Snag Your Most @ Malaysia’s Largest Clothes Buffet! Get Your Cray On, Just Pay, Grab & Stuff

I often go to food buffets with the BF and his friends, on the average of once a month? You must have not expect how much I ate, slightly more than an average girl does. I do get embarrassed when I tend to refill or eat a little more around girls. Put that aside because this ain’t about food anymore! It’s the Malaysia’s Largest Clothes Buffet happening at the end of this April 2014!

Malaysia Clothes Buffet

This will be something different from your plain shopping, it’s a buffet shopping! There are more than 50,000 fashion pieces up for snag happening from 25 till 27 April at Syopz Mall, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus from 10:00am to 6:00pm. This is a new level of shopping for young fashionistas without burning huge hole on their purses. Each shoppers will only have to pay MYR60 and will be given a zip lock bag to shop as many as they can within 15 minutes. If you could zip it, you could keep it.

Where do I start?

Malaysia Clothes Buffet Facebook

Hover over to the Malaysia Clothes Buffet’s Facebook, like and click on their app as circled as above.

Malaysia Clothes Buffet App

From the app, you’ll be able to see different time slots of each date. Select your preferred date and upon check out, you will have to fill some particulars and choice of payment method.

Malaysia Clothes Buffet Ziplock Bag

If you wondering what’s the size of the zip lock bag, it’s 14 inch x 9 inch and the breaking record is 16 pieces.  The bag on the left fits 4 pieces of dresses and the right fits 1 dress, 4 skinny belts, 1 clincher and a pair of stockings. Malaysia Clothes Buffet also updates their sneak peaks of what they have to offer, here.

Malaysia Clothes Buffet Blowout Sales

If the buffet shopping isn’t your thing, you could always go for the Blowout Sales which happens from 4:00pm till 6:00pm. No advance purchase needed and each piece is for only MYR10.

Malaysia Clothes Buffet Syopz mall - location map

Here’s a map location to guide you to Malaysia’s Largest Clothes Buffet. Since there’s only 15 minutes to shop, here is some simple tips to remind you how to snag the most out of it.

  • Inspect goods within seconds
  • Quick decision making (contemplation will kill time)
  • Roll pieces into the bag
  • Keep reminding yourself of the time
  • Push yourself to keep moving (time is gold!)
  • Use the last few minutes to arrange pieces as packed as possible (do not waste any empty space)
  • If you still have space, keep shopping!

Have fun and may luck be with you to snag as much as you could!

Terms & Conditions

  • Cash terms only on event day
  • No handbags and any other bags allowed in the ‘shopping area’
  • May go for multiple rounds
  • Only 1 bag purchase per session per person
  • Sessions limited to while stocks last
  • Clothes are all in brand new conditions
  • No pre-loved/pre-owned/vintage items
  • No trying allowed
  • Shopper must be able to close the ziplock bag before exiting ‘shopping area’
  • Bag must not be torn or damaged or a penalty for a new bag will be incurred
  • No refunds
  • Management reserves the right to refuse entry/sale of bag
  • Management reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions without prior notice


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First Ames Room in Malaysia at Berjaya Times Square!

Pronounced as ‘aim’, Ames room was introduced in 1935 by renowned German physician and physicist, Hermann Helmholtz. An optical illusion to trick your eyes where of what it seems an ordinary cubic-shaped room designed to make one to look larger than the other. Typically, one would look like a giant and another is a dwarf!

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room

This season, Berjaya Times Square brings you the first ever Ames Room in Malaysia and recently certified by the Malaysian Book of Records. The room was build at the Ground Floor Central and you could spot this attraction just as you enter by the main entrance of Berjaya Times Square.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 3D Art

3D art to match the surrounding of the Ames Room making it more lively than just an illusion room and this attraction corresponds with the country’s annual Malaysia Grand Prix Sale.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Close Up

A closer look of Ames room, this will be available from 15 March till 30 April 2014 for all shoppers of Berjaya Times Square. Of course, terms and conditions applied to redeem your shot at Ames Room.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Brochure

With the minimum purchase of MYR80 in a single receipt of the same day, shoppers of Berjaya Times Square will be able to redeem their chance to photograph in Ames Room. Just show your receipt by the Information Counter and you will be given the photo holder. Proceed to Ames Room and have fun! Minimum of 2 person and maximum of 6 person for the photo opportunity.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Photographer

Each redemption gets two shots and friendly staff members of Berjaya Times Square will assist you from the beginning till the end. You’ll able to catch an eye of the photographer by the outside of the Ames Room, he/she will also be assisting you where to stand and how to pose. Ames Room opens daily from 12PM till 30 April 2014.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 4

Here’s my shot with my BF! And thanks to him to entertain my silliness in the photo and for once, I look bigger than him! This is from my personal camera as I was invited to share my complimentary with my readers.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 3

Another one of me, looking so tiny! I always wish that I’m petite and now I could imagine how I look like one. This is also from my personal camera.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 2


This is the official shot and I love how did this photo turned out. Yes, I’m laughing at my BF for being tiny!

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 1

Second official shot and oh yes, it was a payback time from the BF as I’m so much smaller! It was really fun to see these photos.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Redemption Period

Shoppers be able to redeem 2 of the photos immediately to attach on photo holder given earlier as a souvenir. Redemption of the photos are totally FREE and no charges applied.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Photo Redemption

This is how the photo collection booth looked, just by the side of the Ames Room. Shoppers are advised to queue patiently as the response for Ames Room can be overwhelming. Attach your photos onto the photo holder and voila, bring it back home with you. Do keep them because there is something exciting towards the end of this post.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Instagram
Berjaya Times Square also awards shoppers who uploads a photo of ‘ The First Ames Room in Malaysia’ in Instagram or Facebook with hashtags of #berjayatimessquarekl #thefirstamesroom #amesroomkl #icecreamevents .You’ll be rewarded with limited edition key chain, terms and conditions apply.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Facebook Pose & Win

The photos taken are not only as a souvenier but you’ll be able to use your shots to join their Pose & Win Facebook Contest. Photos taken in Ames Room will be uploaded in Berjaya Times Square Facebook and you’ll be able to download for personal use or to participate the contest. With a few simple steps of uploading your photo, adding caption and personal details, providing the serial number from the photo holder (the reason to keep it!) and submit to stand a chance to win the prizes above! Submit your photo here.

Support Berjaya Times Square by liking their Facebook below for their latest promotion and updates!

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Bringing It’s Essence To Heal Your Skin With Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen

Just last weekend held a tea party at Baci Cafe in Citta Mall. I haven’t had any tea party for a while now and this is refreshing as they served collagen drink that Uniqo about to introduce, Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen.

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party

If you haven’t know about Uniqo, they carry different health supplements using natural ingredients. Besides the collagen drink, there will be something extra to share as you could see those little cute figures on top of the Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen.

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party Ben Lei

Ben Lei, who have more than 25 years of experience in skin and body therapy shared with us the contribution of skin deterioration in our life that breaks down the health of our skin. They are,

  • Haze and air pollution
  • Stress from work, driving, family
  • Irregular sleeping pattern
  • Chemicals in food and skin care
  • Unhealthy diet

There are a lot of super food to contribute for a better skin. As to relate to Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen, Ben explained several ingredients for super skin. The definition of super skin meant here is to have that healthy, clear, firm, plumped and moisturized skin.

  • Sakura Extract –  a powerful super antioxidant, detoxifier and super anti-inflammatory.
  • Nippi Collagen – helps to repair cellular damage, rebuilds skin cells for softer smoother skin.
  • Silver Ear Mushroom – rich in Vitamin D, increases skin resilience, hydrates and plumps skin.
  • Multi-berries Complex – a super anti-oxidant among fruits, helps in skin lightening, protects skin against UV and free radicals.

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party Sharon

In Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen, there are 28 sachets of 15grams. The premium ingredients are imported from Japan.

  • Sakura Extract

Garnered from the flower and leaf, this ingredient helps in inhibition of histamine release and shown to have great anti-inflammatory effect. It also helps in reduces melanin production while boosting phaeomelanin helping skin to become fairer and brighter. It is also an anti-glycation ingredient where it prevents the destruction of collagen matrix under our skin.

Japanese look forward for cherry blossom season very much and they eat their berries, flower and leaves in many different ways from meals to desserts. Don’t be surprise to see that their Starbucks serves their coffee with the same ingredient.

  • L-Glutathione (200g)

One of the most powerful anti-oxidant and ‘universal anti-oxidant’ as it could access all parts of the cell that gives it a tremendous ability to trap free radicals. Also, it suppresses melanin production and in long term, it helps to make skin fairer and brighter, also preventing the skin from freckles, pigmentation and brown spots.

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party 2

  • Hyaluronic Acid (40g)

Derived from Silver Ear Mushroom, a well known ingredient that helps to plumps and moisturise skin. It improves skin texture and remain youthful, soft, smooth and supple.

  • Nippi Collagen (2500mg)

Made from the highest quality from fish scales with low molecule weight for better body absorption rate for greater performance. It helps to boost the uptake by our cells, providing its maximum benefit.


  1. Research suggest that when administrated orally, hydrolyzed collagen was digested and absorbed more than 90% within 6 hours, with measurable accumulation in cartilage and skin
  2. A 2008 study in Tokyo of 33 women aged 40 – 60 showed a 91% increase in skin hydration and resilience.
  3. Collagen supplement is more stable in power or capsule form.

Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen helps to improve and boost the overall skin condition. One sachet each day to help to boost skin’s ability to heal from sun exposure, aging, whiten, glow and protect against further damage. They are retailing at MYR 218 per box of 28 sachets, available at selected pharmacies here or you may purchase online here. Like Uniqo Facebook below for their latest update of natural ingredient supplement.

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party Sonny Angel Presentation

To add more fun to the tea party, Ben introduces Sonny Angel. In 2004, Sonny Angel was created by Dreams Inc Japan as a companion to Office Ladies to compose upon after a stressful day of work. Originally it was a 8″ standing Sonny Angel that is meant to be placed at home and gradually evolved to 2″ collectible figurine where it can be carried anywhere. The original Sonny Angel has arms and legs movable with soft baby skin scent and comes in his birthday suit, his birthday falls on 15 May and now a worldwide collector’s item.

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party Sonny Angel

Each Sonny Angels comes in blind box where there is no indication of which angel is in the box. The blind box concept is intended to bring surprise to the collector which only be revealed upon opening the box and sealed foil wrapper. Collectors may choose any of the 8 Standard or Limited Edition version/series and it is rather impossible to target the angel unless to purchase the entire set of it.

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party Sonny Angel 3

There maybe ‘Secret Angels’ or ‘Robby’ hidden in random boxes and it is a must for retailers to sell it in the blind box concept. There will be ‘Secret Angel’ or ‘Robby included in every version/series, however it is very rare as they are very different from the series available.

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party Sonny Angel 2

Sonny Angels may look identical but they are not the same after all. Each of them are artistically hand-painted from their eye line, lashes, eye sparkles, smile and blush. Each hairline and headgear may also be irregular thus making them look more lively for the specialty in making them. Only in Malaysia,for  every Sonny Angel purchased, MYR1 is to contribute to the charity of SHELTER 1 and SHELTER 2, homes for troubled children aged 4- 13 and aged 14- 18. In Malaysia, Sonny Angel will be officially launch on 15 May 2014. Give Sonny Angel Malaysia a like in their Facebook below to hunt for the cute series available!

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party Lucky Draw

The tea party then ended with a lucky draw where winner wins a box of Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen! I did received a box of the Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen as a complimentary and I will try to review it after consuming it for 28 days.


Traclyn Yeoh

Do It Right, Keep It Tight With Vibrance

This year’s International Women’s Day helps to builds more knowledge in me as I spent my last Saturday morning at mYoga, The Gardens for a special intimate session on how to enhance women’s vibrance that we might not be aware of.

mYoga The Gardens

What could it be at a yoga center? I will slowly dive into women’s issue later in this post where I would like to think men should also take note too.

mYoga 2

The session began with a short session of yoga great for women to garner inner strength and muscles. Could you spot any familiar face?

mYoga Insructor Iris

Iris, one of the mYoga Instructor strongly believes in discipline. We were advice to keep our hands off from the mobile and to stay back, relax and calm our minds just for an hour. In yoga, we bring ourselves closer to the nature hence that is the reason not wear any footwear even socks.


In this yoga session, Iris guided us how to stretch our muscles correctly including what’s best for women’s health.  I used to practice yoga few years ago and my stretches are all rusty now. It takes time and constant practice to stretch the muscles to gain flexibility and Iris showed us how straps and wood block would help us to go further without injuring our muscles. Practicing yoga also helps to strengthen our bones and will have to be balanced with the right lifestyle. After this sweaty yoga session, we had an interesting presentation to share.

Vibrance Kegel Device Jayne

Jayne from Vibrance shared with us in-depth of the importance of caring our pelvic floor muscle (PFM) and Kegel exercise. Also, introduced to us how the Vibrance Kegel Device could help women to strengthen our PFM and why we should use it.

Vibrance Kegel Device

This is how the Vibrance Kegel Device look like in it’s packaging. They come in different sizes, lubricant and two packs of battery.

If you are still unclear of what I’m trying to address, here is a video to share about PFM and how Vibrance Kegel Device will be able to help to strengthen it and improve our lifestyle.

Vibrance Kegel Device - A Women's Hidden Secret Pelvic Floor Muscle

PFM plays an important role to hold different organs at women’s lower mid-body section. It is located at the base of the abdomen where it controls the bladder, vaginal and rectal opening. Once it’s weaken, it will loses it’s strength to hold the organs and that’s where women will face Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.

Vibrance Kegel Device - Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction relates to the organs that PFM holds and with this, it affects women’s life resulting of wearing adult diapers for poor bladder control, decreased in sexual satisfaction, pelvic organ prolapse and lower back ache.

Vibrance Kegel Device - Benefits of Kegel Exercise

To avoid Pelvic Floor Dysfunction from happening, Kegel exercise is recommended to strengthen PFM. There are seven different benefits from the exercise to restore and prevent the unwanted lifestyle from occurring.

Vibrance Kegel Device - Doing It Wrong is Easy

You think you might have been doing it right but you maybe possibly contracting other muscles. There are more muscles around the area, hence there are chances of contracting on other muscles. Locating PFM can be challenging, where are they?

Vibrance Kegel Device 2

With Vibrance Kegel Device, you’ll be able to practice Kegel exercise correctly. It is comfortable and safe as its sheaths are made of Medical Grade Silicon Rubber of the highest specification. It is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, waterproof and easy to clean. The device helps to detect the right muscle training where it vibrates lightly and gently when contracting the PFM.  If you wonder how to use this, ensure that it is clean and just insert to your va-jay-jay gently (do use lubricant if you need to).

Vibrance Kegel Device - Restore

By using 5 minutes a day, it helps to strengthen your PFM in many ways. This device is recommended for those have given birth, menopause, genetic disorder, heavy weight lifting and vigorous physical activity. For women who is interested in maintaining PFM could also use this device as how people always say prevention is better than cure.

How Vibrance Kegel Device Helps

Vibrance Kegel Device is pre-programmed  with audio guided training. Please don’t be mistaken that the device could speak. It simply beeps when users need to contract the PFM and when the beeping ceases, it is to relax. Above is the schedule of the reps of the exercise for approximately 5 minutes. However, it is not recommended to use while you are menstruating for hygienic purposes.

KD Ismalasari

After the informative presentation by Vibrance, we were delighted by another speaker, KD Ismalasari who is a Brand Image Strategist and an English language expert.

BLING by KD Ismalasari

She shared how everyone has their own BLING factor and with that we build our own personal branding.

Personal Branding by KD Ismalasari

We create values in our personal branding as each of us is unique in every way. From how we dress, how we put things together and the colors we chose is our choice of branding.

Vibrance Kegel Device Audrey Ooi

Also, a special guest arrived to speak of her experience as a women and she is no strange in the blogsphere, Audrey Ooi. It ain’t easy to be a women, she believed that we faced many different stages in life where we reached puberty, child birth and menopause. Being a women holds many different character as a daughter, girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter-in-law, sister-in -law and so on. She came to a milestone when she has given birth to Jude Maximus Tiah , you could read her post here.

Himalaya Skin Analysis

The day ended with yummy lunch and as part of the sponsor, Himalaya Herbals team was there with us to provide free skin analysis .

To find out further updates of Vibrance Malaysia, remember to like their Facebook below. Vibrance Kegel Device can be found in selected SHINS outlet, beauty centres and pharmacies. They are also available for online purchases


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This is a sponsored post and event by Nuffnang.

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