Snag Your Most @ Malaysia’s Largest Clothes Buffet! Get Your Cray On, Just Pay, Grab & Stuff

I often go to food buffets with the BF and his friends, on the average of once a month? You must have not expect how much I ate, slightly more than an average girl does. I do get embarrassed when I tend to refill or eat a little more around girls. Put that aside because this ain’t about food anymore! It’s the Malaysia’s Largest Clothes Buffet happening at the end of this April 2014!

Malaysia Clothes Buffet

This will be something different from your plain shopping, it’s a buffet shopping! There are more than 50,000 fashion pieces up for snag happening from 25 till 27 April at Syopz Mall, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus from 10:00am to 6:00pm. This is a new level of shopping for young fashionistas without burning huge hole on their purses. Each shoppers will only have to pay MYR60 and will be given a zip lock bag to shop as many as they can within 15 minutes. If you could zip it, you could keep it.

Where do I start?

Malaysia Clothes Buffet Facebook

Hover over to the Malaysia Clothes Buffet’s Facebook, like and click on their app as circled as above.

Malaysia Clothes Buffet App

From the app, you’ll be able to see different time slots of each date. Select your preferred date and upon check out, you will have to fill some particulars and choice of payment method.

Malaysia Clothes Buffet Ziplock Bag

If you wondering what’s the size of the zip lock bag, it’s 14 inch x 9 inch and the breaking record is 16 pieces.  The bag on the left fits 4 pieces of dresses and the right fits 1 dress, 4 skinny belts, 1 clincher and a pair of stockings. Malaysia Clothes Buffet also updates their sneak peaks of what they have to offer, here.

Malaysia Clothes Buffet Blowout Sales

If the buffet shopping isn’t your thing, you could always go for the Blowout Sales which happens from 4:00pm till 6:00pm. No advance purchase needed and each piece is for only MYR10.

Malaysia Clothes Buffet Syopz mall - location map

Here’s a map location to guide you to Malaysia’s Largest Clothes Buffet. Since there’s only 15 minutes to shop, here is some simple tips to remind you how to snag the most out of it.

  • Inspect goods within seconds
  • Quick decision making (contemplation will kill time)
  • Roll pieces into the bag
  • Keep reminding yourself of the time
  • Push yourself to keep moving (time is gold!)
  • Use the last few minutes to arrange pieces as packed as possible (do not waste any empty space)
  • If you still have space, keep shopping!

Have fun and may luck be with you to snag as much as you could!

Terms & Conditions

  • Cash terms only on event day
  • No handbags and any other bags allowed in the ‘shopping area’
  • May go for multiple rounds
  • Only 1 bag purchase per session per person
  • Sessions limited to while stocks last
  • Clothes are all in brand new conditions
  • No pre-loved/pre-owned/vintage items
  • No trying allowed
  • Shopper must be able to close the ziplock bag before exiting ‘shopping area’
  • Bag must not be torn or damaged or a penalty for a new bag will be incurred
  • No refunds
  • Management reserves the right to refuse entry/sale of bag
  • Management reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions without prior notice


Traclyn Yeoh

First Ames Room in Malaysia at Berjaya Times Square!

Pronounced as ‘aim’, Ames room was introduced in 1935 by renowned German physician and physicist, Hermann Helmholtz. An optical illusion to trick your eyes where of what it seems an ordinary cubic-shaped room designed to make one to look larger than the other. Typically, one would look like a giant and another is a dwarf!

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room

This season, Berjaya Times Square brings you the first ever Ames Room in Malaysia and recently certified by the Malaysian Book of Records. The room was build at the Ground Floor Central and you could spot this attraction just as you enter by the main entrance of Berjaya Times Square.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 3D Art

3D art to match the surrounding of the Ames Room making it more lively than just an illusion room and this attraction corresponds with the country’s annual Malaysia Grand Prix Sale.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Close Up

A closer look of Ames room, this will be available from 15 March till 30 April 2014 for all shoppers of Berjaya Times Square. Of course, terms and conditions applied to redeem your shot at Ames Room.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Brochure

With the minimum purchase of MYR80 in a single receipt of the same day, shoppers of Berjaya Times Square will be able to redeem their chance to photograph in Ames Room. Just show your receipt by the Information Counter and you will be given the photo holder. Proceed to Ames Room and have fun! Minimum of 2 person and maximum of 6 person for the photo opportunity.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Photographer

Each redemption gets two shots and friendly staff members of Berjaya Times Square will assist you from the beginning till the end. You’ll able to catch an eye of the photographer by the outside of the Ames Room, he/she will also be assisting you where to stand and how to pose. Ames Room opens daily from 12PM till 30 April 2014.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 4

Here’s my shot with my BF! And thanks to him to entertain my silliness in the photo and for once, I look bigger than him! This is from my personal camera as I was invited to share my complimentary with my readers.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 3

Another one of me, looking so tiny! I always wish that I’m petite and now I could imagine how I look like one. This is also from my personal camera.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 2


This is the official shot and I love how did this photo turned out. Yes, I’m laughing at my BF for being tiny!

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 1

Second official shot and oh yes, it was a payback time from the BF as I’m so much smaller! It was really fun to see these photos.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Redemption Period

Shoppers be able to redeem 2 of the photos immediately to attach on photo holder given earlier as a souvenir. Redemption of the photos are totally FREE and no charges applied.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Photo Redemption

This is how the photo collection booth looked, just by the side of the Ames Room. Shoppers are advised to queue patiently as the response for Ames Room can be overwhelming. Attach your photos onto the photo holder and voila, bring it back home with you. Do keep them because there is something exciting towards the end of this post.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Instagram
Berjaya Times Square also awards shoppers who uploads a photo of ‘ The First Ames Room in Malaysia’ in Instagram or Facebook with hashtags of #berjayatimessquarekl #thefirstamesroom #amesroomkl #icecreamevents .You’ll be rewarded with limited edition key chain, terms and conditions apply.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Facebook Pose & Win

The photos taken are not only as a souvenier but you’ll be able to use your shots to join their Pose & Win Facebook Contest. Photos taken in Ames Room will be uploaded in Berjaya Times Square Facebook and you’ll be able to download for personal use or to participate the contest. With a few simple steps of uploading your photo, adding caption and personal details, providing the serial number from the photo holder (the reason to keep it!) and submit to stand a chance to win the prizes above! Submit your photo here.

Support Berjaya Times Square by liking their Facebook below for their latest promotion and updates!

Traclyn Yeoh

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Bash, Celebrating Their 10th Anniversary!

A couple of weeks back, I received a call saying that I am one of the consolation prize winner for a Facebook contest that I have participated. I have forgotten about it, disbelief and feeling lucky to know that I have won something! Thanks to generous Berjaya Times Square and they have recently just celebrated their 10th year anniversary on the 29th September. All of their loyal shoppers were invited to come together to celebrate the golden moments of it.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Cupcake Tower

Right before the high red curtains were the stage is hidden, stands a 10 tier tower of cupcakes made and sponsored by Berjaya University College of Hospitality.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Cupcakes

Each of their cupcakes are decorated with the names of location themes in Berjaya Times square such as 1st Avenue, Central Park, Tiny Taipei, Grand Musical Stairs as well as Guinnes World Record title holder for the Largest Capsule Vending Machine.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary VIP

Upon the arrival of the VIPs, there were Ms Koh Huey Min (Executive Director of Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur), Madam Loh (mother of Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan [Chairman & Chief Executive of Berjaya Corporation Berhad]) and Mr Tan Mun Choy (Chairman of Berjaya Times Square Joint Management Body).

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Launch

The celebration is officiated by the VIPs and our host is no strange humorous emcee, Mr Bernard Liew. As the VIPs officiate, the high red curtain drops revealing the stage.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary History

From the top view (which cannot be seen here), it reveals a Mickey Mouse shaped stage with three projector screens and staircase that is incorporated with the Grand Musical  Staircase. Reminiscence the past, Berjaya Times Square was opened since 2003 and I lived nearby, I have witnessed all since they were constructed. It feels nostalgic yet happy and proud that Berjaya Times Square had made this far.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Clown Performance

We were greeted with jolly happy and perky clowns. Clowns on stilts were making some balloons and enters to the stage area. At the same time, there are some on unicycle, juggling and another gives us a yo-yo performance.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary  Facebook Wish & Win Contest Winners

Image Courtesy of Berjaya Times Square

The first prize giving is for Facebook Wish & Win Contest. This has started since  10th June till 13th September 2013  and participants will just have to share what they wish to spend in Berjaya Times Square and why if they were given MYR1000.  Five winners has their wish fullfilled and 10  consolation prize  worth MYR 300. Can you spot me? I’m one of them and I have won a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8!

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Victoria Institution Band

We were then entertained with band performance by Victoria Institution. They are also representing our country to compete with other nations this year.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Media Draw

Media members are also showered with rewards  for their great support by having a live draw based on their name cards during registration. Prizes showered are Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, Borders gift voucher worth MYR100, spa package from Beaute A’nergy worth MYR320, 2 Days 1 Night stay in Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur, 3 Days 2 Nights stay in Berjaya Langkawi Resort and 3 Days 2 Night stay in Berjaya Tioman Resort.  10 of the media members was selected and luck came by to me, I won the spa package too!

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Magic Show

No matter how much secrets are revealed, who doesn’t enjoy magic show? This man certainly caught our attention by taking imaginary ‘pieces’ off from the forehead of audiences into a tiny box, place it on the table and floats it.  He even picks one from the crowd to join with him to witness the floating table.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Dance Performance

Psy Gentleman dance moves hype didn’t die off, these girls are bring them back again live! They made me feel like dancing so much!

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Perfect 10 Winners

The moment of many shopper awaited was the live draw of  ‘The Perfect 10 Celebration’. For every MYR50 spent in unlimited receipts can redeem lucky draw tickets and all tickets are deposited in a box to be drawn live as to this celebration. 10 lucky winners was selected to walk away with packages of memorable holiday of their dreams. Each packages is worth MYR10,000 and that’s a total MYR100,00. The ticket collection has been recorded of 81,600 tickets throughout the duration of 4 months.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Burlesque Dance

In the mid of the live draw, we were also entertained with burlesque theme-like dance moves. You got to love them because they have never stop smilling! Plus during the live draw, there’s quite a bit shoppers missed their chance of winning the prize since they weren’t present.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary  Perfect 10 Winners 2

Congratulations to all the ‘Perfect 10 Celebration’ winners and it ended with a huge confetti burst, flashes of camera taking their proud and happy faces.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Ballons

The never ending reward with balloons filled with vouchers of retailers in Berjaya Times Square was released to reward shoppers who was around with us for the celebration. Congratulations for your 10th anniversary Berjaya Times Square!

Fred not if you have missed out this celebration because Berjaya Times Square has more for you. Just like their Facebook below and you’ll be updated with latest updates daily!

Traclyn Yeoh

Suria Meriang Staff Sales 2013 & Hauls

Found out about Suria Meriang Staff Sales through Fiona of and she said, “I went there at 5:30am last year”. Say whaaaaaat??? Never come across my mind to go shopping as early as that. I have never been to this sales before but I heard a lot of how great the deals can be and I definitely would love to go for it! Pardon the low quality photos, I was just using my phone and it was quite dim at the Grand Ballroom of Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel.

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 Ticket

Thanks Fiona (if you’re reading this)!!! We arrived about 6am-ish at the third row of the queue, holy cow. There is another row of VIPs which we aren’t sure how people could get those tickets and they entered to the sales about 20-30 minutes earlier. Any idea anyone?

What to expect from this sales?

Since there is so many people, stocks are really limited. Once I have entered the hall, I just grabbed whatever I was interested, put it in the bag (plastic bag was given) and go on with other brands. I happened to let go a few items that I thought it was not so worth it. Do bare in mind, because people get so impatient during the sales, they will knock or step on you without apologizing.

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls 2

Some anxious shoppers screamed right when the doors are open making everyone stood up quickly and start moving. Look at the crowd, its crazy! Apparently some shoppers tried to cut our queue just because we were moving more on the left side and yes, they were trying to cut on the right. They didn’t make it so clear of their motive but I guess they get us when we got back at the center and start saying ‘cut queue’ repeatedly. These girls do have to learn some manners. First come first serve, this ain’t no wet market y’all! I forgot snap any photos inside because I was busy doing my roundings on what to purchase.

Brands that was offered during the sales was Bobbi Brown (makeups), MAC (makeups), Clinique (skincare, makeups & fragrances), Origins (skincares), DKNY (fragrances), Coach (fragrances), Tommy Hilfiger (fragrances), Aramis (fragrances), Estee Lauder (skincare, makeup & fragrances).  I’m not a huge spender but I did picked up some items. Plus,  because I have to allocate some expenses for a trip end of this month.

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - Bobbi Brown Cool Lilac Long-Wear Eye Collection

Bobbi Brown Cool Lilac Long-Wear Eye Collection

I believe this collection was last year’s. The reason I picked this is because I wanted to try their cleansing oil and gel liner. What makes this set much more worth it is that it comes with a dual-ended brush. This set is for MYR100.00 and let’s see closely onto each product.

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - Bobbi Brown Cool Lilac Long-Wear Eye Collection - Soothing Cleansing Oil

Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - Bobbi Brown Cool Lilac Long-Wear Eye Collection - Long-Wear Gel Liner in Caviar Ink

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Liner in Caviar Ink

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - Bobbi Brown Cool Lilac Long-Wear Eye Collection - Cream Eye Shadow in Cool Lilac

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Cool Lilac

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - Bobbi Brown Cool Lilac Long-Wear Eye Collection - Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush & Eye Shadow

Bobbi Brown Mini Dual-Ended Long-Wear Cream Shadow & Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - Bobbi Brown Cool Lilac Long-Wear Eye Collection - Card

Also, a card to redeem complimentary makeup lesson and personalized face chart with Bobbi Brown. I also took a set of four of MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadows for MYR100.00. It was manufactured in 2011 and each of the eye shadows retails at MYR85.00. The eye shadows I took here are weighed at 2grams/0.07oz each, there is another set of the same range of eye shadow at the same price but lighter in weight. Let’s see what shade that I have here.

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Lunar

MAC Extra Dimension in Lunar

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Grand Galaxy

MAC Extra Dimension in Grand Galaxy

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Rich Core

MAC Extra Dimension in Rich Core

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Warm Thunder

MAC Extra Dimension in Warm Thunder

I accidentally damaged the eye shadow on my own with my finger nails. Dang!

Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 & Hauls - DKNY Be Delicious Love Paris Limited Edition

DKNY Be Delicious Love Paris Limited Edition (blue)

I bought this for my BF because his birthday is in May and although this is a chic perfume, I thought the scent is still suitable for him because the scent is very elegant and sophiscated. Hey, this perfume can be unisex, doesn’t have to be for women only. I bought this for MYR115.00 and wrapped it immediately, gave him on that evening when I see him. He didn’t want to open it until the next day.

I’m totally looking forward for next year’s sales, hopefully I can get another an extra ticket for my BFF because she’s crazy in love with Bobbi Brown. I wasn’t aware that Bobbi Brown joined the sale and I reckon that I might haul more next year too. Will see how it goes, anyone else went to the sales?