally by me.


 ~ ♦ ~

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Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Gets You Shine & Sparkle

Don’t we just love anything that comes all in one? This includes makeup and I’m here to share with you Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow that are available on the shelves quite a while ago. An eye shadow palette that comes with primer and top coat is very much interesting isn’t it?

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow

‘Easily create limitless looks with one palette.
Each palette features a primer, 3 highly pigmented shadows, and a sparkle top coat. Use wet for more color intensity. Add sparkle top coat for a multi-dimensional, intensely shimmering effect. ‘ – Revlon

I liked how they are packaged handily and easily being held in a palm without being bulky. The eye shadows can be easily seen through the clear lid of the palette. The eye shadow pans are shaped like our eyes if you notice and I do think that there is a purpose that Revlon decided to design it this way.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Seal

Upon opening the palette, it comes with a safety seal to ensure that the palette has yet to be opened by anyone. Rest assured the palette is only by you. I have received two palettes to have my opinion on which is Bohemian and Renaissance.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow - Bohemian & Swatch

First palette is Bohemian where colors are bright and colorful.  At the back of the palette, there is instruction on how to use the eye shadow. You can always use the eye shadows as how you wanted it to be, the instruction provided is merely a basic guide. The instruction is printed on a peel off sticker where it discloses the list of ingredients underneath. Basically they are all shimmer based and only 2,3 and 4 is the eye shadow.

  1. Base  - light gold shimmer
  2. Turquoise shimmer with fine blue glitters
  3. Dark brown with fine silver and gold glitters
  4. Peach shimmer with fine gold glitters
  5. Top coat – gold with fine gold glitters

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Bohemian How To

Here is a simple tutorial just as how it is printed on the instruction.

  1. Apply the base coat all over the eyelid up to the brow bone.
  2. Using the turquoise shimmer and apply on the eye lid.
  3. Use to dark brown to apply it on the crease blending in with the turquoise.
  4. Highlight brow bone with peach shimmer.
  5. Apply the gold top coat to add warmer tone and sparkles.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow - Bohemian Eyes

Simply finish off with your favorite eye liner and mascara, and we are done with Bohemian. Remember how I said that the eye shadows are designed like so with purpose? I believe that they are also a guide on where the shadows should be applied as 2 goes onto the eye lid, 3 goes onto the crease and 4 goes onto the brow bone.  I have also used the top coat on my inner corners and lower lash line to bright more light onto my eyes.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Bohemian Look

This is how it looks like on me. I’m wearing Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme in Medium Beige and Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Showy Flamboyante. The Bohemian palette brings the fun colors in me and wearing the turquoise eye shadow doesn’t seem overwhelming.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow - Renaissance

The next palette is Renaissance where it brings more darker shades and I’m expecting some smokey eye look with it. Just like Bohemian, it comes with a peel-off sticker instruction and ingredients listing. Both palettes are very pigmented. These palettes comes with two dual ended sponge applicators.

  1. Base – pearl shimmer
  2. Black shimmer with fine gold pigment
  3. Dark plum shimmer with fine iridescent pigment
  4. Pale pearl pink with fine silver glitters
  5. Top coat – pale yellow with fine iridescent glitters

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Renaissance How To

Another simple tutorial to create that smokey eyes using Renaissance palette.

  1. Apply the base all over the eye lid up to the brow bone.
  2. Use the black shimmer and apply on the eye lid.
  3. Apply dark plum shade and blend it till it becomes hazy.
  4. Highlight brow bone with pale pearl pink.
  5. Apply top coat to give extra dimension to the eyes.


Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow - Renaissance Eyes

Finish off with your favorite eye liner and mascara. I chose to arch my brow higher and draw it look slightly skinnier to match this look. Also, I have applied top coat at the inner corners and lower lash line plus applying brown eye liner on the waterline.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Renaissance Look 2

This smokey eyes brings plum hue to the eyes, making it slightly different from the typical smokey eyes. It’s sexy and intriguing.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Renaissance Look

Here is one look without any lip color. Easily pair this with any nude or pale pink lip color to make the eyes stands out more.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Renaissance  + Lacquer Balm Coy Timide Look

Or if you would like to have that strong character, go with bold lips. I’m wearing Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in Coy Timide. Both look suits very well with this palette.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Review

Above all…

I think this is quite a versatile palette in a way, given the selection of colors that is pigmented yet not too overwhelming. I do find that there is fall outs especially from the top coat as there are more glitters. It’s pretty common for glitter eye shadows.  The eye shadow is very pigmented as you can tell from my swatches and blends in easily. If you have oily eye lids, I would still recommend to use your very own eye primer as the primer from this palettes gives a light control of creasing and prep to create a greater shimmer base. I think it is slightly pricey for an eye shadow palette, I would suggest to spot for their promos! The only thing that I wish that is to have mirror in this palette. It was a little difficult having to use a separate mirror especially if you don’t have a table in front of you.

Retail Price: MYR45.90

Weight: 2.8grams / 0.1oz.

Availability: Leading pharmacies and departmental stores


  • Comes in a decent size held in a palm
  • Clear cover to show the eye shadows
  • Pigmented shadows
  • Easily to be blend
  • Versatile palette


  • Light crease control
  • Slightly pricey
  • No mirror

My Rating: 4.3/5


~ ♦ ~

This palette was sent by Revlon for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm, Shines & Light-Weight Effortless Balm

Fell in love with Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm and now time to turn my head over Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm. How is the Lacquer Balm different than Matte Balm? You’ll find out from this review. Lacquer Balm is also part of the Revlon ColorBurst™ Crayon Collection and they are only available just this month, comes in 8 different shades.

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm

‘A lacquer finish that’s beyond brilliant. Balm that’s beyond comforting. Our Triple Butter Complex of Shea, Coconut and Mango butters nourishes lips. In 8 collectible, craveable colors.

• 8 shades of high shine, shimmering lacquer and balm-­‐like moisture

• Infused with Triple Butter Complex of Shea, Mango and Coconut Butter

• Light peppermint fragrance

•Propel/Repel crayon means no sharpening required’ – Revlon

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm 140 Coy Timide

The shade that I received is 140 Coy Timide and the packaging is exactly like the rest of the collection. However, it comes with shiny layer on the outside to indicate that this is the Lacquer Balm. For this shade, I do notice that there are slight gold shimmers just by looking at the balm. No sharpening needed from its propel crayon and retractable.

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm Swatch

Coy Timide, is a brown shade with red undertone. The gold shimmers are unnoticeable from the swatch and the texture is light and finishes off glossy. It is quite pigmented and this definitely reminds me of the texture for Revlon Just Bitten Kissable.

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm On Lips

I could definitely tell that this gives a great color to my lips. Despite of being dark and brown, I liked how it looks more red instead. Again, this has that refreshing slight mint scent just like the rest of Revlon ColorBurst Crayon Collection. Also the gold shimmer is unnoticeable while having it on the lips but I believe it helps to reflect light to give more shine to the lips.

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm Traclyn Yeoh

At first, I was really worried if Coy Timide could be too dark for me but I guess everyone could pull off dark shade depending how you wear your makeup. In this review, I’m your vixen, RAWR~ I guess this shade is good to go if you are feeling bold and sexy. You could also see how shiny it is on my lips and the reflection of my ring light.

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm Ingredients

In the ingredients listing, there isn’t alcohol or paraben. This is definitely a plus point!

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm Traclyn Yeoh 2

Above all…

This is almost the same version of Balm Stain, without staining your lips. I believe not everyone like their lips to be stained and I think this is suitable for them. The texture is light and easy to use. Because it is so light that you can’t really tell that you are wearing it. I wouldn’t say this gives the best shine but it’s shiny enough to make your pout look kissable. Upon wearing this, it doesn’t dry my lips and it wears off after having a meal. This may not be your shade but there’s other shades to choose from!

Price: MYR 35.90

Weight: 2.7g / 0.095oz.

Availability: Leading pharmacies and departmental stores


  • Easy to use
  • Glides easily over the lips
  • Refreshing mint scent
  • Shine finish lippie


  • Wears off after a meal

My Rating: 4.8/5


~ ♦ ~

This lacquer balm was provided by Revlon for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh