5 Days Challenge to Flawless Skin With Cellina Masks

I was running out of facial sheet masks and decided to pay a visit at Watsons to look for some. Sheet mask isn’t cheap nowadays especially when you buy them in individual packs. The price of one sheet mask could almost be equivalent to a meal and of course, I was looking for something affordable. That’s where I have came across Cellina 5 Days Flawless Skin Challenge pack.

Cellina 5 Days Flawless Skin Challenge

What attracted me the most is that they have packaged it in a promising challenge and they are quite affordable with what’s in the pack. I was also looking for masks that helps to minimize my pores instead of hydration and they have it! This will be my first time using Cellina masks and they are originated from Taiwan. If you happen to be in Taiwan, masks is something you want to hunt for because they are way much affordable there. I believe this masks were reviewed as seen in Vivi and Queen magazine as shown from the packaging.

Cellina 5 Days Flawless Skin Challenge Packaging

It comes in a small box, like a gift box specially made for mask sheet size. There are 5 different mask to use for 5 days. Behind of the box states the sequence of the mask usage.

Cellina 5 Days Flawless Skin Challenge Pack

Here’s what’s inside the box! 5 different masks for 5 different days and bonus of free 5ml toner and lotion to use along with this skin challenge. When I made my purchase of this mask, I do notice that these mask are also sold individually over the shelves. I have completed the challenge and do you want to know what’s the result? Let me share with you the different types of masks that was included as well as it’s texture and my skin of before and after the challenge.

Cellina Dullness No More Mask

Day One – Cellina Dullness No More Mask

‘To brighten your skin, relieve dryness immediately, use before your makeup will let your makeup more stay on.

Riched with sodium hyaluronate, Hawaii Algae Extract which transform eneven skin tone, have your skin immediate brightness and moisture.’ – Cellina

Cellina Dullness No More Mask 2

The mask is the thin translucent sheet and has quite a bit of essence because when I removed from the pack, it was dripping. It smells refreshing, however it did not fit onto my face shape perfectly. I has to snip the mask around my nose area and the bridge of my nose to ensure that it fits better. I do notice that my skin was glowing the next day.

Cellina Season Hydrating Mask

Day Two – Cellina Season Hydrating Mask

‘Hydrating and calming effect.

Riched with allantoin, chamomile extract and 24 hours hydrating essence which fully hydrates your skin, reduce skin itchiness and balance up skin moisture. So now, you can say bye bye to your dry skin.’ – Cellina

Cellina Season Hydrating Mask 2

Again, I had to snip the mask at the same area as the previous mask to make it fit better onto my face. This mask has familiar tingling scent but I wasn’t sue what it is. Even so, it doesn’t tingle my skin.

Cellina Daily Whitening Mask

Day Three – Cellina Daily Whitening Mask

‘Riched with L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and arbutin which brighten your skin, make your skin transparent fair and moisturised.’ – Cellina

Cellina Daily Whitening Mask 2

It has the same thin translucent sheet texture where again, snipping the mask seems to be a routine.  It does have the same tingling scent just like how it is for Season Hydrating Mask.

Cellina Luxury Collagen Moisture Mask

Day Four – Cellina Luxury Collagen Moisture Mask

‘Deep moisturizing. Recommended for dry, dehydrated and rough skin.’ – Cellina

Cellina Luxury Collagen Moisture Mask 2

I do find that this mask fits better as I only snipped the mask around the sides of my nose. It has slightly thicker essence compared with the rest as you could also see the visibility of it on the forehead area. It has slight fruity scent, brightens up my skin right after removing and the leftover essence tend to be absorbed by my skin faster.

Cellina Luxury Pore Minimizing Mask

Day Five – Cellina Luxury Pore Minimizing Mask

‘Soften skin’s old keratin and minimize large pores. Leave skin supple and silky smooth.’ – Cellina

Cellina Luxury Pore Minimizing Mask 2

This mask may look dryer than the rest and it is entirely my fault because I had only noticed that my camera battery went flat. Therefore, this photo was taken about 10 minutes after I had the mask on. Also, I would like to note that I had skip two days after the forth day mask due to my busy weekend and suffered a few breakouts. I did try to use all the mask consecutively but only to miss it at the end of the challenge. This mask has that calming and soothing chamomile scent.

Cellina Hydrating Lotion & Essence

Remember the bonus of free 5ml samples? I use the toner before the mask and the essence after the mask. I have also continue with the rest of my skincare products after the essence. The texture of both is quite light and I only use them at night along with the mask regime.

Cellina 5 Days Flawless Skin Challenge Before & After

Here is a before and after the challenge. I could see quite a significant improvement of my skin, It looks much more smoother, refined and plumped. Also, the scarring on my forehead and above my right brow disappeared totally. The new scarring on the After is from the breakout I mentioned earlier.

Above all…

I wasn’t convinced at first if the challenge would help my skin but what it did for my skin was impressive! Although my skin wasn’t completely flawless as it claims but I could see how well my skin improved and it made a difference. I may not have dry skin, in fact I do have combination skin. This challenge doesn’t have much effect towards improving skin oiliness. I do hope that they be able to have more slits around the eye area and higher slit for the nose area to enable it to fit better for different types of face shapes. For a difference with such affordable price, I wouldn’t mind going for it again!

Price: MYR 20.00

Availability: Watsons

Web: Timemask.com.tw

Like Cellina Mask Taiwan to find out more about them!


  • Comes with guidance of which mask to use each day
  • Affordable
  • Improves skin texture, hydration
  • Fades acne marks


  • Not enough slits to fit onto face

My Rating: 4.8/5


Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Dr. Barman’s Super Brush Cleans 3 Surfaces of The Tooth At One Go

I have not reviewed any oral care products before despite my effort of wanting whiter and brighter teeth. After all, smile is also a key factor to beauty. I do think our oral care is as important as taking care of our skin. In this review, I will be sharing Dr. Barman’s toothbrush.

Dentiste' - Dr. Barman Super Brush Special 2

This Dr. Barman’s toothbrush is not your normal toothbrush. It is specially developed for receding and sensitive gums. The one I have here is Dr. Barman’s Super Brush Special 2 and this is definitely some fancy toothbrush.

Dentiste' - Dr. Barman Super Brush Special 2 Back

Behind it’s packaging, it describes the functionality of the brush and how it works.

  • brushes 3 surfaces of the teeth simultaneously
  • cleans inside as thoroughly as the outside
  • bristles are precisely angled to remove bacterial plaque from the gum line
  • more efficient cleaning within a shorter time
  • user friendly action also for both care providers and recipient
  • use short scrubbing strokes
  • grip the brush lightly
  • tilt the brush slightly for optimal plague removal along the gum line

Dentiste' - Dr. Barman Super Brush Special 2 Description

Dr. Barman is known for developing 3-headed toothbrush for optimum teeth cleaning. These toothbrush promotes  3 surfaces of the tooth cleaning at the same time reduces plagues with greater contact with the tooth.

Dentiste' - Dr. Barman Super Brush Special 2 Close Up

For the toothbrush that I have is only two headed which definitely look fancy to me. The brush head is typically small and it does felt weird on the first time using this brush. It was really easy to use for the teeth at the back but when it comes to brushing the front row, I had to keep the toothbrush horizontally to ensure the bristles of the brush has a good contact with my teeth.

Maybe my jaw is slightly narrow but the toothbrush tend to knock against my teeth a lot when it comes to brushing my front teeth especially on the curve towards my back teeth. I have had experienced temporary gum bleeding on my first few use but it wasn’t painful at all. The bristles doesn’t feel very firm, gentle enough for my teeth and I tend to apply more pressure.

Dentiste' - Dr. Barman Super Brush Special 2 Handle

Holding the toothbrush was a little tricky at first because it is designed flat and since I tend to apply quite a bit of pressure while I brush my teeth, there are times it slips off easily. It’s not a big issue after all.

Above all…

I can’t deny for the toothbrush useful function but I do feel frustrated when the knocking against my teeth does happens and cleans fast, somehow, it felt like my teeth wasn’t clean enough. In fact, my teeth is actually squeaky clean. I definitely wish that the brush head is much more flexible to reduce the knocking.  I tend to get plagues on the inside of the front row of teeth and as far as I have used this toothbrush for 2 weeks now, there’s no build up on my teeth at the moment which is a good thing. It shows that this toothbrush helped. Of many toothbrushes I have used, I do think that this toothbrush is quite pricey. I recommend to grab them when it goes on promotion.

Price: MYR24.00

Availability: Hermo.com.my

In Hermo.com.my, they carry loads of beauty wellness products of skincare, makeup, body care and more. Support Hermo by liking their Facebook below and you’ll be able to receive the latest product update!


  • Gentle against teeth
  • Cleans fast
  • Reduces plague build up


  • Experience gum bleeding
  • Knocks against teeth
  • Pricey

My Rating:4/5


~ ♦ ~

This toothbrush was provided by Hermo for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Ardell Lash & Brow Growth Accelerator, My Trusted Weapon For Longer Lashes

We got to admit some Asians don’t grow enough hair. Please, I definitely do not intend to discriminate but speaking the truth. One of them is me, I have fine hairs on my scalp, face and body which I’m actually thankful for because I save a lot on waxing. My problem would be, I don’t grow enough hair on my brows and lashes. Therefore, Ardell Lash & Brow Growth Accelerator is something to look upon.

Ardell Lash & Brow Growth Accelerator

I remembered when I first spotted this growth accelerator is when I was in Melbourne (precisely in Priceline), more than 5 years ago. I thought it was affordable, only AUD7.90 then and no harm on giving it a try. Upon using this, I do realize that my lashes became stronger, longer and more brow hairs were growing. Before returning to Malaysia, I have had stocked up half a dozen just to ensure that I won’t be missing it. One tube could last for a couple of months. When I ran out of stock, I didn’t purchase any and it is not available in Malaysia.

Ardell Lash & Brow Growth Accelerator 2

Luckily, they can be found now at Supermodels Secret and this would be an ease for me than searching high and low. I’m on the parole to get my brow hair and lashes all growing again. They usually come in blister package. The tube looks like your typical mascara and the gel can be seen right from it’s outside. I would say the packaging is just as handy to travel around.

Ardell Lash & Brow Growth Accelerator Description

On the back of the blister package, it describes how this growth accelerator works. Basically, it helps to strengthen and stimulates hair growth for brow hair and lashes. It is advice to use it daily, only at night which I did and will share with you how well this work for me.

Ardell Lash & Brow Growth Accelerator Ingredients

Bonus points is that it doesn’t contain alcohol or paraben in this serum. As much as I read about castor oil, they are said to be very good for hair growth and this is included in the gel. The brand Ardell is from US and they also have a wide variety of false lashes sitting in our Sephora stores.

Ardell Lash & Brow Growth Accelerator Wand

The brush wand looks just like your ordinary mascara and I do find that it’s a little stiff. It felt a little harsh when I applied over my brows. The gel doesn’t have any scent to it but it does turn bad after a month and a half or more from the numerous pumping and mixture of our skin care product that the brush picked up. I didn’t mind the ‘bad’ scent because it was meant to be applied at night before bed and it doesn’t stay long. Although the scent has gone bad, it is still working it’s charm.

Ardell Lash & Brow Growth Accelerator Before & After

I have started using this gel again a month ago and this gel never disappoint me. With the arrows pointing, those are the spots where I could tell there’s difference. I do have very sparse brows, notice that some part of it is now filled with hair? I do have medium length lashes that was grown from the previous usage but I have not use the gel for more than a year. I do notice some lashes starts to growth, became thicker and longer.

Above all…

When people ask me how did I get such lashes, I always recommend this gel to them. I used to have really short  and stubby lashes and they were never flattering. I never thought of reviewing this gel previously especially it isn’t available in Malaysia and it will be difficult for those who is interested. With only a month use, I could get results but it all depends on individual, some could be faster or slower.

There is one effectiveness of this gel that I have yet to tell you on the earlier years of usage. You know how sometimes such products could get into our eyes? Yup, it did happen to me, no tingles, no irritation and little did I know, there’s fine hair growing on the lacrimal caruncle (the tiny nodule flesh at the inner corner of the eye). I thought my eyes were messing up with my vision and attempted to carefully tweeze it. No accident happened (thank God!) and I managed to tweeze those fine hairs (there was two). They were really tiny and it happened a couple of times before, therefore I didn’t tweeze only once. Apparently, I’m getting used to it.

If you are a first time user, you need to be dedicated to use this gel religiously to achieve results and this has to be use on long term. You can’t be expecting va-va-voom lashes within a month. It takes time to nurture your brows and lashes. Good news for Malaysians that you can find this at Supermodels Secret now! They ship internationally too.

Price: MYR39.00

Weight: 7.3ml

Availability: Supermodel2u.com

Web: Supermodel2u.com


  • Effectively grows brow hair and lashes
  • Strengthen lashes
  • Longer lashes
  • Affordable


  • Bad scent after long term use

My Rating: 4.9/5


~ ♦ ~

This lash and brow growth gel was provided by Supermodels Secret for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Review: O’slee Pore Medi Perfect Pore Refine Serum. 15 Seconds to Invisible Pores and 20 Days To Minimize All Troubled Pores, Did It Work?

What tempted me to purchase O’slee Pore Medi Perfect Pore Refine Serum is what it claims. I have been eyeing on this serum quite a while and because it does goes on sale at times, I waited patiently when this goes on promo and grabbed it for only MYR39.90 at Guardian Pharmacy. It’s a good grab, considering that the marked down price is as much as approximately 70%. Let’s see what actually attracted me to set my eyes on this serum.

O'slee Pore Medi- Perfect Pore Refine Serum

’15 Seconds
Pores Invisible. New Advanced Pore Refining Technology!

20 Days
Specific Active Ingredients To Minimize 4 Specific Types of Pores.’ – Oslee

For a person like me who has dilated pores, this definitely sounded promising. Within 15 seconds for pores to be invisible and 20 days to minimize all the troubled pores? I’m sold. Made in Hong Kong, I have tried before some skin care from O’slee and they are quite effective.

O'slee Pore Medi- Perfect Pore Refine Serum Description

‘Soft-Focus Particles instantly hide pores and fine lines within 15 seconds. Make them invisible. Use before makeup, provides easy coverage for your pores.’ – O’slee

According to O’slee, there are four different types of troubled pores and their active ingredients will be able to counter these troubles.

  • Pores Caused By Oily Skin

Ingredients: Zinc Lactate
Increase and retain skin moisture. Regulate the balance of moisture and oil level of skin, minimize the oily pores.

  • Pores Caused By Dead Skin Cells

Ingredients: Mushroom Extract
Promote skin metabolism, decompose dead skin cells and refine the pores.

  • Pores Caused By Skin With Loosing Elasticity

Ingredients: Pisum Sativum (PEA) Extract
Increase skin elasticity, restructure and refine pores.

  • Pores Caused By Melanin

Ingredients: Vitamin B3
Inhibit melanin buildup and make pores invisible

This is advice to be use daily day and night after cleansing and toning face. Avoid eye area and followed with moisturizer right after.

O'slee Pore Medi- Perfect Pore Refine Serum Ingredients

I was expecting silicon as their ingredient since their claims on 15 seconds invisible pores but I was wrong. However, this serum does contain alcohol and paraben.

O'slee Pore Medi- Perfect Pore Refine Serum Pump

If you have followed many of my post, you’ll notice how much I love pumps since their much hygienic and reduces oxidation of the product. As much as I love pumps, this gives me a little trouble. When it is newly opened, it took more than 10 pumps just to dispense the serum and in the mid of using, the pump happened not to dispense the serum.

Firstly, I thought maybe the residue at the opening of the pump could have been the reason but after cleaning it, it took me quite a while to get the serum on the line again. Yup, another 10 pumps or more. This did not happen only once but thrice, resulting me in pumping this serum vigorously whenever it happened. I lost my patience when such thing happened more than twice, it’s just frustrating but I didn’t want to give up on it.

O'slee Pore Medi- Perfect Pore Refine Serum Texture

The serum has gel-like texture, easily spread over the skin without feeling oily. It leaves the skin feeling hydrated and it has light floral scent to it.

O'slee Pore Medi- Perfect Pore Refine Serum After 15 Seconds

The strong claim of 15 seconds to invisible pores had made me felt skeptical over the effectiveness. Therefore, I put the test on my first use. Before is where my skin is untreated and has been cleansed and toned. On the after is 2 minutes after applying the serum. I had high hopes on the serum but it didn’t impress me. My dilated pores looks the same though I had it longer than 15 seconds.

O'slee Pore Medi- Perfect Pore Refine Serum After 4 Weeks

 I give this serum a chance to use it for a month, hoping for the effectiveness as it claims for 20 days. Honestly, I could hardly spot the difference over my dilated pores. They look pretty much the same to me, can you tell? The only difference I could tell is the redness at the sides of my nose reduced gradually.

O'slee Pore Medi- Perfect Pore Refine Serum Before & After

Here is a comparison on before using the serum and after a month. Again to make things clear, the before is my untreated skin where I have not used the serum at all, in fact this is the same photo of the before on the 15 seconds test. After is after the course of a month using this serum. Yet again to see any difference on my pores.

Above all…

I had high hopes from this serum but it doesn’t seem to work well for me. Of course, I do understand that I cannot expect miracles to happen but I do expect for what it claims. The 15 seconds and 20 days to invisible pores just didn’t happened to me. The most frustrating point of using this serum is the pump where it didn’t function very well in the course of usage. There are times, the serum doesn’t dispense gently and it literally flew across my vanity. Now I’m taking this serum as my skin hydrator but it’s not very helpful in controlling my skin oiliness nor helping in reducing blackheads. I have got two major blackhead on my forehead while using this. For anyone who tried this serum and worked effectively, do let me know!

Retail Price: MYR 129.90

Weight: 40ml

Availability: Guardian Pharmacy or Oslee.com.my

Web: Oslee.com.my


  • Mark down price is very affordable
  • Hydrates skin


  • Failed on 15 seconds to invisible pores test
  • No signs of minimized pores
  • Malfunction pump
  • Does not control skin oil
  • Retail price is too heavy

My Rating: 2/5


Traclyn Yeoh