Beauty & Fashion Collective Haul @ Berjaya Times Square!

I haven’t post as much on my hauls now, mainly because I don’t really haul tons at a time, shop online or just repurchasing same goodies. I have been doing a little bit more on fashion shopping, before this not as much and this time, I found super great bargains just in a mall. Each item is priced no more than MYR20.00, can you believe it? Or is it me who haven’t been doing my shopping? Everything was purchased in Berjaya Times Square and I didn’t take down the names of the shops because there is too many. Trust me, just scout on every corner, you’ll find great bargains.

Black Vintage Purse Bag

I thought this is really beautiful hand-carry bag. It looks like an ordinary black bag with gold twist lock but it has that vintage accent where you open it like a classic coin purse. The inside cloth is floral pattern, adding more vintage accent to the bag. It was a bundle sale stacking tons of bag on the rack but this was hanged right outside of it and its the last one. I knew I had to grab it plus it was only MYR10.00.

Black Shoulder Bag

This shoulder bag was purchased with the vintage bag above and I wanted to look for something casual and simple. I love bags that has many compartments  so that I could get my thing organized nicely. This bag has compartments for mobile, cards and four other larger compartments. This bag is also for MYR10.00.

Denim Shorts with Embroidery

On casual days, I do wear shorts most of the time. What attracted me the most from this denim is the back pockets is embroidered with lace-like patterns or floral or Celtic? I’m not too sure myself but I just love the patterns. It was a no trying item but it fits me because I knew the technique to find out the right size for me. This was sold for MYR15.00, super cheap!

Hyaku False Lashes

Other than Daiso, there is another MYR5.00 shop which is known as Hyakuland, you could check them out here. Everything is MYR5.00 each and they are also Japanese-based variety store chain. Japanese fake lashes are pretty good, so I have picked up two of these. One is heavy volume criss-cross and another is straight with gradual length.

Suede Brown Loafters

This is made of suede and I wanted to try wearing loafers, they don’t look too bad on me. Its soft but the in-sole is too flat and not as comfy. The size is one size smaller than my actual foot size but because the suede is soft, the slight tightness is bearable. This is my closest size, the rest was 40 and this is priced at MYR20.00.

I think all these are good grabs (especially the black vintage purse bag), I’m not so into brand but which ever is pretty works well for me. It’s not a big haul, just wanted to share that such great deal do exist. I’m looking forward for more bargains like this!


Traclyn Yeoh

Luccacal Hauls!

Ear cuffs are very much in the trend right now. It’s difficult to find one who sells locally until I found Luccacal! I came across on ear cuffs several months before when Lover showed me a photo online. These ear cuffs are so special, raw and edgy. I couldn’t hold much more but to select a few from Luccacal and other accessories.

Cone Spike and Drop Ear Cuff

I once thought gold is for elderly but no longer now. Gold is the color for everyone and you could easily match it with anything. This ear cuff is elegant and with the spikes on the ear cuff, it gives a very edgy feel. The hanging cone spike gives a feminine and masculine style.

Brand: Asos for MYR17.00

Hanging Spikes Ear Cuff

This is by the far the most comfortable ear cuff in between all because of its curves at one end and rounded on the other end. This is in the black silver color very elegant yet edgy with the six hanging spikes.

Price: MYR12.00

Winged Ear Cuff

This have a Greek or fairy tale vibe for its wing designated up high rise. I picked silver (there is gold) because its casual but still stands out very well. Its great to keep hair away from my face too!

Brand: Asos for MYR18.00

Triangle Drop Earrings

 I have not much of triangle shaped earrings, I only have a pair and this is pretty. Its edgy yet luxurious for its gold color. It can be worn for almost every occasion for the simplicity of the design.

 Price: MYR17.00

Cut Out Pyramid Stud Bracelet

Lately I have been looking for something chunky as an arm candy, just so to make my hand look much bigger and less empty. This is a strecthy bracelet with the pyramid studs that are edgy but the petal-like designs around it is very feminine. Its whitish gold, chic and elegant.

Brand: Forever21 for MYR21.00

Gold Stud Collar Brooch With Chain

I would put this as a replacement of necklace. The gold studs are in brooch form with two chains connected to each other. This piece is chic, edgy and masculine.

Brand: Asos for MYR19.00

If you purchase more than MYR100.00, you’ll get free shipping and if lesser, there are a few available delivery rates  here. I’m really happy with my puchase with Luccacal and do check out other of their accessories here because they carry a variety of special fashion accessories. If you wish to be notified with the latest from them, don’t forget to like their Facebook below!


Traclyn Yeoh

Removing Contact Lens with Q-Tips!

When contact lens first came out, they were meant to correct vision and therapeutic purposes but with the latest technology, contact lens are not only limited for medical purposes but to play an important role in enhancing ones’ look which allows everyone to be able to try them on. I wear contact lens to play around with colors and I usually wear planos which there isn’t any degree of power to adjust my vision.

Image Courtesy of The Nose Milk

For girls (or guys maybe), sometimes we keep our long beautiful nails and we are always reminded by opticians to keep our nails short while handling contact lens. This is just a friendly reminder just in case, your nails might rip the lens or poke into your eyes while removing. The key to rinse your contact lens is to use your finger tip, not your nails. Removing contact lens will be quite tricky, some could use their eyelid to squeeze the lens out and some use fingers to push it out. Both ways doesn’t work so well for me and finally I found a method that works. No fingers to touch the lens at all!

You might be wondering if the lint from the q-tip might get into your eyes. The q-tip is suppose to grip your lens and it shouldn’t be touching your eyes. If you’re still worried, you may wet it with your saline solution for the lint to stay on the q-tip. After you remove your lens, you should always rinse your lens, even before wearing them. Also, dispose the q-tip after each use for hygienic purposes. Hope this little tip helps!


Traclyn Yeoh

Sparkles Within Fingers

Reasons why I love nail varnish

When it comes to nail varnish, there are many different reasons why us girls love it. Firstly, it is a really great way to pamper yourself if you need to relax after a long day. If you take about half an hour in the evening to file your nails and then paint them a lovely colour, this can be so relaxing and will make you feel refreshed and glamorous. You can do it while listening to music or watching one of your favourite shows, although you will need to make sure that you concentrate on what you are doing. Taking that little bit of time out for yourself is so valuable and can really make you feel great.

Screen shot of Seventy Seven Diamonds

Secondly, the right colour of nail varnish can complete your outfit in a subtle yet important way. Say that you are going to a party and you are wearing a gorgeous new dress complimented by jewellery from Seventy Seven Diamonds. This can make a great outfit, however it can be made to stand out even more if you wear the right nail varnish. You can choose to compliment your clothes by wearing a subtle and similar shade on your nails, or you can choose something that will stand out and enhance what you are wearing even more.

Painting your nails is also a great thing to do with friends, as a really fun bonding exercise. You can have a girly evening where you watch films, eat food and pamper yourselves and really relax. Whether you are catching up with old friends you haven’t seen in a while or have made this a regular thing, it is a great way to enjoy yourselves, as well as not breaking the bank. So get painting girls, and enjoy yourselves.


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