DIY Floral Twine

Floral twine is a very common accessory in fashion especially during spring, where all the flowers are blooming. I searched and found little stall in Sungei Wang selling ready made ones. I’m not kidding you but it was expensive. It was approximately 40cm,  it cost MYR10 and two for MYR15.  I opted to find materials to make them myself and here is a DIY tutorial. Please enjoy!

Its so easy and simple right? All the items from Daiso for MYR5 each. I bought the roll of twine and two packets of flowers. All sums up to MYR15 and after the tutorial above, I still extras which I could make more. Its definitely better than purchasing ready made ones!

I wore this for my Pastel Spring Makeup and if you haven’t seen it, please do here. You could wear it anyhow you want on your hair, neck,wrist or even as a belt depending on the length that you made. Its very feminine, cute and chic. What’s spring without flowers right?


Traclyn Yeoh

DIY Glitter Shoes

Want some spanking glam shoe but don’t want to splurge one? Just take some of your time, effort and a few things and you’ll be able to get a pair that look almost new without you overspending. This is my first DIY fashion, please be kind to me.



On the close up, the glitters may look a little chunky. What matters is the consistency of the mixture between the glitter and glue because the coverage is what you need.

Because my pair of heels look a little vintage, it looks like a great old glam vintage shoes. I really love that the leopard prints are still showing.

What do you think of this DIY Glitter Shoes? Time to look out for some old shoe of yours if you want them looking glam too! When you think you don’t have anything much to wear, throw this pair and you’ll rock!


Traclyn Yeoh