Waffle Mania, Yummy Belgian Waffles!

Waffle is my old time favorite dessert and my sweet tooth couldn’t refrain these waffles with I first saw it during my food hunting at Tiny Taipei of Berjaya Times Square. Personally, I only ate those normal waffle but what Waffle Mania offers is Belgian waffle. Belgian waffles are usually quite expensive but I find this still affordable.

Waffle Mania - Belgium Waffle - Samples

Over their stall there’s sample for you to try and their waffle are made 100% milk, promising that their waffle is crispy outside and chewy inside.

Waffle Mania - Belgium Waffle - Menu

They  have their menu displayed in front of the cashier and there are eight flavors to choose from. I have tried Marshmallow and Strawberry Frozen Yogurt, they both their special flavors. This is not the first time of me eating this Belgian Waffle from Waffle Mania.

Waffle Mania - Belgium Waffle - In The Making

Their waffle is pre-made and heat it over the waffle maker then add in the flavor that has been ordered. Depending on what you’ve ordered, they’ll make sure that you’ll get your waffle warm.

Waffle Mania - Belgium Waffle - Marshmallow

This is the first flavor that I tried on my first purchase and never forget how awesome it tasted. Its the Marshmallow where the waffle is topped with chocolate syrup,  crushed peanut and mini marshmallow. The waffle indeed crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. What I love is the entire waffle is warm yet that it doesn’t get soggy and I’m a big fan of marshmallow. The marshmallow was warm too that the insides are melting. Yummy! This cost MYR 5.50 and if you add MYR 1.90, you get to choose lemonade or mineral water.

Waffle Mania - Belgium Waffle 2

Waffle Mania are now only available at Tiny Taipei in Berjaya Times Square, I highly recommend on their waffle. Especially if you don’t mind treating yourself with some sweetness. If you would like to support them, please give them a thumbs up on their Facebook below!

They can be found at,
Lot K-03-05, Level 3, Berjaya Times Square,
No. 1, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

[gmap addr=” No. 1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur”]Berjaya Times Square[/gmap]


Carnaval Churrascaria, The Brazilian Buffet

Just Thursday last week and it took my BF’s family about 1.5 hours to get here  after going through those hideous traffic jams but its all worth the time as having a meal here was awesome. I’m already missing the food there now and I want to come back for more!

Carnaval Churrassaria - Menu

Introducing to you, Carnabal Churrassaria located in Damansara Jaya and let me share with you what are they all about.

‘The Churrascaria (which means barbecue in Portuguese) was developed in South Brazil – cowboy and meats – producing country, where barbecue took places outside regularly, usually accompanied by lots of drinks and dancing.’ – Carnaval Churrascaria

We took on the full meal which includes everything from the salad bar and unlimited servings of meat priced at MYR66.00 per person.

Carnaval Churrassaria - Interior

This is one of the highly raved eatery and they have opened for more than 10 years. I have no idea why I didn’t find out about this place during my college years. I’m a graduate from KDU and this is so freaking close to my college! Good news for the Muslims as the food served here is Halal and as I carefully observed the interior, they are decorated with Brazil flags, table cloths of green and yellow and artsy paintings hanging on their wall.

Carnaval Churrassaria - Business Manager Mr Lum

This is Mr Lum, the Business Manager whom is a friend of my BF’s uncle. I asked to snap a photo of his but he insisted that I should take a photo of the Brazilian chef who got all the meat done authentically of the Brazilian way. So I sneakily snapped this photo of Mr Lum anyway.

Carnaval Churrassaria - Chef

This is the Brazilian chef behind all the delicious meat. I forgot to ask for his name but Mr Lum was telling me, ‘That’s him’. Kudos to him that those beef and lamb tasted awesomely great.

Carnaval Churrassaria - Salad Bar

There are a lot to choose from the salad bar, there’s sauté tomato, coleslaw,  spinach, lettuce, potato salad, wedges, french bean, lady’s finger and etc. I particularly liked the spinach because of the sweetness from the dressing but the spinach aged for a bit.

Carnaval Churrassaria - Coffee & Desser

Coffee and dessert if you may…

Carnaval Churrassaria - Mint Sauce & Clear Salsa

On the table there is a bowl of mint sauce and a bowl of clear salsa which can drizzled over your meat.

Carnaval Churrassaria - Style of Serving

This is how they work, there’s always waiter or waitress kept coming out from the kitchen bringing the meat in a large skewer that looked almost like a sword. They come to your table and cut the meat according to how much you want. They serve grilled pineapple (my favourite!), lamb shoulder, lamb cutlet, beef (rare, medium rare, well done), garlic beef, small lamb, curry chicken, chicken wings, chicken ham, sausages, prawn and fish. Since its a buffet, they kept coming serving you the meat non-stop.  They are all tasted really delicious except for the curry chicken is just curry marinated chicken and the fish is overcooked and non juicy.

Carnaval Churrassaria 2

Throughout the years, I think they raised their price but I still think its worth it because of what they are serving. Its not a fine-dine restorant and they don’t look fancy from the outside of their restaurant but you never know, don’t judge a book by its cover! They are subjected to 10% of service charge and 6% of government tax.

[gmap addr=”77 Jalan SS22/19, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya”]Carnaval Churrascaria[/gmap]

They are located pretty close to KDU University College and I highly recommend you to try this! They do have weekly promotion of:

  • Monday – party night 5 adults 1 free
  • Tuesday – wine & dine night “BYO”
  • Wednesday – ladies night “15%” off
  • Sunday – Family day “15%” off

Carnaval Churrascaria
77 Jalan SS 22/19,
Damansara Jaya,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03 – 7725 2252


Xiao Bar Wang, Authentic Taiwanese Street Snacks

Out of the blue for the weekend lunch, we discovered this Taiwanese eatery in at the Lower Ground Floor of One Utama a while ago where a cluster of eatery outlets are. Last week, I went there again and this time, I have ensured myself to share this with you. If you’re a fan of mee sua, this maybe the right place to go.

Xiao Bar Wang - Authentic Taiwanese Street Snacks - Menu

Xiao Bar Wang have a variety of Taiwanese delicacy from meals to light snacks at an affordable price. We have ordered the Jumbo set which includes mee sua, cripsy chicken, herbal egg and a drink. The set meal is for MYR15.90.

Xiao Bar Wang - Authentic Taiwanese Street Snacks - Mee Sua

Mee Sua

‘Using only the finest ingredients imported from Taiwan, Xiao Bar Wang is proud to offer the Taiwanese mee sua that is a definite must-try. Along with a piping hot serving of delectable soup, the smooth mee sua is sure to satisfy your craving.’  -Xiao Bar Wang

The mee sua that they have serve is the flat type, including in the dish is some pork balls, parsley, a dash of pepper and a tiny scoop of their chilly paste. I like the soup, rich in oyster flavour and not too starchy at all. Be warn that the chilly paste is very spicy! Do request to have the chilly separated if you still want to try it. The pork balls tasted like as though they are handmade from the minced pork. This mee sua is served in paper bowl and you are suppose to eat it with wooden chopstick provided. Highly recommended.

Xiao Bar Wang - Authentic Taiwanese Street Snacks - Crispy Chicken

Crispy Chicken

‘Snack it up with our crispy bite-sized goodness that’s large on taste! Add the Xiao Bar Wang’s Special Salt & Pepper concoction or spice it up with Xiao Bar Wang’s Chilli powder for that extra oomph!’ – Xiao Bar Wang

Unlike any other fried chicken, this is not covered with thick flours at all. I tasted the chicken more and what makes it much more fragrant is that they fried it with sesame.  This is delicious, the saltiness is sufficient and their pepper is not too hot. They are packed in paper bag and skewers are provided so you can easily snack them even if you’re walking around. I recommend this too!

Xiao Bar Wang - Authentic Taiwanese Street Snacks

Xiao Bar Wang was introduced in Singapore by Jeff Wang, a Mediacorpe Artiste and Ong Wee Yeap, who works in the financial industry.  They have opened their first kiok at Tampines One and begins to expand their business since then which includes Malaysia. I’m not sure if they have it at other locations but you can sure find them at:

LG118 Lower Ground Floor
1 Utama Shopping Center
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama City Centre
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

[gmap addr=”1 Utama Shopping Center”]One Utama Shopping Center[/gmap]

If you would like to support them, do like Xiao Bar Wang 小霸王 Facebook below! Find out more about them at XiaoBarWang.com.

Restaurant Kam Qun, Fish Head Specialties

This ain’t the first time visiting this restaurant and I came here a couple of times with my BF’s family. This time round, I’m here with my bunch of guy friends having casual dinner over last weekend. This restaurant was first located in Pandan Indah and they have just  moved to this new location just a few months ago. Some of you would probably freak out thinking what is there to eat out of a first head? It’s not entire;y only the head but partially the body. What we liked about their fish head is its always fresh, juicy and affordable.

Restaurant Kam Qun - Menu

There isn’t much selection of food looking at their menu here. Six types of flavors for steamed fish heads priced at MYR24.00 – MYR25.00 and six other dishes priced from MYR5.00 – MYR 30.00. It isn’t too expensive yea? Let’s see what have we ordered. When it comes to eating with my guy friends, they eat like dinosaurs!

Restaurant Kam Qun - Fish Head Steamed with Black Bean Sauce

Fish Head Steamed with Black Bean Sauce

As I mentioned earlier, the fish is very fresh and juicy. The steamed fish head is covered with black bean sauce with red and green capsicums, raw red shallots, red chili  parsley and spring onions. The black bean sauce is quite thick but the sauce is slightly bland because its not as salty as how black beans usually be. This is the first time trying this flavor, if only is slightly more salty then it would be perfect. Though it does have chopped chillies it is not as spicy.

Price: MYR 25.00

Restaurant Kam Qun - Fish Head Steamed with Soy Sauce

Fish Head Steamed with Soy Sauce

This is the best dish among all of the flavors that I had before. Basically, the fish head is steamed with soy sauce and oil, topped with fried garlics, ginger, red chili, parsley and spring onion. This dish has never go wrong before and I highly recommend trying it. Since the fish is fresh, the flesh is tender and just with the fragrant of soy sauce, it gives a very tasteful flavor.

Price: MYR 25.00

Restaurant Kam Qun - Steam Beancurd with Dried Shrimp

Steamed Beancurd with  Dried Shrimp

This was served to us warm and that’s the best thing out of it plus that the beancurd is very smooth. I came across restaurants that served the same dish but the beancurd is cold. Its served with soy sauce and topped with oyster sauce, fried dried shrimps and spring onions. Beancurd doesn’t have much taste to it but with the soy sauce and the fragrant dried shrimp, it makes the beancurd taste good. Its the nicest by far I ever had.

Price: MYR 5.00

Restaurant Kam Qun - Steamed Spare Ribs in Plums

Steamed Spare Ribs in Plum Sauce

It’s pork spare ribs steamed in plum sauce with tons of chopped ginger, topped with tomato, chilli and spring onion. The ginger flavor is pretty heavy that I can’t tell there is any plum sauce. The spare ribs are juicy and not over cooked. You can tell if the ribs are over cooked, the meat with be too tough and sticks on the bones. For those of you who likes ginger, this isn’t too bad and I’m liking this dish.

Price: MYR 15.00

Restaurant Kam Qun - Stir Fry Baby Lettuce

Stir Fry Baby Lettuce

We always balance out our diet with vegetables. This ain’t no stranger to us but just a simple stir fry with garlic. I don’t quite remember how much is this, probably less than MYR 10.00.

Restaurant Kam Qun - Sweet & Sour Pork

Sweet & Sour Pork

Deep fried pork pieces with sweet and sour sauce with green capsicums, red shallots and tomato. From the menu, the pork was soaking in the sauce but it turns out sufficient in real. The pork was still tender and not over cooked at all. The sauce was a little thick but once I ate it with rice, it’s fine. It’s a decent dish.

Price: MYR 15.00

I would recommend to have dinner here for its steamed fish head. Their otak-otak and omelette isn’t too bad either. The price is very reasonable as to compared with other places for steamed fish head. I couldn’t locate this restaurant in Google maps, I’ll just share with you the address below.

No. 40-G Dataran Mestika
Jalan Mawar 17,
Taman Mestika,
56100 Selangor.
Handphone: +6012-287 9964