The Trendsetter Company, ARTDECO Is Now Available Exclusively in Sasa

On the 21st November 2013 marks the launch of a new professional makeup line from Germany arrived to our shores known as ARTDECO exclusively available in Sasa. ARTDECO is becoming the market leader in Germany’s selective market where they constantly focus on delivering the best quality at a reasonable price that most of us could afford. In the international beauty arena, ARTDECO has been repeatedly voted as the most popular brand in the beauty salons.

The Trendsetter Company, ARTDECO Is Now Available Exclusively in Sasa 1

ARTDECO offers a wide range of cosmetics that perfectly complements and with the nail polish range, they could reach for that niche market.  They offer refillable beauty palettes which helps to optimize makeup junkies’ selections and satisfaction.

The Trendsetter Company, ARTDECO Is Now Available Exclusively in Sasa 2

ARTDECO’s basic collection have the most fashionable complete range of makeup products of high-end makeup, to a variety of lipsticks and lip glosses, multitude of mascaras, eye liners and best selling eye makeup to the colorful selection of nail lacquers.  This collection has completely change the market of eye shadows and became the best sellers in ARTDECO line.

The Trendsetter Company, ARTDECO Is Now Available Exclusively in Sasa 4

Finding the right foundation shade can be really tricky and ARTDECO helps to solve this dilemma by offering many shades with functional properties such as Hugh Performing Lifting Foundation, Long Lasing Foundation SPF20 (Oil Free), Mineral Powder Foundation and more to accomodate to different skin types from normal, combination and dry.

The Trendsetter Company, ARTDECO Is Now Available Exclusively in Sasa 3

ARTDECO’s Eyeshadow Base has became the absolute best seller of the entire eye makeup range. Above all, they have the Magic Fix, Hot Chili Lip Booster, extensive Camouflage concealer range, Mascara Base, Lash Growth Activator, a selection of artificial and permanent lashes, premium brushes which differentiates ARTDECO from the rest and makes their collection unique.

The Trendsetter Company, ARTDECO Is Now Available Exclusively in Sasa - Elaine Daily

Elaine Daily was the host of the night where the launch was held at Penthouse, The Icon. ARTDECO is now available exclusively at Sasa bringing more affordable makeup to everyone. The price range of ARTDECO is from MYR19 – MYR129.

This video presentation was shown as an introductory to everyone an idea of what ARTDECO offers.

The Trendsetter Company, ARTDECO Is Now Available Exclusively in Sasa - Vice President Ms Anna Blasco

The Vice President of ARTDECO, Ms Anna Blasco delivers her speech in full enthusiasm and energy. She truly understands what makeup junkies wants and believes that ARTDECO will be able to deliver it.

The Trendsetter Company, ARTDECO Is Now Available Exclusively in Sasa - Derek Grillo & Amber Chia

Special guest of the night is Amber Chia as well as ARTDECO’s International Makeup Artist, Derek Grillo to do a live makeup demo for a brown neutral day makeup. Showcasing their best seller Eyeshadow Base, it makes their eye shadow so vibrant and pigmented. Derek lightly applied on Amber’s eyelid with brown eye shadow and the shade stood out very much.

The Trendsetter Company, ARTDECO Is Now Available Exclusively in Sasa - Amber Chia

The brown neutral makeup looks refreshing on Amber and also it gives that settle sophisticated look.

The Trendsetter Company, ARTDECO Is Now Available Exclusively in Sasa - Makeup Show Day

Showcasing models with the same element of neutral look, suitable for any time of the day. This neutral look could go with almost any lip color of bright red, bright fushia, mauve and pinks.

The Trendsetter Company, ARTDECO Is Now Available Exclusively in Sasa - Transitioning to Party Night Amber Chia

Derek also showed us how he transform the neutral look into a night party look by adding more colors into it. Predicting that purple will be the most worn color next year, he applied purple eye shadow on Amber creating that smokey effect with extended eye liner and bright fushia lips.

The Trendsetter Company, ARTDECO Is Now Available Exclusively in Sasa - Makeup Show Night

Transitioning Amber’s look also could suit anyone to cocktail parties, night outs or evening dinners. It’s sexy, elegant and sophisticated without looking overly done.

The Trendsetter Company, ARTDECO Is Now Available Exclusively in Sasa 5

The launch ended with a group photo and mingles between media, brands, ARTDECO and Sasa. Currently in Sasa, they are having promotions on ARTDECO and check them out at your nearest Sasa or you could also check here on their promotions. Give Sasa Malaysia a like on their Facebook below for their latest fuss buzz in town!


Traclyn Yeoh

Mediviron UOA Clinic Sets Its Eye On Vietnam Tourist, Making Aesthetic Treatments Accessible Conveniently & Safe

On November 18, 2013 marked as an important event for Mediviron UOA Clinic as they have signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Mr George Adamns of Du lịch & Làm đẹp, a partnership of Nip and Tuck Solutions Company of Australia to allow tourist from Vietnam to seek for aesthetic treatments  at Mediviron UOA Clinic.

Mediviron UOA Clinic Sets Its Eye On Vietnam Tourist, Making Aesthetic Treatments Accessible Conveniently & Safe - Memorandum of Understanding

The signing took place at Novotel Hotel Kuala Lumpur which creates another milestone for Mediviron UOA Clinic to constantly reach out ways for more accessible aesthetic treatments.

Mediviron UOA Clinic Sets Its Eye On Vietnam Tourist, Making Aesthetic Treatments Accessible Conveniently & Safe - Cultural Dance

Began with the opening gambit of cultural dance by AB Citra Dancers, followed by a profile video presentation of Mediviron UOA Clinic.

Mediviron UOA Clinic Sets Its Eye On Vietnam Tourist, Making Aesthetic Treatments Accessible Conveniently & Safe - Dr Chen

Dr Chen Tai Ho, Aesthetic Physician and Director of Mediviron UOA Clinic shared his joy for this mutual beneficial partnership to form as it is important to be at the world-class aesthetic clinic in the 21st century. He also explained that when it comes to aesthetic treatments, Botox is not the only option but they offer wider treatments from non-invasive to minimally invasive procedures to accommodate problems such as acne and scarring, hair loss and skin rejuvenation. He also pointed out that there is a number of Vietnamese currently travel to Korea and Thailand to seek for aesthetic procedures which leads to this strategic partnership.

Mediviron UOA Clinic Sets Its Eye On Vietnam Tourist, Making Aesthetic Treatments Accessible Conveniently & Safe - Mr George Adams

Mr George Adams of Du lịch & Làm đẹp and are a part of the Nip and Tuck Solutions Company of Australia and a partnership with Thuy Linh Beauty Company Limited of Hanoi, Vietnam. They are designed to capture the potential market of Vietnamese travellers who seeks for quality cosmetic procedures that’s not found in Vietnam. Mr Adams also shared that there is need of Vietnamese to look for aesthetic treatments outside of their country and such treatments are priced highly in Vietnam.  The proximity to travel to Malaysia is approximately 3 hours which isn’t too long and since Mediviron UOA Clinic is located in the city center , they are close to attraction places such as shopping malls.

Mediviron UOA Clinic Sets Its Eye On Vietnam Tourist, Making Aesthetic Treatments Accessible Conveniently & Safe - Memorandum of Understanding Signing

After Dr Chen and Mr Adams’ speech, they were assisted to be seated together to sign the memorandum witnessed by His Excellency Professor Nguyen Hong Thao (Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Malaysia) and Madam Huong Thi Lien (Trade Counselor of Socialist of Republic of Vietnam in Malaysia) as well members of the media.

Mediviron UOA Clinic Sets Its Eye On Vietnam Tourist, Making Aesthetic Treatments Accessible Conveniently & Safe - Memorandum of Undertanding 2

From left to right: Mdm. Huong Thi Lien, Mr George Adams, Dr Chen Tai Ho, Professor Nguyen Hong Thao

Mediviron UOA Clinic Sets Its Eye On Vietnam Tourist, Making Aesthetic Treatments Accessible Conveniently & Safe - Q&A

After the signing, there was a Q&A session with Dr Chen and Mr Adams opened for the media.

1. How long has this collaboration being planned in the timeline?

At approximately for 2 – 3 years

2. Why Malaysia?

They would like to re-channel it to Malaysia as to do something different and unique. Also to focus what’s available here and to increase the amount as there is an increment of medical tourism to 20%.

3. What is the target from Vietnam?

Of course, as much as possible. Currently, Mediviron UOA Clinic have 50% patients from Malaysia and the rest of 50% are from Europe, Iran and Singapore, not many Vietnamese are coming yet. They would like to be the first to tap into the market.

4. What is the procedure price ranging at?

They are ranging from MYR100 – MYR 22,000 depending on the which treatment to undergo and they are non invasive and non surgical treatments.

5. How much revenue growth are you expecting from this collaboration?

Mediviron UOA Clinic is looking at least 10 – 20% growth from the current revenue if possible.

6. Do you have any visiting surgeons or any attachments from Vietnam to consult the procedures?

Mediviron UOA Clinic do not have this as we are focusing to have Vietnamese tourist to come to our clinic to have their treatment done. Maybe there might be a need in the future that Mediviron UOZ Clinic might need someone from Vietnam to refer  to for someone to come to Malaysia for treatments.

7. What happened when patients face complications?

Our treatments are mainly non-invasive,  there is a minimal risk. Mediviron UOA Clinic do not do surgery and the recovery  period will be less than a week . We have no worries of anticipating major complications. We encourage our patients if they have any problems to visit them again or if they are away or overseas, they could call or email us.

We will also get a specific recovery time from Mediviron UOA Clinic and we would strongly recommend that they stay in Malaysia during that recovery time and they do not leave until they pay their final visit to the clinic to confirm their viable health.

8. How much cheaper are the rates  here as to compare with Vietnam?

Take for example of Botox in Vietnam, they are priced at USD900, that’s every expensive. They can fly here and have the treatment done in Malaysia for that price. The reason behind it is because that they have very heavy taz and they are considered to be luxury items. Botox and fillers are considered luxury items that they have high tax. A lot of pharmaceutical  comes in with no tax on it but those items are heavily taxed.

9. Do you have any plans to collaborate with other countries after Vietnam?

In Mediviron UOA Clinic, we have a a good number of patients comes from other countries such as Europe, America, Middle East and our neighbouring country, Singapore because our treatments are still cheaper after the conversion of currency.  The starting stage is Vietnam tourism and from there we will see and decide.

Also, we would like to get possibly Mongolia becuse projections for that country within the next decade is that the disposable income  per person is going to be rapidly high and they will be looking for places to visit. They have already travelling into Vietnam and Malaysia too, we believe they could be interested to come here for medical procedures as well.

10. What is your percentage of Malaysian women or men that comes for the treatment at Mediviron UOA Clinic?

There is no statistics in Malaysia on how many had come to various clinic or how many procedures is done because our government does not compile it.. There is no centre which compiles the data, we will only know how many patients to their procedure in our clinic but for other clinics, we will not be able to access to their database and there is no database available in the country but what we do know is that the numbers are increasing because the numbers of patients we are getting is increasing. Nowadays, we have more men coming in for procedures too. We have approximately 70% of our patients are ladies , 30% are men and their age ranges from 18 to 70s.

After the Q&A session, everyone including the members of media was ushered to have their lunch. For further updates of Mediviron UOA Clinic, please do give them a like below in their Facebook.

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Discover Opulent Shine & Light Weight Color Lipstick @ Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

In collaboration of Mivva x Revlon, they are introducing Revlon Super Lustrous Lip range in a lovely evening last week at Marmalade Cafe located in Bangsar Village 2. It was a rush hour where most people are getting off from work or school and the events starts at 7pm but I manage to get there on time and it was great to finally catch up with my blogger buddies there. We were served with dinner before the event started, most of the time I stuffed myself with their desserts.

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick & Lip Gloss 2

A tray of mostly Revlon latest products were placed on the table. Just by looking at it, hits my patience that I have to go through all of it excitedly.

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick & Lip Gloss - Janice Ong

Janice, the Brand Manager of Revlon Malaysia enlighten us about Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick and Lip Gloss. They come in 8 different shades and are available in the stores now with special introductory price below MYR30 on both of their lip products.

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick & Lip Gloss - Types of Lips by Berry

Berry, the Beauty Trainer of Revlon Malaysia shares with us how identify the type of lips that we have and ways on improving it.

  • Full Lips – upper and lower lips are fairly thick

Tips: Reduce the size of the lips by using dark color within the line of your lips to create an illusion of smaller lips

  • Large Top Lips – upper lips are thicker than lower lips

Tips: Use lip liner on the bottom lips to balance with upper lips

  • Thin Lips – thin-sized lips on upper and lower lips

Tips: Make lips appear larger by applying lip liner over the natural line of your lips to accentuate the size of your lips.

  • Droopy Lips – lips are slightly curved down creating unhappy smile naturally

Tips: Use lip liner to create  wing up (just like eye liner) to minimize the curved down effect.

  • Wrinkled Lips – lips with wrinkles and fine lines

Tips: Use darker colors and avoid using frosty/shimmer finish lip product as it will further accentuate the lines.

  • Thin Upper Lips – upper lips is thinner than lower lips

Tips: Apply lip liner over the natural lip line to emphasize on the top lips.

  • Perfect Lips – size and thickness of the lips that are well balanced

Tip: Any color will match the lips

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick & Lip Gloss - 3D Lips Demo

Berry also shared with us the techniques in creating 3D lips and model of the day has to be JQ Lee of Nia Angel by JQ Lee.

  1. Begin with applying lip stick with/without brush starting at the outer corner of the lips towards inside on both, upper and lower lips.
  2. To get a smoother application, we can always gently press close to the lip area then apply lip product. This way also gives a better control for the application.
  3. Using  light eye shadow, dab it in the middle of the lips to create that 3 dimensional effect.
  4. Layer over with lip gloss to give that perfect shine and pout.

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick & Lip Gloss - Jq Lee

Here’s the finish for that 3D Lips! We were also enlighten with challenge to create lustrous look to finish off the event and winners gets their prizes!

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - 8 Shades

The new Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks are far different from the existing range. This gives a sheer with glossier finish and they are retail for MYR 32. These are formulated light-weight, easy gliding and buildable color payoff. It has light reflecting LiquiShine complex, containing Abyssinian oil which delivers shiny and radiant color. Also, contains vitamin E and avocado oil to keep your lips conditioned.

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss - 8 Shades

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss has been revamped with new packaging and formula. It also comes with 8 different shades and the new formula is silky, non-sticky and non-irritating formula with light reflecting LiquiShine complex derived from Abyssinian oil. The new soft petal-shaped applicator makes application comfortable and easy gliding over the lips plus vitamin E and avocado oil to keep your pout moisturized. These lip glosses are retailing at MYR30.

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick & Lip Gloss - Absolute Radiance+ CC Cream

We were also introduced with Revlon Absolute Radiance+™ range. First would be the Revlon Absolute Radiance+™ CC Cream which is a one-step complete care cream. It offers whitening benefits, hydrates, minimize pores, color corrects, protect with SPF30/PA++ and gives natural coverage. In just 7 days, you will see the difference. Comes in 3 shades and this is retailing at MYR55.

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick & Lip Gloss - Absolute Radiance+ Two Way Powder Foundation

Next is the Revlon Absolute Radiance+™ Two Way Powder Foundation that helps to even out skin tone with greater luminosity and flawless complexion. This compliments with the CC cream and they come in 4 different shades. This is retailing at MYR65.

It was a rough buff week for me at work last week and it was exciting and fun having to catch up with everyone as well as participating the activities. I have always been a great supporter for Revlon because I believe in their products very much.  This event was definitely a stress reliever  for me. Thank you so much to Mivva and Revlon for having me to be part of this.

If you’re interested to be updated with the latest buzz of Mivva beauty box, don’t forget to share your love by liking their Facebook below!

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China Glaze Summer Fling 2013, Introducing Hologlam & Avant Garden Collection

Last week, China Glaze launched two new collection with the theme Summer Fling 2013 bringing to you fresh, vibrant and glamorous nail polish shades. Thanks to Fiona of that I was able to participate the launch along with a few bloggers to know further about the collection.

China Glaze Summer Fling 2

China Glaze has been highly raved especially in the US for its quality and opacity. To go along with summer vibe, most of us were dressed in bright and floral fashion.

China Glaze Summer Fling - Hologram

China Glaze Hologlam

This collection shades are very futuristic, galactic, luminous and glamorous. What’s so special about these shades is that it’s not only finish off shiny but it has hologram effect to it. Just like how the stars in the galaxy when you see their details up-close. They are retailing at MYR 45.00 each.

Image Courtesy of Chalkboard Nails

For this collection, there are 12 shades to choose from and these aren’t my nails but I have included it just so you get the right picture of how the shades might turn out on the nails.

China Glaze Summer Fling - Avant Garden

China Glaze Avant Garden

This collection brings you all the playful vibrant colors. Inspired by the beautiful floral colours, there are 12 shades to choose from. These colours are not only bright but brings you the Spring vibe as to be cheerful and merry. They are retailing at MYR 42.00 each.

Image Courtesy of Phoenix Beauty Lounge

Here’s a show of how the nail polishes could turn out on your nails and they are mostly pastel shades. You cannot go wrong with it for any Spring.

China Glaze Summer Fling - Seche Collage

Along with this, they also carry Seche Vite and I love Seche Vite for it’s top coat!  They have just released limited edition new Seche Collage where it has different types of glitter shapes in it.  You can apply it on specific areas or the entire nail. This is retailing at MYR 45.00.

China Glaze Summer Fling - Matte Magic

Also another new product introduced by China Glaze is their Matte Magic Flat Finish Top Coat. It transform any type of nail polish into matte finish and I can’t remember exactly how much they are but I’m pretty sure that they are below MYR 50.00.

China Glaze Summer Fling - Bloggers

Each of us gets a chance to try these nail polish and yes, a manicure session of your choice of colors and combination. While some of us were miggling around, Agnes from China Glaze Malaysia shared with us China Glaze App where you can download it for free to your iPhones or iPad (coming soon for Androids). This app helps you to search for the right China Glaze nail polish of what fashion you’re wearing.

China Glaze Summer Fling - Keep Calm, Paint On & Winter Holy

I chose a mint green as its now my favourite colour. The mint green shade is called Keep Calm, Paint On from Avant Garden Collection and my ring finger was purely glitters with Winter Holly from their Christmas Collection. Also, top it off with China Glaze Matte Magic but I thought this design was too simple and added Seche Collage to bling my nails up. I posted up my final nail design in my Instagram, here. Let me know what you think.

China Glaze Summer Fling - Bloggers 2

Here we are all the cheerful bloggers bringing all the summer vibe celebrating this launch with China Glaze!

China Glaze Summer Fling Hot Perks

Don’t miss out the Summer Fling promotion at Isetan One Utama till 23 May 2013 and do share some love by liking China Glaze Malaysia on their Facebook below!