Inglot Warehouse Sales & Hauls

For as long as I have known of Inglot, I believe that they have not made any warehouse sales. Correct me if I’m wrong. When I found out that they are having one on last Saturday, I couldn’t hesitate especially when it is so near to me.

Inglot Warehouse Sales 2013

The warehouse sales was held at SUB Beauty School, 8th Floor in Berjaya Times Square. The discount is from 20 – 70% and only selective makeup was available. The sales was suppose to start at 11:00am but they started early because I was there 10 minutes before 11:00am.

Inglot Warehouse Sales 2013 Price List 2

Here is the price list that I manage to take a shot on. I would say the prices is quite reasonable. There’s quite a bit that falls for 50% discount.

Inglot Warehouse Sales 2013 Pricelist

This is the second price list available and they have lesser discount on the top selling products.

Inglot Warehouse Sales 2013 Haul

I didn’t know what to pick at first but after poking my head in between crowds and swatching, I have finally grabbed some goodies. It isn’t a big haul but just to share with you and this was also shared in my Instagram.Inglot Perfect Concealer 47, 49

I picked the Perfect Concealer in 47 and 49. The idea of picking this two is to do a quick contouring  and highlighting, hence I have picked the one shade lighter and the darkest shade available. However on the packaging it did mention that it’s not suitable to apply around the eye area. Each of these was for MYR18.40.

Inglot Eye Shadows

From left to right is 361, 398 and 437. 361 is a matte  light peach rose eye shadow but I’m more interested to use it as my blush instead. 398 looks like a shimmer taupe shade but once blended it looks like a great warm highlight. It comes with gold shimmer with pink undertone, doesn’t look like taupe shade in real. 437 is a shimmer purplish blue eye shadow that I believe wearing it alone will be awesomely beautiful. Also, there’s additional 10% discount for Hong Leong credit card holders and I took advantage of it!

Did you go to the sales? What have you purchased?


Traclyn Yeoh

Suria Meriang Staff Sales 2013 & Hauls

Found out about Suria Meriang Staff Sales through Fiona of and she said, “I went there at 5:30am last year”. Say whaaaaaat??? Never come across my mind to go shopping as early as that. I have never been to this sales before but I heard a lot of how great the deals can be and I definitely would love to go for it! Pardon the low quality photos, I was just using my phone and it was quite dim at the Grand Ballroom of Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel.

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 Ticket

Thanks Fiona (if you’re reading this)!!! We arrived about 6am-ish at the third row of the queue, holy cow. There is another row of VIPs which we aren’t sure how people could get those tickets and they entered to the sales about 20-30 minutes earlier. Any idea anyone?

What to expect from this sales?

Since there is so many people, stocks are really limited. Once I have entered the hall, I just grabbed whatever I was interested, put it in the bag (plastic bag was given) and go on with other brands. I happened to let go a few items that I thought it was not so worth it. Do bare in mind, because people get so impatient during the sales, they will knock or step on you without apologizing.

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls 2

Some anxious shoppers screamed right when the doors are open making everyone stood up quickly and start moving. Look at the crowd, its crazy! Apparently some shoppers tried to cut our queue just because we were moving more on the left side and yes, they were trying to cut on the right. They didn’t make it so clear of their motive but I guess they get us when we got back at the center and start saying ‘cut queue’ repeatedly. These girls do have to learn some manners. First come first serve, this ain’t no wet market y’all! I forgot snap any photos inside because I was busy doing my roundings on what to purchase.

Brands that was offered during the sales was Bobbi Brown (makeups), MAC (makeups), Clinique (skincare, makeups & fragrances), Origins (skincares), DKNY (fragrances), Coach (fragrances), Tommy Hilfiger (fragrances), Aramis (fragrances), Estee Lauder (skincare, makeup & fragrances).  I’m not a huge spender but I did picked up some items. Plus,  because I have to allocate some expenses for a trip end of this month.

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - Bobbi Brown Cool Lilac Long-Wear Eye Collection

Bobbi Brown Cool Lilac Long-Wear Eye Collection

I believe this collection was last year’s. The reason I picked this is because I wanted to try their cleansing oil and gel liner. What makes this set much more worth it is that it comes with a dual-ended brush. This set is for MYR100.00 and let’s see closely onto each product.

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - Bobbi Brown Cool Lilac Long-Wear Eye Collection - Soothing Cleansing Oil

Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - Bobbi Brown Cool Lilac Long-Wear Eye Collection - Long-Wear Gel Liner in Caviar Ink

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Liner in Caviar Ink

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - Bobbi Brown Cool Lilac Long-Wear Eye Collection - Cream Eye Shadow in Cool Lilac

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Cool Lilac

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - Bobbi Brown Cool Lilac Long-Wear Eye Collection - Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush & Eye Shadow

Bobbi Brown Mini Dual-Ended Long-Wear Cream Shadow & Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - Bobbi Brown Cool Lilac Long-Wear Eye Collection - Card

Also, a card to redeem complimentary makeup lesson and personalized face chart with Bobbi Brown. I also took a set of four of MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadows for MYR100.00. It was manufactured in 2011 and each of the eye shadows retails at MYR85.00. The eye shadows I took here are weighed at 2grams/0.07oz each, there is another set of the same range of eye shadow at the same price but lighter in weight. Let’s see what shade that I have here.

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Lunar

MAC Extra Dimension in Lunar

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Grand Galaxy

MAC Extra Dimension in Grand Galaxy

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Rich Core

MAC Extra Dimension in Rich Core

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Warm Thunder

MAC Extra Dimension in Warm Thunder

I accidentally damaged the eye shadow on my own with my finger nails. Dang!

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - DKNY Be Delicious Love Paris Limited Edition

DKNY Be Delicious Love Paris Limited Edition (blue)

I bought this for my BF because his birthday is in May and although this is a chic perfume, I thought the scent is still suitable for him because the scent is very elegant and sophiscated. Hey, this perfume can be unisex, doesn’t have to be for women only. I bought this for MYR115.00 and wrapped it immediately, gave him on that evening when I see him. He didn’t want to open it until the next day.

I’m totally looking forward for next year’s sales, hopefully I can get another an extra ticket for my BFF because she’s crazy in love with Bobbi Brown. I wasn’t aware that Bobbi Brown joined the sale and I reckon that I might haul more next year too. Will see how it goes, anyone else went to the sales?


Berjaya Times Square Mega Sales, What’s So Special?

You know when the MEGA SALES is here, your purse will be screaming in pain horrendously but everything is going in bargain that you don’t usually get throughout the year. Alright, maybe a tinge bit of shopping doesn’t hurt so much and Berjaya Times Square is sharing some love of shopping with a few contest running and rewarding prizes!

Image Courtesy of Berjaya Times Square

‘Shop & Win Live’ Draw

When you’ve shopped for MYR100.00 in no more than 2 receipts, you’re entitled with a passport which gives you the opportunity to win a trip to your preferred destination! Its a 5 days and 4 nights of Gold Cost (Australia), New York (US) or Seoul (Korea) with 2,000 cash of respected country’s currency.

Image Courtesy of Berjaya Times Square

Submit your entry by dropping your passport in the draw box at the Ground Floor and winners will be picked on a live draw on 8 September 2012 at 3:30pm.

Image Courtesy of Berjaya Times Square

If you flash your passport at Sakae Sushi at 3rd Floor, Berjaya Times Square you’ll get an instant rebate of MYR5.00 on your dine-in bill.

Image Courtesy of Berjaya Times Square

Snap and Win Facebook Contest

This is simply easy, just snap a photo of yourself with your favourite shop in Berjaya Times Square and submit it to them in their Facebook with your shopping experience! Submission with the most votes wins and the prize? 3 days and 2 nights in Bali (Indonesia) with breakfast and return flight. There’s an iPod Shuffle and Samsung MV800 camera for second and third prize winner.

Image Courtesy of Berjaya Times Square

Spend and Win for Tourist

Be the first to approach the information counter every Saturday at 7:00pm between 30th June to 1st September, you’ll be given 10 travel warrants valued at MYR500.00! Shop with the minimum of MYR300.00 in no more than six receipts inclusive (MUST) of a receipt from the Theme Park to be entitled for the travel warrants. These warrants will allow you to plan your trip within Malaysia of not more than MYR500.00. Of course if you exceed it, you’ll have to take care of it.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping at Berjaya Times Square and don’t forget to ‘Like’ on their Facebook below to be notified with the latest updates!



Traclyn Yeoh

Garage Sales January 2012 Preview

I’m not sure if you ever come across my previous entry about a garage sale happening this Saturday, please do check the details here. All of you are invited to this event and do invite your friends from the Facebook event invitation, here.  I’m selling my things and I thought a preview could give you a rough idea what I’ll be selling. I have the goodies on the ladies department AND my Lover will have goodies for men but I don’t have any preview for it. Basically for men, there is clothing and electronics. There could be some household items in my booth. Let’s see what I have for this Saturday!

Women Dresses

Women Top

Women Skirts

Women Pants


Beauty Accessories

Cute makeup bags, false lashes, combs, contact lens cases and cute nail cutter.

More Beauty Accessories

Mobile bling deco, key chain, lipstick holder, jewelries holder, hair remover tool and handmade Swarovski jewelries by me.


These are the things coming from me and there is more as day comes by where I decided to give my wardrobe a new lift.  Almost everyday before the sales comes, I’m for sure to pick something up to sell them. For all my clothing, nothing over MYR20 and some are as low as MYR1, super cheap! I’ll have more bags, shoes and little drawers to let go too. I’ll be looking forward to see you there!!!


Traclyn Yeoh