Review: Cettua Pore Control Facial Mask, Instant Hydration, Brightness & Reduces Skin Oiliness The Next Day

I’m here again with another sheet mask review of Cettua Pore Control Facial Mask and if you follow me long enough, I always love to use sheet mask!

Cettua Pore Control Facial Mask

‘5 Tea complex tighten pores agaisnt sagging skin and helps control sebum secretion. It leaves skin clear and smooth. Papaya fruit extract restores oily skin to clear and fresh skin.’

Cettua Pore Control Facial Mask Front & Back

This is how it looks like for the front and back of the mask pack. A simple one sheet mask pack.

Cettua Pore Control Facial Mask Description

As most of the description is printed in Korean, in the middle of the back of the pack has English sharing the benefits of the mask, directions to use and ingredients. Fortunately, the mask does not contain Paraben, fragrance, pigment or alcohol which I believe this mask will be suitable for sensitive skin unless you are sensitive to selective ingredients.

Cettua Pore Control Facial Mask Kink

The kink at the top sides of the mask is made useful to open the pack and opening the mask pack is definitely an ease.

Cettua Pore Control Facial Mask Inside

Such moistful mask sitting in the pack and I noticed that this mask look slightly yellowish as compared to the ones I have tried.

Cettua Pore Control Facial Mask How To

Like many other mask, it is very easy to use this mask. Just follow these steps,

  1. Ensure skin is cleansed and pat dry.
  2. Gently remove the mask from it’s pack.
  3. Unfold the mask carefully and applied it over the face.
  4. Leave the mask for 20 – 30 minutes, remove and massage the leftover essence.

Cettua Pore Control Facial Mask Before & After

Before and after using the mask, the result shows brighter skin tone and greater skin hydration.

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Above all…

The mask seems like it does nothing at all than brighten and moisturized my skin right after removing it. My pores remained at it’s size but the next day my skin is noticeably less oily. On my usual routine of blotting is where I noticed it. Therefore, I would say that this mask helps in reducing skin oiliness and I’m only using this one time where shallows the chance of me witnessing pore size reduction. Maybe it could in long term usage. I would recommend this for combination to oily skin types.

Price: MYR 9.90

Availability: Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy

Cettua is under the company of Golden Corner Malaysia, do like their Facebook for the latest update of Cettua and other products under the same roof.


  • Instant skin brightness and hydration
  • Reduces skin oiliness


  • Doesn’t show significant pore size reduction

My Rating: 4.5/5


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This mask was provided for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Dr Ko Beauty Transformation: PDO Threadlift, Silicio, Subcission

As my beauty journey continues for non abrasive treatment, I started again with Dr Ko Clinic and I did Fractional Co2 Laser with Subcission. I continue this journey also with Dr Ko of another treatment of PDO Threadlift, Silicio and Subcission.

All these treatments may sound scary, let me just enlighten you with the definitions. Subcission is an injection where I have explained in previous post.

PDO Threadlift

PDO thread lift is one of the most safe and effective methods to do so, non-surgically. This procedure is most commonly done for the face, while it is also extremely effective in breast and neck lifting and firming, as well as arms, thighs, tummy, calves and buttock tightening and elevation.


Silicio is an organic silicon which is water soluble. It increases the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibres, therefore helps with regeneration of epidermis and dermic cells.

Dr Ko Threadlift, Silicio, Subcission Local Anesthetic

About a month ago, I have undergone this treatment and my previous doctor has been transferred. My current doctor would be Dr Lee Yan Han. Before starting on the treatment, numbing cream was applied for 40 minutes. Local anesthetic was injected on the middle of both of my cheeks. I definitely could feel the immediate swell where the medication goes under my skin and you could witness it through the series of my photos in this post.

Dr Ko Threadlift, Silicio, Subcission Left Cheek

First procedure would be PDO threadlift. Honestly speaking, I could not feel a single thing not even for the threadlift to go under my skin at all. The local anesthetic definitely did it’s job. Dr Lee did show me  those the unopened sterile pack of needles before  proceeding to the procedure. How it works is where Dr Lee injects onto my skin and gently remove it. There is a white tab over the needle that puts a stop for the thread while removing the needle for it to stay under the skin.

Dr Ko Threadlift, Silicio, Subcission Right Cheek

Dr Lee was very attentive to keep checking with me from time to time if I’m doing good. My face was so numb that I could not feel my nose, I was indeed worrying if I am breathing where I chose to breathe from my mouth in the next procedure. Threadlift could also be use to raise nose bridge which I get to know on the day itself which I am pretty much interested with it.

Dr Ko Threadlift, Silicio, Subcission Subcission

Here is the subcission where Dr Lee is injecting directly to my depressed scars most of the time. Subcission helps to assist to reduce the depth of the scars.

Dr Ko Threadlift, Silicio, Subcission Silicio

At the very end, I had undergone silicio where Dr Lee reminded this injection could be painful. She kid me not about this because it was quite painful that I kept questioning myself when Dr Lee would stop injecting anymore. The needle is slightly thicker and medication gives a light tingling sensation. It may sound like I had so many injections and I am fine, my face was a little swollen.

Dr Ko Threadlift, Silicio, Subcission Before & After 1 Month

Here is a comparison before undergoing this procedures and a month later. I love how the threadlift gives the volume over my face which is something I would normally look for. My skin look much more radiant and rosy than before. As for the scars, they are slightly less visible as to compare but they are not entirely gone yet.

Dr Ko Threadlift, Silicio, Subcission Before & After 2 Months

After 2 months, my skin has remained smooth and radiant but seem to loose its plumpness as it can be seen from the sides of my nose.

Unfortunately, I believe one of the injections left me some red mark scars over my cheeks and I have shared this with Dr Lee. She called me immediately the next day to seek for photos and to check on my skin condition severity. Additional cream and medication was sent to me in order to improve my skin. She also shared this may be caused by my skin dryness which I do face it most of the time after my laser. Kudos for your prompt action Dr Lee and team.

Just to share with you, the prices of the procedures I have done.

  • Fractional CO2 & Subcision – MYR1800
  • PDO Thread lift – MYR1800 (subject to area, to raise nose bridge, starts from RM2500 onwards)
  • Silicio Organico – MYR1800

I will continue my beauty adventure with Dr. Ko and please stay tuned as I have more to share of my next treatment. Meanwhile, do share your support to Dr. Ko Skin Specialist Centre by liking their Facebook below.


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This is a sponsored post, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Cettua Hydrating Facial Mask Gives That Moisturized, Glowing Skin After

Our skin needs that endless love of moisture to keep it youthful and supple. I often treat my skin with mask and Cettua Hydrating Facial Mask is the mask that I have tried recently.

Cettua Hydrating Facial Mask

‘3 Mineral Water ingredients for moist and shiny skin. Highly concentrated moisturizing essence is for extra glamour.’

Cettua Hydrating Facial Mask Description

Here is what was stated on the back of the pack. Greater description of what the mask does and I believe it’s their key strength of their products for no paraben, fragrance and pigment. Unless you are allergic to selective ingredients, I believe this mask is suitable for sensitive skin especially when it doesn’t contain alcohol.

Cettua Hydrating Facial Mask Inside
This is the view of inside the pack where the sheet mask is completely soaked with the essence.

Cettua Hydrating Facial Mask How To

Using it is as easy as ABC…just a simple direction.

  1. Ensure skin is cleansed.
  2. Remove the seal of the mask.
  3. Unfold the mask carefully and apply it on the face.
  4. Leave the mask for 20 – 30 minutes to enjoy it’s benefits then remove. Massage the excess essence until it is fully absorbed.

Cettua Hydrating Facial Mask Before & After

The before and after mask shows my skin is much plumper, moisturized and healthier.

Above all…

I really love how the mask has treated my skin however, the next day my skin oils up very much that I had to blot it off every time I went to the ladies. If only my skin is not as oily, this mask is perfect. My skin seems to be glowing after the mask and I think this would suit better for those who have normal to dry skin types. Also, I think this would be suitable for sensitive skin type too.

Price: MYR9.90 per piece

Availability: Watsons, Guardian

Cettua is under the company of Golden Corner Malaysia, do like their Facebook for the latest update of Cettua and other products under the same roof.


  • Skin result plumper, glowing, moisturized
  • No paraben, fragrance, alcohol, pigment


  • Next day skin oils up very much

My Rating: 4/5


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This mask was provided for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack, I Tried Hard Not to Laugh At How I Look

This is something new that I have spotted when I made my purchase from Watsons and also shared on using it on the day I bought it in my Instagram. It is Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack
It looks like the usual pore strips and printed with ‘NEW! T-ZONE’ that clearly attracted my attention. This pore strips comes for areas of forehead and chin.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack Description

Basically the pore strips helps to extract blackheads and this is formulated with astringent which I believe Witch Hazel extract is doing the wonders. Biore Pore Pack Strips has been one of my favourites and I usually have them on my chin area too which is why I am so attracted to this.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack How To Use

Using it is simply the same. As for me, I normally like to use it before cleansing my face. The reason being is because the next step I would do is to cleanse my skin and my cleanser would be able to cleanse deeper and minimize the open pores from the extraction.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack Opening Tab

The box comes with a tab to open where the normal ones doesn’t have. Little did I know, I noticed that there’s Japanese language printed on the box and removes the box sleeve.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack Japanese

It reveals that this box is originally printed in Japanese. It should be the same description and the one with the sleeves printed in English is an ease for any customers to understand what it does.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Packs

In the box, it contains 5 nose strips and 5 forehead and chin strips. Just like the usual, they come in separated foil packs.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack Manual 2

Also in the box, it comes with a manual which entirely in Japanese that I could hardly understand. From the pictures, I could tell it is showing how to use the pore strip and how it helps to remove the blackheads.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack Close Up

Here is how the strips look like. As for the forehead and chin, it comes with 2 triangular strips. I’m not sure if I could still call it strips because of it’s shape or better to call as patch? There isn’t any indication which should go on the forehead or chin area.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack How To

I would use saline solution as my ex-colleague once shared, it effectively cleanses wound and I do find it using this it is much effective to remove my blackheads. You could use water if you don’t have saline solution. I would peel the strip off from the film, place it inside out and pour a sufficient amount of saline solution. Quickly I touch the tip of the solution to distribute it evenly on the strip with my finger.

  1. First goes on to my nose.
  2. Second goes on my forehead.
  3. Third goes on my chin.
  4. Last step is to have a facial cotton sufficiently soaked with the saline solution, press firmly onto the strips to remove air bubbles. This step also ensures that the strip adheres firmly without excessive liquid.

Leave it on until it dries off firmly, the strip will harden and when this happen, it is the best time to remove it slowly and carefully as you will be able to witness the blackheads being removed.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack On Face

This is how it looks like to have the strip on and my friend was telling me I looked like the character in Avatar: The Last Airbender.  My brother and sister in law came by when I have this on and they definitely had a great laugh over my look. I wasn’t even offended at all and I laughed so hard with them.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack After Forehead

Time is up and removed it. This is the result from forehead, I do not expect much removal from this area because I don’t really have much blackheads.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack After Chin

This is from the chin and I actually wished that the strip could be longer because I do have blackheads at the sides of my lips. The removal is not as much as I expected.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack After  Nose

This is from the nose and this strip removes better just like they usually do. Though they did not remove all of my blackheads but at least it shows some results.

Above all…

It didn’t help as much as how their usual pore strips are. Normally, I would use two strips (one for nose, one for chin) and they remove as effective as how this nose pore strip do. I think I would go back to the usual pore strips for their size, effectiveness and in terms of price comparison, it is the same.

Price: MYR10.99

Availability: Watsons


  • Accommodate other areas than nose
  • Affordable


  • Not as effective as compare to the usual
  • Strip size for forehead and chin is small

My Rating: 3.5/5


Traclyn Yeoh