Experience Berjaya Times Square Nerve Wrecking Unlock in 60 Seconds!

Berjaya Times Square made it again to the Malaysia Book of Records to first build a vault in a shopping mall with the title ‘The First Gamer’s Vault’. Unleash the inner secret agent in you and unlock the vault! Feel the thrill and suspense while stand a chance to win cash prize that snowballs daily until it is retrieved.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds

Located at the Ground Floor Central (in front of main entrance)  The vault was build to replicate some of the most sophiscated and modern bank vaults in the world. It is build in with timer that counts at 60 seconds, as well as LED panel which displays the total prize to be won of the day.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds 2

In conjunction of 1 Malaysia Mega Sale Carnical 2014, Berjaya Times Square once again rewarding their loyal customers with such thrilling experience when they spend MYR200 in no more than 2 receipts of the ame day to redeem an entry for 60 seconds in the vault. Begin with the cash prize of MYR200 where it snowballs every day till it is retrived and once the prize money is won, the cash prize will then reset to MYR200 for the next day and shoppers who qualify for the redemption of the same day will receive mystery gift as a token of appreciation. Don’t believe that this could be thrilling? Let me share with you my experience!

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Brief

Upon entering before the door of the vault, I was given a short brief of how the challenge work and what will happen. There are 6 boxes by both sides of the glass wall which filled with colorful keys. Only a few of the key will be able to unlock the vault.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Brief 2

After grabbing the keys, unlock the vault by the door and once unlock, I should also make a full turn on the dial. There is a timer which displays at the corner.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Challenge

Once you are ready to challenge, the timer begins and other shoppers on the outside will be able to witness your participation to the challenge. The music in the chamber was loud and full of suspense.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Challenge 1

I took my first chance over the box on my left since I have saw many tried over the right boxes. What I did was to just nabbed all the keys inside and head towards the door. Yes, that’s the BF taking my photo and accidentally knocked him when I hurriedly took the keys. Sorry!

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Challenge 2

At the very first, I was keeping the keys that I have tried in my hands. Later on, I was told that I could just throw the keys on the floor. The keys of two boxes on my left didn’t help and finally, made my way to the box on my right at my very last 10 seconds. The background music is just loud and makes it so nerve wrecking. I was shaking my head because I have tried more than 10 keys and none could unlock it.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Challenge 3

It was so close and I managed to unlock the vault at the very last second. I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it but luck had sided me to make it happen and the very last key was the one.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Challenge 4

The door of the vault opens and behind it where it sits a huge stack of specimen cash awaits.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Challenge Win

Yes, I WON MYR200! Finally, I could take a breather from the suspense and I was drained with sweat.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Challenge Prize

Shoppers who won the prize will be provided with cheque and here is mine!

Berjaya Rasa Utara

As I was invited as a media, we were then treated with lunch at Rasa Utara, a northen Malaysian cuisine that is frequented by our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir. The brand has underwent a thorough revamp in 2011 to keep it up-to-date.

Berjaya Rasa Utara 2

Here was the heart warming food that I get to taste. Clockwise,  Daging Rendang Utara, Sayur Campur, Ayam Kari Kapitan, Ayam Goreng Cili Lagenda and Kari Ikan Rasa Utara. My favorite is the Daging Rendang Utara because it doesn’t just taste like the ordinary beef rendang but it has an additional spice that enhance and makes the beef much more flavorful. My other favorite would be Ayam Kari Kapitan as it wasn’t as milky but maintains it’s flavor although gravy isn’t thick. It is delicious and I was fed well!

Unlock in 60 seconds campaign will be available from May 26 till September 21, 2014. This will be an unforgettable experience for Berjaya Times Square shoppers as it brings great excitement and interactions. Trust me, though this is nerve wrecking but it was fun. Don’t miss out your chance! Like Berjaya Times Square Facebook below for the latest news and events!


Traclyn Yeoh

Mr Dakgalbi, Pan Grilled Chicken Restaurant

Anneoyo-haseyo~ In the hunt for the latest Korean food in town and here’s Mr Dakgalbi. The BF found it via Groupon Deal and our heart on Korean food never dies.

Mr Dakgalbi Apron

Same goes by it’s name, what they serve in the restaurant is dakgalbi. Above is the apron provided and because we ate before dakgalbi at other places, apron is usually provided and customers are encouraged to wear them. However, after the waiter took our order, there isn’t any reminder of wearing the apron hence that is probably why not many of the customers are wearing it.

Mr Dakgalbi Big Bang

Upon sitting on the table, we are also greeted by Big Bang’s music video and there you could see G-Dragon on the screen. The music videos played are all Koreans and that definitely adds to a greater Korean ambiance.

Mr Dakgalbi Running Man

We also found an interesting wall filled with Running Man members photos and some of their signatures. We couldn’t identify who’s signature but we could definitely tell that the owner must have been a great fan too. We are a great fan too and we attended LeeSsang’s Asia Tour Concert in January, part of the reason is to meet Gary and another, their song is awesome and meaningful.

Mr Dakgalbi Interior Design

This is the partial of their interior from where we are sitting. I was right in the middle of the restaurant and there are two floors of the same interior.

Mr Dakgalbi Wok

Jjang! This is our dakgalbi consist of marinated chicken, rice cakes (teokpokki), cabbage, spring onions, bean sprouts and another ingredient that I’m not very sure of. I really wish that they could give more teokpokki as you could see that they only gave four. For those who are not very familiar with dakgalbi, they are basically pan grilled chicken with a variety of vegetables and you are allowed to mix it with ramen or rice. You can also make  your dakgalbi special by adding seafood in it.

Mr Dakgalbi Ban Chang

Ban Chang is basically the condiments served when you have Korean food. Most of the time, it’s refillable and what they served here is shredded cabbage with mayonaise, pickled radish and kim chi. Every time we request for refills, the waitress doesn’t seem to be sure of what we want. They also served soup which I believed is chicken based with seaweed.

Mr Dakgalbi Squid

For our dakgalbi, we have requested for squid. I know this close up might look a little scary but they are fresh and marinated deliciously.

Mr Dakgalbi Rice

Aside from it, we also ordered rice.

Mr Dakgalbi Ramen

…and ramen. We’ve noticed that they use gochujang (red chilli paste) and sesame to top onto the rice and ramen.

Mr Dakgalbi Cooking

The waiter helps us to cook the dakgalbi. Covered the side of the wok with protector, just in case any of the sauce or ingredients splatters out from it. The BF looking serious, waiting patiently for the dakgalbi to be ready. The waiter first cook the squid along with the rest of the ingredients and we wanted to try ramen first.

Mr Dakgalbi Cooking Ramen

This is the ramen where I did notice, the waiter added water upon cooking it. The moisture is at the right point but not as saucy as we expected. We definitely love the squid, its very squid and flavorful.

Mr Dakgalbi Cooking Rice

After we finished the ramen, the waiter then cooked the rice for us with the remaining dakgalbi. This time, the rice tasted a little dry as to compare with the ramen. We do notice that the waiter didn’t add water as how he did for the ramen.

Mr Dakgalbi

As much as we love Korean food, we do find that the portion here is slightly lesser than the ones we normally had and also less saucy.  If it wasn’t because of the deal, it could be quite pricey or almost similar price to other dakgalbi restaurants. I believe that because their business is fairly new, hence the waiter or waitress could be unsure of what they should be doing because when we asked for ban chang refills, the waitress once refilled only one of our ban chang  and another time, she kept our dishes away. It’s a great experience of trying new Korean eatery but I do think that they could improve and better. They are located at the heart of the city,

No.61 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03- 2110 5090

Support Mr Dakgalbi by liking their Facebook below!


Traclyn Yeoh

A Night To Remember 11.12.13

I understand some of you might have been wondering what happened exactly on the 11.12.13. Please bear with me as it was a night to remember.

It was a bright Wednesday where Selangor had their holidays.  I worked in Kuala Lumpur and I didn’t get the chance to get off from work. Jowie, the love of my life came to have lunch with me. I didn’t know he would because I wanted him to catch a good rest after his long restless working days. It was a surprise lunch. We are supposed to meet for dinner and didn’t know where we should be going. I went to search for some new places to visit somewhere near KLCC, somewhere I have promised to dine with him for a long time.

A Night To Remember - Christmas

Arrived at KLCC mall and was looking forward for Christmas decorations. It was crowded where people are busy taking photos with their camera. We participated and tried so hard to capture the best selfie of ourselves. With the thoughts that I should bring him to the dinner place, he said he wanted to cool down and we walked around the mall first. Unknowingly, he walked me to somewhere that I have least expected. One of the most luxurious restaurants in town, Marini’s on 57. It is literally on the 57th floor, a place you can dine and drink with magnificent 360° view of Kuala Lumpur. I never know about this and I only had my mobile to take some shots, please excuse the quality.

Marini on 57 - Violet Paradiso & Mojito

We headed to the bar with the hope to be able to witness sunset and started with very nice cocktails of the “Espresso Marte-ny” and “Mojito”. Sadly, it was a cloudy day and we didn’t get to see the sunset. The taste of the “Mojito”, we felt the rum was too strong that it was overpowering the rest of the flavors.  The “Espresso Marte-ny” was smooth especially with the froth, so fine that it blends well with the entire drink. Mojito is priced at MYR35 and The Espresso Marte-ny is priced at MYR42.

Marini's on 57 - Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Avocado Mayonnaise

To kick off our appetite, we went with Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Avocado Mayonnaise. The soft shell crab itself is delicious, crunchy and fresh, topped with rocket makes the flavor slightly tangy. The avocado mayonaise is creamy and they blend very well with the soft shell crab.  This dish is priced at MYR35.

Marini on 57 - Drinks

We ordered more drinks. Asahi beer, the blue shot glass was complimentary as of lady’s night. The drink was nice, I’m not sure what is it called but it ends with a little sweetness on it. The other two drinks, I wasn’t sure whats the name. The orange colored cocktail was a southern drink with berry taste but the vodka was overpowering, however the green one has some green tea flavor to it.

Marini on 57 - Sausage Platter

Aside from that, we ordered the Sausage platter. Three different types of sausage was served. Smoked Chicken Cheese Krainer, Thüringer Bratwurst and Chicken Krakauer served with Mustard. They are one of those worthwhile sausages to have. This dish is priced at MYR32.

Marini on 57 - Beef

Next we ordered the Angus Steak. Probably the best steak I ever had. Disbelief that this angus beef is prepared so well that it melts in your mouth, the flavours rich and I can’t even tell it was beef. This dish is priced at MYR95 for a full slab.

Marini's on 57 - Always

Here comes the bouquet of roses. I am starting to suspect something is going to happen. The expensive dinner and the roses. I have asked him about the roses, he said it was a service by them and I doubted it.

Marini on 57

We took advantage of snapping photos, Marini’s on 57 is just next to Petronas Twin Tower. The view was magnificent.

A Night To Remember - Marini's on 57

Here’s to us with the bouquet of roses that is so fine and marked this date of 11.12.13 as our most memorable moments together.

Marini's on 57 -  Drinks 2

This drink was on their special menu and had water melons in it. Forgot the name again. It was much better than the previous ones we had and the taste was just nice with a nice hint of liquor. At this moment, I have finally figured that the froth is actually egg white. This is priced at MYR37.

A Night To Remember - Roses

We were having the drink while waiting to be seated at the restaurant. I couldn’t help looking at how beautiful the roses are.

A Night To Remember - Marini's on 57 - Scenery 2

Finally, to have the chance to be at the restaurant after quite a bit of wait. The restaurant scenery view overlooks the KL Tower, the other side of Kuala Lumpur.

A Night To Remember - Marini's on 57 - Scenery

A city that never sleeps, a night to remember for us and shall not forget this very moment.

Marini's on 57 - Earl Grey

Earl Grey tea was ordered as a tummy calmer before the dessert comes. Interesting double wall glass where the heat from the tea doesn’t disperse as quickly.


The dessert was to die for, Fondente Con Gelato All A Vaniglia is 70 % Pure Valrhona Melted Chocolate, Vanilla Gelato and berries.  The only I would describe this dessert is SEXY, the chocolate was rich but not overly sweet.  This is a must try, priced at MYR42.

A Night To Remember Marini's On 57 - Congratulations

The final dish was given a bit too quick I think, with a variety of praline selections. Why too quick? See the congratulations written there ? This silly boy hasn’t even popped the question yet !

This is the moment that I have been waiting for the longest time. I saw it coming the moment we changed our path to the restaurant and I was very nervous.

Yes, he did pop the question. With a diamond ring in his hand, he asked me the one question that I’ve been waiting to hear for such a long time.

I was lost for words for a while. Collecting my thoughts, thinking where are we headed in the future. Where am I today and how will we fare as a forever loving couple. I told him this will have to wait. There are a few accomplishments to gather under myself before I can say yes. Yes, I told him this isn’t the right time yet and he would have to work harder to get me again 😛

To our dear family and friends, we appreciate all the good wishes and congratulations. I was never expecting the overwhelming responses. Though the proposal didn’t work, he insisted me to keep the ring. This is not the end of us as we will treasure our relationship even further. I will still love him with all my heart and no one else in the world but only him.


Yours sincerely.

Traclyn Yeoh

Mediteca’s Porkalicious Launch Party, Introducing A Pork Friendly Mediterranean Menu

Mediteca has incorporated pork to their menu beginning on June 1st, 2013. Just last week, they have launched a pork party in introducing this menu. In their new menu, there will be selection of tapas, starters and main using pork and every month there will be a themed set as promotional menu of special dishes inspired by traditional recipes from Southern Europe such as  France, Italy, Spain, Greece , Morocco, Malta, Lebanon and more. Also, weekly set menu are also themed by countries for that fresh, quick, affordable and quality Mediterranean style meal.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Riccardo Ferrarotti

This new menu was designed by Mediteca’s Chef Owner, Riccardo Ferracotti who has more than 10 years in experience in culinary management. Riccardo came from Biella, a small mountain village in the northern Italy and travelled around to the US, UAE, China and Malaysia to look out for further experience for his passion in Italian culinary world. On top of that he has also opened a number of restaurants in Florida, Dubai and Shanghai. He came to Malaysia in 2008 and lately beganhis new company importing niche product into Malaysia, Bottega Mediterranean. He was there for the party serving guests with his fine cold cuts.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Selection of Cold Cuts & Cheeses

The fine cuts that was served during the party was delicious! There was prosciutto (dry cured pork leg slices), pancetta (dry cured pork belly slices), salami (dry cured sausage), and I think there was also lonzino (dry cured pork loin). There were a few toppings to go with which is sautéed mushrooms, olives, pickled strawberry, pickled carrots, bread sticks, caramelized onions and cheese to compliment the saltiness of the dry cured pork meat. The aroma and the fineness of the cuts is just almost perfect. There was also different types of cheese served upon request. At the same time, there was free flow of appetizers towards dessert, more pork!

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli  - Hummus On Toast

Hummus On Toast

The hummus wasn’t too creamy and the toast was soft on the inside and crunchy outside. Great start as an appetizer.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Piselli & Bacon Soup

Piselli & Bacon Soup

This is one of my favourite as the saltiness of the bacon binds well with the creamy soup. What’s best is that the soup was served warm and piselli is basically peas but it doesn’t taste too green as a soup.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Veal Tongue with Pickled Onion

Veal Tongue with Pickled Onion

This has an interesting texture and I couldn’t put myself to try this, definitely not for faint hearted ones. My BF mentioned that the texture of the tongue is quite unique and the herb that came along with it complimented the grimy taste of this morsel quite well.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Tomato & Chorizo Skewer

Tomato & Chorizo Skewer

On a short skewer, there was half of a cherry tomato and a slice of Chorizo. The cherry tomato is lightly sautéed I believe and the Chorizo was soft on the inside and chewy and crunchy on the outside at the same time. The meat was very moist and juicy.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Suckling Pig

Suckling Pig

Served in soup spoons, there’s the small pieces of suckling pig. Some were quite thick on the fat and some aren’t but its all good for me. The skin is crunchy and the sauce gives a slight sweet flavour to it. The fatty part just melts in the mouth.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Pig Jaw on Shooter

Pig Jaw on Shooter

I find the name of this is really interesting and its basically stewed pork with intense flavor that I can taste every bits of the meat with the flavour. It has that slight woody flavour and the meat was soft but not overly soft. Like this!

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella

Paella is basically Valencian rice and I thought that it was a little too soft and flavour is slightly bland. I can’t really see much seafood with it although it was served quite handful in the soup spoons.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Oxtail Ravioli

Oxtail Ravioli

The texture taste like a pork ball and this really reminds me of dumplings. It is soft just like a dumpling and it gets meaty inside. It was served warm and the sauce does smelt like barbecue sauce. I like this too!

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Chicken Wing on Lard

Chicken Wing on Lard

The part of the chicken wing was used is drummet and lard is bacon. Usually drummet doesn’t have much flavour to it but to cook with the bacon wrapped around it, simply makes everything so tasteful and delicious. I think as long as you like bacon, you’ll love this too.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli  - Strawberry Splashy

Strawberry Splashy

Served with croutons and mashed strawberry, this mouth-watering dessert is lightly sweeten and gives that light crunch with the croutons. The summery savoury mint leaves just makes this dessert light and refreshing.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Churros


One of my favourite desserts ever since I had it in Melbourne and this churros shaped a bit more thicker, almost like a garlic bread sticks. It was covered with fine sugar, cinnamon and chocolate syrup. Because of its thickness, the cinnamon and chocolate syrup  wasn’t sufficient to bring out the utmost of the churros flavour. It would be great if the actual dish comes with a small jar filled with chocolate syrup.

I really enjoyed having to try the fine cuts and I think I might return for more. If you’re interested to be updated with Mediteca’s latest update, just give them a like below on their Facebook or you can check out more about them in their website, here.

Mediteca opens on Monday till Saturday from 11:30am till late night and they are located at

Lot 163 Fraser Place
Jalan Perak,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 03 – 21812426

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