Bringing It’s Essence To Heal Your Skin With Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen

Just last weekend held a tea party at Baci Cafe in Citta Mall. I haven’t had any tea party for a while now and this is refreshing as they served collagen drink that Uniqo about to introduce, Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen.

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party

If you haven’t know about Uniqo, they carry different health supplements using natural ingredients. Besides the collagen drink, there will be something extra to share as you could see those little cute figures on top of the Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen.

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party Ben Lei

Ben Lei, who have more than 25 years of experience in skin and body therapy shared with us the contribution of skin deterioration in our life that breaks down the health of our skin. They are,

  • Haze and air pollution
  • Stress from work, driving, family
  • Irregular sleeping pattern
  • Chemicals in food and skin care
  • Unhealthy diet

There are a lot of super food to contribute for a better skin. As to relate to Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen, Ben explained several ingredients for super skin. The definition of super skin meant here is to have that healthy, clear, firm, plumped and moisturized skin.

  • Sakura Extract –  a powerful super antioxidant, detoxifier and super anti-inflammatory.
  • Nippi Collagen – helps to repair cellular damage, rebuilds skin cells for softer smoother skin.
  • Silver Ear Mushroom – rich in Vitamin D, increases skin resilience, hydrates and plumps skin.
  • Multi-berries Complex – a super anti-oxidant among fruits, helps in skin lightening, protects skin against UV and free radicals.

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party Sharon

In Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen, there are 28 sachets of 15grams. The premium ingredients are imported from Japan.

  • Sakura Extract

Garnered from the flower and leaf, this ingredient helps in inhibition of histamine release and shown to have great anti-inflammatory effect. It also helps in reduces melanin production while boosting phaeomelanin helping skin to become fairer and brighter. It is also an anti-glycation ingredient where it prevents the destruction of collagen matrix under our skin.

Japanese look forward for cherry blossom season very much and they eat their berries, flower and leaves in many different ways from meals to desserts. Don’t be surprise to see that their Starbucks serves their coffee with the same ingredient.

  • L-Glutathione (200g)

One of the most powerful anti-oxidant and ‘universal anti-oxidant’ as it could access all parts of the cell that gives it a tremendous ability to trap free radicals. Also, it suppresses melanin production and in long term, it helps to make skin fairer and brighter, also preventing the skin from freckles, pigmentation and brown spots.

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party 2

  • Hyaluronic Acid (40g)

Derived from Silver Ear Mushroom, a well known ingredient that helps to plumps and moisturise skin. It improves skin texture and remain youthful, soft, smooth and supple.

  • Nippi Collagen (2500mg)

Made from the highest quality from fish scales with low molecule weight for better body absorption rate for greater performance. It helps to boost the uptake by our cells, providing its maximum benefit.


  1. Research suggest that when administrated orally, hydrolyzed collagen was digested and absorbed more than 90% within 6 hours, with measurable accumulation in cartilage and skin
  2. A 2008 study in Tokyo of 33 women aged 40 – 60 showed a 91% increase in skin hydration and resilience.
  3. Collagen supplement is more stable in power or capsule form.

Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen helps to improve and boost the overall skin condition. One sachet each day to help to boost skin’s ability to heal from sun exposure, aging, whiten, glow and protect against further damage. They are retailing at MYR 218 per box of 28 sachets, available at selected pharmacies here or you may purchase online here. Like Uniqo Facebook below for their latest update of natural ingredient supplement.

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party Sonny Angel Presentation

To add more fun to the tea party, Ben introduces Sonny Angel. In 2004, Sonny Angel was created by Dreams Inc Japan as a companion to Office Ladies to compose upon after a stressful day of work. Originally it was a 8″ standing Sonny Angel that is meant to be placed at home and gradually evolved to 2″ collectible figurine where it can be carried anywhere. The original Sonny Angel has arms and legs movable with soft baby skin scent and comes in his birthday suit, his birthday falls on 15 May and now a worldwide collector’s item.

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party Sonny Angel

Each Sonny Angels comes in blind box where there is no indication of which angel is in the box. The blind box concept is intended to bring surprise to the collector which only be revealed upon opening the box and sealed foil wrapper. Collectors may choose any of the 8 Standard or Limited Edition version/series and it is rather impossible to target the angel unless to purchase the entire set of it.

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party Sonny Angel 3

There maybe ‘Secret Angels’ or ‘Robby’ hidden in random boxes and it is a must for retailers to sell it in the blind box concept. There will be ‘Secret Angel’ or ‘Robby included in every version/series, however it is very rare as they are very different from the series available.

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party Sonny Angel 2

Sonny Angels may look identical but they are not the same after all. Each of them are artistically hand-painted from their eye line, lashes, eye sparkles, smile and blush. Each hairline and headgear may also be irregular thus making them look more lively for the specialty in making them. Only in Malaysia,for  every Sonny Angel purchased, MYR1 is to contribute to the charity of SHELTER 1 and SHELTER 2, homes for troubled children aged 4- 13 and aged 14- 18. In Malaysia, Sonny Angel will be officially launch on 15 May 2014. Give Sonny Angel Malaysia a like in their Facebook below to hunt for the cute series available!

Uniqo Sakura Gift Box Tea Party Lucky Draw

The tea party then ended with a lucky draw where winner wins a box of Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen! I did received a box of the Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen as a complimentary and I will try to review it after consuming it for 28 days.


Traclyn Yeoh

The White Party, An Exclusive Event At Mediviron UOA Clinic. Meet Me There & Let’s Have Fun!

After a few weeks in planning, this party is happening! Thank you to Mediviron UOA Clinic for making this to happen and proudly present to you my very first party with my readers/followers/subbies, you name it!

The White Party Banner

I would like to call it ‘The White Party’, the theme has been selected and the invitation above was designed by me. After much experiencing Fractional CO2 Laser treatment in their clinic (read here, first, second, third experience), this is the chance to share my experience with you through live conversation. You can shoot me as many questions as you wish during the party.

Besides that, we will have some fun games and of course, there will be prizes to be rewarded to you! Prep and dress up as one of you may walk away with the best dressed or makeup of the day prize. You will not be exiting the party empty handed because there will be goodies bag for everyone!

Also, free BMI test and Visia Skin Analysis to understand your health and skin condition. Specially on this date, there will be exclusive promotion just for you and it’s for you to find out that best deal of their aesthetic treatments!

View Larger Map

The party will be held in Mediviron UOA Clinic, located in Kuala Lumpur and above is the map for you to refer. Quickly RSVP by filling the form below, as only 10 spaces available! What are you waiting for? RSVP form will be closed on 10 December 2012.


Traclyn Yeoh

Thimble’s 1st Anniversary, You’re Invited!

Thimble is turning ONE this 29th September and they are inviting all of you to celebrate with them!  Thimble has a great selection of clothing and accessories, I wore one of their dresses here. You could check out their online store at Thimble Boutique. Fashion is not the only thing that you could find but there’s beautifully scented candles to keep you relaxed at home and they have more to offer in their party!

If you wish to join their 1st anniversary party, remember to RSVP by 22 September 2012 to and please if inform them if you would like to bring someone with you. Wish to be updates with their latest news? Like their Facebook below!


Traclyn Yeoh

Lancôme Rouge In Love Bloggers Party

The long awaited lipstick has finally arrived in Malaysia. It goes along with many different occasions transitioning from day to night look matching to your desire and mood. It is the ‘it’ lipstick for all occasions with high shine and color featherlight wear, almost like a second skin. The design is simple and luxurious, cast in silver the blushed metal cap and shiny base embossed with the name Lancôme gives a touch of modern silhouette. Here it is introducing Lancôme Rouge In Love.


Just last weekend, many bloggers were invited to celebrate the launch of Rouge In Love at KLCC. Look how beautiful and heart shape gateways as well as the heart shape cut out lipstick above the gateways. Each gateway is where you can get your skin analysis and photo shoot. Oh, Emma Watson is wearing the shade 181N Midnight Rose.

There are 27 captivating shades available, categorized in three different moments. Each lip color has its own name and story inspired by the day of a modern and stylish young women. The three color universes are Jolin Matins, Boudoir Time and Tonight Is My Night.

The party started by welcoming the bloggers for all the effort to arrive on a Saturday morning. The first activity is where Zamri, Lancôme’s National Makeup Artist to do a makeup demonstration.

On the second activity is where bloggers gets creative in a team of three using a lip brush with Rouge In Love. There were  lots of hearts and dots all over their face, very cute!

From left to right: Hana, Joanne Leong, me and Rueben Gan

Lancôme also had the ‘Best Dressed’ award and they have selected me! Woohoo! Its definitely worth the effort because I woke up early to curl my hair, burned my hand with the curler, planned on what to wear a week before and went shopping for the outfit. This dress up is inspired by Tiffany’s outfit from Girls’ Generation – TTS – Twinkle music video which I have been crazy about.

Couldn’t miss out to catch a photo with bubbly Hana who is with Lancôme for PR, Social Media and CRM. Love her makeup!

This is the prize for the ‘Best Dressed’ award which was sent to me by Lancôme and I received it this morning. This is so exciting and I guess I don’t have to spend on any skin care products for the time being until these babies run low. Don’t forget to like Lancome Malaysia’s Facebook to be notified with their latest updates!

Stay tuned for the next post as I will share more in-depth details on Rouge In Love and swatches.


Traclyn Yeoh