Carlo Rino Fall Winter 2013 Collection Fashion Show, The Whimsical Wonderland

The ringing bells resounds, it’s that time of the year again where Christmas is coming soon! Carlo Rino shower us with their latest collection with versatility, innovation and colors bringing that feminine, sexy or playful look perfect for any occasion.

Carlo Rino Fall Winter 2013 Whimsical Wonderland Fashion Show

Carlo Rino Fall Winter 2013 Fashion Show happened last week in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur where it’s decorated with their luxe decorations of Christmas Wonders. Hair was done by Miko Gallere and makeup was by Laura Mercier.

Carlo Rino Fall Winter 2013 Whimsical Wonderland Fashion Show 1

There are 20 styles of Carlo Rino’s bag shown pairing with chic and feminine fashion. The first 10 designs concentrates on graphics.

Carlo Rino Fall Winter 2013 Whimsical Wonderland Fashion Show 2

On the last 10 designs, they bring more bright colors to the show that gives a great pop of color  that gives a powerful amount of attention to the entire look.

Carlo Rino Fall Winter 2013 Whimsical Wonderland Fashion Show 3

Their collection showcase ends with introducing their very first fragrance eau de parfum, It’s Me. Many of the guest were then invited to their boutique to have some light refreshments and have a closer look of their collection as well as the new fragrance.

Carlo Rino Fall Winter 2013 Whimsical Wonderland 2

The collection includes:

  • Monogram Must-Haves

A graffiti-inspired essential to be paired with jeans, sun dress or shorts. Comes in tote, sling, hand-held and travel bags, this range comes in orange, black pink and red. What best about this range is that you can flip over inside out to change the style that suits you.

  • Beautiful Braids

Braids are not only to be worn on the hair. Wear them as a fashion as this range comes in shoulder-slung duffel, back pack, carry-all or cylinder bag styles that soften up your pairings to look more feminine. It’s all luxurious with the blood-red leather trimmings, silver lining and metal key charm to balance the neutral cream and brown tones.

  • Hot Stuff

Be the attention grabber to the fashion season’s hottest color, RED. It’s a structured bag with detachable strap for that formal to casual look instantly through the day or night.

Carlo Rino Fall Winter 2013 Whimsical Wonderland

In their boutique, you’ll be able to see more of their further collection including purses, belts and shoes. The best deal out of their bag collection is that some of them comes with wristlet where you can easily carry them whenever you need to head out for a lunch or outings without bringing the entire bag.

Carlo Rino Fall Winter 2013 Whimsical Wonderland - It's Me Fragrance

Not to be missed, their very first fragrance. This fragrance is inspired by the fresh floral that instantly refreshes your senses giving the true scent of love and freedom, known is It’s Me.

Carlo Rino Fall Winter 2013 Whimsical Wonderland - It's Me Fragrance 2

It comes in a cylinder bottle of 50ml designed with cute and fun soft pink fonts of Carlo Rino. Also the heart shape in the middle with the name of the fragrance, It’s Me. The box packaging is simple and glamorous in fushia.

Carlo Rino Fall Winter 2013 Whimsical Wonderland - Live Decor

On this very special day for Carlo Rino, they have also presented a live display. Nope, they are not mannequins but motionless real live models showcasing Carlo Rino bags, accessories and It’s Me fragrance. They would switch into different positions after a period of time.

Carlo Rino Fall Winter 2013 Whimsical Wonderland -One Day Special

Exclusively One Day Special promotion on the same day for those who purchase MYR300 and above in a single receipt, will get a special discount of  30% for It’s Me fragrance. If you would like to check out their latest collection, hop over to their boutique at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur or if you would prefer other locations, please do refer here. They are very active in Facebook, just give them a like below and you’ll be updated with their latest news! Psstt…they are very generous in their giveaways!


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Parkamaya K-Cray Fever, That Fun & Perky Korean Fashion In Town

We cannot have enough of Korean dramas and K-pop plus Running Man. This includes who can never had enough of them and when I receive a text from Parkamaya that there’s a fashion show coming up last weekend, I couldn’t hesitate it. Parkamaya is located in Farenheit 88 and I went there directly after Ageless Body event.

Parkamaya K-Cray Fever

They call it the K-Cray Fever, which K-Cray basically means Korean crazy. Parkamaya is filled with many fashion retailers of local designers who comes with different trend inspiration.

Parkamaya K-Cray Fever - Kesh Sandhu

Mr Kesh Sandhu, the Manager of Marketing and Communications spiced up the show by running giveaways and quick prizes to guests and gifts are vouchers from Yamagoya and retailers in Parkamaya.

Parkamaya K-Cray Fever Fashion Show

These fashion are from retailers such as Korea Fashion Concept, Corgi, Lolita, gage-o and Jay Style, they are all Korean fashion retailers.

Parkamaya K-Cray Fever Fashion Show 2

Their fashion is very settle, bright neon colors and personally I like the tiger printed dress, its bold and fancy. If you’re interested to be informed with the latest happenings in Parkamaya, you can always drop your details to their info counter or just like their Facebook below. Trust me it will be fun because I hitched on a free bumper car ride after the fashion show!

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Canmake Spring 2013 Make-Up Trend @ International Beauty Expo

Canmake shared with us with their latest Spring 2013 Makeup Trend at the International Beauty Expo held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center last Sunday. If you haven’t know about Canmake, they are a Japanese make-up brand started in 1985 adapting consistent concept of cute, high quality with reasonable price. They began to diversify into Asian market in 1998 and they are now available in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Myanmar and Russia.

Canmake Spring 2013 Trend @ International Beauty Expo

Representative from Canmake Japan was actually around to conduct the session. It was hosted by Ms Kaori Anzai, (Overseas Sales Manager), Make-up Artist was Ms Toshimo Itabashi (Chief Beauty Advisor) and Assistant was Ms Yuko Fujime (Oversea Sales).

Canmake Spring 2013 Trend @ International Beauty Expo 2

Ms Anzai shared that this year for Spring 2013 is to achieve lighter brow colour, glitters on the lower lashes which they call it Kira Kira (キラキラ) with pink and neutral eye shadows on eyelid. Also, orange lips is coming back to trend but maintaining that cute make-up styles. There are two looks to share in achieving the trends mention demonstrated by Ms Itabashi.

Canmake Spring 2013 Trend @ International Beauty Expo  - Sweet Taste

Sweet Taste

Creating that cute innocent sweet look, pink eye shadows were used and brighten the eyes on the lower lash line with Kira Kira. Everything got to be pink including the blusher and lips, brows are are softer with lighter color using brow mascara.

Canmake Spring 2013 Trend @ International Beauty Expo - Natural Taste

Natural Taste

This is more of a neutral look where colors of the eyeshadows used are champagne, white, gold and brown. The blusher and lip colors are more orange tones. Not to be missed to bring Kira Kira on the lower lashes line. In between of the make-up demonstration, there are a few make-ups circulating around for us to try.

Canmake Spring 2013 Trend @ International Beauty Expo - Smooth Skin Primer

Canmake Smooth Skin Primer

This is an upcoming product, a primer to be applied before your makeup.  It helps to reduce the appearance of pores with matte finish. The texture is light and thick cream, once blended, it finishes off smooth and velvety. This is very interesting and I’m very into matte finishing product especially when I have combination skin.

Canmake Spring 2013 Trend @ International Beauty Expo - Smooth Liquid Foundation

Canmake Smooth Liquid Foundation

When Ms Itabashi used this foundation during the make-up demo, the foundation looked pretty sheer until I swatch it myself. It comes in a pump bottle, the texture is light but the coverage is medium to full. I’m not sure if this will be suitable for combination to oily skin. This foundation is also an upcoming product for Canmake in Malaysia.

Canmake Spring 2013 Trend @ International Beauty Expo - Perfect Brown Eyes & Swatch

Canmake Perfect Brown Eyes

This quad palette was used on the Natural Taste make-up, the eye shadow is very sheer as you can see from the swatch. Its shimmery with glitter and this quad also comes with an applicator.

Canmake Spring 2013 Trend @ International Beauty Expo - Brown Eyeliner

Canmake Brown Eyeliner

I always love Japanese eye liners because they are so easy to use. Both make-up demonstrated is on the softer look hence using this eye liner. This is a felt tip eye liner and its only available in brown.

If you’re into Japanese innocent and cute make-up, do check out on Canmake products. They are available in Sasa throughout Malaysia and if you like to keep yourself updated with the latest news from Canmake Malaysia, please give them a like for their Facebook below!


WOW! Project:The Body Shop Pulse Store – Heartbeat of the Community

A new episode from WOW! Project! I love getting this project done although it takes a lot of effort, energy and time. Almost gotten sick in the progress but its worth to get this episode complete. This time Fatin will be showing us The Body Shop where they have adapted a new concept and do watch till the very end because Fatin have some special news to share!

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This candid shot was priceless! Fatin spotted me snapping her photo when she was practising her speech. Ops but it was hilarious!!! Please share if you have any ideas on what you want to see in WOW! Project.


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