Urban Decay Summer 2015 Collection & Swatches

Summer! Where all the high bright colors are up everywhere you go. Urban Decay brings summer 2015 line up that has us dreaming of bold and edgy colors to wear it like late-night pool parties and rooftop sunsets. From new lipgloss and blush formulas to exciting innovation in some of their bestselling products, this season will blow you away.

Urban Decay Summer 2015 Collection Mid Valley

I had the chance to preview the upcoming Urban Decay Summer Collection that was held on last Saturday in front of Sephora Mid Valley. This collection will be available in Sephora stores in July 2015.

Urban Decay Summer 2015 Collection 2

The summer collection includes 9 shades of individual blushers from bright to pastel tones.

Urban Decay Summer 2015 Collection 1

A line up of 14 shades of lip glosses, eight eye shadows and an interesting stick primer. Let’s get into details!

Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil

‘Inspired by our bestselling, slim-barreled Ozone 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil, Ultimate Ozone is an indispensable primer in pencil form. This clear, THICK-barreled undercover wonder does it all. Hold lip color in place. Prevent feathering. Correct mistakes. Even fill in fine lines! No matter how you use Ultimate Ozone, our creamy, long-lasting formula glides on clear to prevent your most embarrassing beauty nightmares.’

Retail Price: MYR62

Revolution High-Color Lip Gloss

‘This high-coverage, ultra-pigmented formula lays down all the color you crave in one coat. Choose from 14 lust-worthy shades in both cream and sparkle textures. With gorgeous nudes, bold brights and deep, dark shades, our lineup contains something for everyone. From longstanding UD favorites (like 69, Big Bang, Punch Drunk and Apocalypse) to never-before-seen shades destined for cult status, Revolution Lipgloss has all your high-impact gloss needs covered.’

Retail price: MYR85.00

Urban Decay Summer 2015 Collection High Gloss Lip Gloss

Swatches for 14 shades of the Revolution High-Color Lip Gloss and two of shades (Quiver and Kinky) will not be carried in Malaysia.

Urban Decay Summer 2015 Collection Eye Shadows

Eight New Eye Shadows

‘Urban Decay introduces EIGHT brand-spanking-NEW Eyeshadow singles. There’s a little something for everyone—from color junkies to fans of neutral mattes. (See, we DO read all your pleas on Facebook.) The lineup: six gorgeous, shifty duotones—in shades like blue, gold, peach, burgundy and even red!—and two versatile matte neutrals. With the addition of these new shades, our already huge Eyeshadow lineup now includes a whopping 12 duotones and an everexpanding range of matte shades.’

Retail price: MYR73.14

Urban Decay Summer 2015 Collection Eye Shadow Swatches

Swatches for the new eight shades, they come in matte and metallic duotones.

Urban Decay Summer 2015 Collection Blushers

Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush

‘Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush—the foolproof way to create that effortless, radiant look. Just a few quick swipes of Afterglow gives you the kind of easy, sexy, lit-from-within glow that makes people wonder if you spent the whole weekend in a secret love den. The best part? Much like the lingering effects of a romantic rendezvous, Afterglow won’t quit. Our extremely blendable, finely milled formula goes on sheer and provides eight long hours of wearable, buildable color. And wait until you feel it! Lightweight yet luxurious, Afterglow has a soft, creamy texture that always applies beautifully. The lineup: nine scintillating shades…some with a matte finish, and others with a hint of shimmer.’

Retail Price: MYR89.00

Urban Decay Summer 2015 Collection Blushers Swatches

Swatches for the blushers and personally, I quite like Bittersweet although it is purple but it gives a light hint of pink over the cheeks without looking purple at all.

Urban Decay Summer 2015 collection will be hitting Sephora stores in July 2015. Time to save some now and shop next month!


Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Ko Dermacare Anti-Acne Mist Does Not Leave Skin Feeling Tacky or Oily

In my previous post reviewing on Ko Dermacare Purifying Cleansing Gel, I did mentioned where I have been using skincare from Dr Ko Clinic. After the cleansing gel, I would use this mist of Ko Dermacare Anti-Acne Mist.

Ko Dermacare Anti Acne Mist

‘Waiting between product applications can be annoying, especially during rush hour. We’ve got a solution for you: A special mist to reduce your pimples while soothing inflamed and irritated skin. Comes in easily absorbed formula!

Benefits: Controls sebum production, reduces redness, inflammation and breakout. Can be used as a toner and to set makeup.’Ko Dermacare Anti Acne Mist 2

This mist comes in a transparent amber colored plastic bottle as to preserve the purity of the product. It does not only treat acne but skin redness, skin allergy and sun burn.

Ko Dermacare Anti Acne Mist Pump

Since it is described as mist, therefore not to be missed is it’s pump head. The mist created from this pump was adequately fine.

Ko Dermacare Anti Acne Mist Swatch

Here is how it looks like when sprayed a pump onto my palm. The mist is clear with no colorant or scent. It is light weight and it almost felt like normal water.

Ko Dermacare Anti Acne Mist How To

Using it is perfectly easy. Just follow the instruction below.

‘Directions: Spray onto face after cleansing. Spray on makeup to set or refresh it. Can be repeated anytime of the day.’

Personally, I only use it once twice a day every time after I cleanse my skin. I would use the mist to spray around my face 3-4 times and gently pat onto my skin until it is fully absorbed. There are times I feel generous and  pumped more than 4 times.

Ko Dermacare Anti Acne Mist Before and After 2

Here is the weekly progress of using the mist. My skin improves weekly as it gets clearer and less red as compared to before.

Ko Dermacare Anti Acne Mist Before and After

This mist has helped to maintain my skin to be acne free most of the time. Occasionally I would still get break out but that is probably once or twice a month.

Above all…

I am particular about face mist and I never liked tacky or oily mist. Since I was able to spray this mist generously over my skin, I quite like the texture because it really felt just like water. It doesn’t leave skin tacky or oily after that. However, it does not help to control shine because my skin becomes oily within an hour or two particularly on the t-zone area.

I do think  the price is expensive considering on the weight, function and benefit. If you don’t mind the price, I would suggest to give it a try.

Price: MYR120.00

Weight: 65ml

Availability: Dr Ko Clinic


  • Does not leave skin tacky
  • Light textured
  • Absorbed into skin with ease
  • Maintained clear skin


  • Does not help to control shine
  • Pricey

My Rating: 4.5/5


~ ♦ ~

This mist was provided for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Ko Dermacare Purifying Cleansing Gel Maintains Skin Dewiness and Radiance

Ever since I have been getting treatments done at Dr Ko Clinic, I have also been using their skincare prescribed to cater to my skin concern. One of them is Ko Dermacare Purifying Cleansing Gel.

Ko Dermacare Purifying Cleansing Gel

‘Effectively breaks down grease stains from makeup (including eye area) and removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated. Enriched with botanical extracts, this gel gently cleanses and conditions your skin without stripping the surface of its natural protective lipids.

Benefits Contains: Cucumber extract, ginkgo biloba extract.’

Ko Dermacare Purifying Cleansing Gel 2

This cleanser came with an interesting bottle shape. Classy, transparent and vintage style where you could hardly find these days. Ko Dermacare Purifying Cleansing Gel Lid

In order to dispense the gel, this bottle is made by plastic soft enough to press for it to squeeze some of the gel out.

Ko Dermacare Purifying Cleansing Gel Texture

Basically, the gel texture isn’t as thick as I thought it would be. Slightly thicker than those liquid cleansers. When I first dispense the gel, I accidentally dispense quite a lot out because I didn’t know it could be that runny. Although it’s gel, once it is combined with water, it can be foamed easily. The funny thing is I have followed the instruction from the bottle earlier which did no mention if I should use water to begin with until I get an internal information.  I was struggling to use the gel cleanser from the earlier instruction because it turns into mucus texture as I rub it onto my face. Below would be the correct directions of use.

‘Wet face and neck, squeeze adequate amount of cleansing gel on palm and massage with circular movements, rinse with warm water thoroughly.’

Ko Dermacare Purifying Cleansing Gel Before and After 2

I have been using this gel cleanser for a month now and here is the progress of my skin from the usage. My skin seems to be clearer every week or at least, it helped to maintain my skin. I did not experience any skin irritation from using this.

Ko Dermacare Purifying Cleansing Gel Before and After

Here is a comparison of before and after. This cleanser kept my skin looking dewy and radiant.

Above all…

This cleanser is not a bad cleanser but I would prefer the cleanser that provided to me earlier because it helped very much on controlling the sebum production as to compare with this. I believe this gel cleanser is mild because it is suitable for all skin types. However, this cleanser is a little mild since it wasn’t able to control as much sebum because I have noticed quite some blackheads over my nose and the shine after 2-3 hours from cleansing. I do feel it is squeaky clean right after cleansing. I have yet to experience any tightness and it removes makeup quite well but not entirely 100% because sometimes I could see the little smudges from the mascara.

Price: MYR 198.00

Weight: 220ml

Availability: Dr Ko Clinic


  • Mild gel, great for all skin types
  • Easy to foam
  • No skin tightness after cleansing.
  • Maintained skin radiance and dewiness


  • Doesn’t control serum production as much
  • Doesn’t remove makeup entirely

My Rating: 4.5/5


~ ♦ ~

This cleanser was provided for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

My First Visit to Number 76 @ Bangsar 2

Number 76, a no strange name for their hair saloon services and work. I have always heard good things about them and finally, I get to try their services. I have been following one of the hair  stylist in Instagram by the name Amy who is based in Bangsar 2 and I had the opportunity to witness her work myself.

Number 76

One of Number 76 is located in Bangsar 2 has a very clean external design which you could hardly tell if this is a hair saloon. Anyone could have mistaken this place as a cafe because it looked so cozy and comfy.

Number 76 Welcome Drink

I was greeted by Ee Ling who share Number 76 bag to have my handbag kept safe and protected as well as a cup of warm green tea, my favorite tea of all.

Number 76 Natural Brown Hair Coloring

After a friendly consultation from Amy, it has been decided for me to do hair coloring touch up on the roots and hair treatment. On the right is Amy and left is Ee Ling who was assisting Amy. The color touch up is natural brown. As much as I wanted to explore other colors, I believe natural brown is easier to maintain for greying hair just like I do.

Number 76 Natural Brown Hair Coloring Wrapping

Once they are done applying the dye on my hair roots, cling wrap was used for effective and stronger absorbency towards the dye. Leave it for 20 minutes and ready to rinse.
Number 76 Deep Cleansing Scalp

Ee Ling did the rinsing and deep cleansing for my scalp to remove any impurities or build up in order for my hair to grow healthier. When I was seated, a dry eye sheet mask was placed over my eyes to avoid any water drops. As to the deep cleansing, Ee Ling have used a different shower heads that gives a pulse massage to my scalp. It is very relaxing and I would say this would be the most gentle hair rinsing I have ever experienced.

Number 76 Deep Cleansing Scalp Residue

Here is the result from the deep scalp cleansing where it has quite a bit of dirt that floats the top of the water. Ewww!

Number 76 Ultrasonic Premium

This would be the treatment of Ultrasonic Premium which is signature treatment available in Number 76. I have very dry hair ends that always leave tangles and lead to hair fall. This treatment would be able to help me to fight this matter.

Number 76 Ultrasonic Premium Device

The device used for the treatment looks like a straightener where uses vibration to allow the treatment product to penetrate deep within each hair strand for mega nourishment, entangle knots, ultra softness, radiant shine, silky smooth, stronger texture and healthier hair.

Number 76 Ultrasonic Premium Treatment

First treatment lotion to apply and separate evenly with a comb. Ee Ling then use the device to press my hair in between. Though it looks like a straighter but it doesn’t straighten my hair at all and it will not do. After completing with the device, second treatment lotion was applied and left for about 10 minutes before rinsing. Number 76 Ultrasonic Premium Rinse 1

Here I am again with the eye patch with Ee Ling helping me to rinse off all the treatment lotion. You could see my peeping under the eye patch. 😛

Number 76 Ultrasonic Premium Treatment 2

Ee Ling applied the lotion for the third time and I could see she applied the lotion much thoroughly by running her fingers between hair strands and rubbed with fingers. She then uses the device again and ensure all parts of the hair receives the treatment.

Number 76 Ultrasonic Premium Rinse 2

The last rinse includes a warm towel, this promotes blood circulation for my scalp.

Number 76 Deese's Hair Treatment

Ee Ling also provides me a month supply of home hair mask treatment where I could maintain my hair on my own weekly. I love this mask because after a week from Number 76 signature treatment, my hair begin to feel slightly rough. After this mask, my hair is all soft and bouncy again.

Number 76 Spray Hair Tonic

Once Ee Ling was done with the rinsing, she sprayed tonic in few sections of my hair to prevent hair fall. The after effect was nice because it felt cooling.

Number 76 Deese's Elujuda Emulsion

Before she started to dry my hair Elujuda Emulsion was used on my hair ends to prevent tangles, smoothen and manageable hair.

Number 76 Deese's Elujuda Emulsion Application

The emulsion was applied over my hair ends even though my hair is still damp wet.

Number 76 Hair Drying

Amy and Ee Ling came together to dry my hair for a speedier service.

Number 76 Amy Hair Styling

Amy styled my hair by curling my hair ends and I was worried if I might turn out to look like a poodle but it turned out cute! I’m not trying to say that I look cute but the hair style did.

Number 76 Ultrasonic Premium Treatment Before & After

Here is a before and after that anyone could tell my current hair is much healthier, shiny and even colored. On my before, I did a bad home hair coloring job that Amy and Ee Ling thought and asked of which salon that I went to. Embarrassed but I braced myself to them that it was my job and I have selected much lighter color than the shades that I have used before which exposed my grey hair and lighter hair roots. Even though I am open for colors, I don’t seem to have much color of selection for grey hairs huh?

Numer 76 Traclyn Yeoh

This is how it looks from the front, not so poodle after all right? It soft curls and I believe the treatment made it look that way. For the longest time, I hadn’t felt my hair so smooth, bouncy and shiny. I was prancing around with my new hair and normally I would leave my hair to air dry but I have been hardworking to blow dry my hair everyday in order to have that long bob styled. Intentionally, I took my boyfriend’s hand to run through my hair and his response was ‘that is very soft, wow!’.

Number 76 Price List

Number 76 offers different hair services such as cut, color, perm, treatment, hair styling and hair extension. They are available at Mid Valley, Bangsar 2, Publika, Bangsar 1 and Starhill Gallery.


Traclyn Yeoh