My Date with Lover by The Porch

How was everyone’s Valentine’s celebration? I hope you had lots of fun no matter who you go out with or where you went. The title makes it sounds more ironic and of course, I did had a warm cozy date with my lover *giggles*. Calling my boyfriend as my lover sounds more intimate, eh?

The celebration was nothing grand but it’s one of the most romantic night spent. We had great food by his house porch and we had starters till dessert!Let’s see what we had…

As a starter, we had creamy mushroom soup (forgot to take a photo of it) and seafood with white wine.

How to prepare Seafood with White Wine:

  1. Seal the seafood with garlic and fresh thyme over the pan with olive oil
  2. Wrap all of it in foil and before sealing it add white wine to taste
  3. Grill with charcoal

The main dish is Flaming Grilled Lamb Shoulder with blue cheese dip.

How to prepare Flaming Grilled Lamb Shoulder:

  1. Seal the lamb over the pan with fresh thyme and a little salt to taste
  2. Grill lamb over charcoal
  3. Blue Cheese Dip: combine blue cheese with mayonnaise and mix till even

We have side dishes that came around too, there’s fresh salad with pork belly strips and lemon-mayo and Bratwurst.

How to prepare Fresh Salad with Pork Belly Strips and Lemon Mayo:

  • Pork Belly Strips (it tasted like bacon!)
  1. Rub it with a pinch of salt on each side, don’t overdo it or else it will be too salty
  2. Grill over charcoal
  • Fresh Salad
  1. Combine any of your favorite fresh salad, here I’ve used lettuce, rocket, tomatoes and cucumber
  2. Toss it in a bowl
  3. Place pork belly strips over the salad
  • Lemon Mayo
  1. Combine lemon juice with mayonnaise. The amount of lemon juice is up to individuals depending how sour you want it to be.

There’s nothing much to prepare on Bratwurst, it’s just another type of hotdog we love.

With our glass standing tall filled with white wine and as for our dessert, Tiramisu French Vanilla Passion ice cream. We didn’t make these of course, everything was so delicious! From start till the end, it went quite well except about one or two pieces of our lamb got charred but could you believe it that we had five pieces of lambs?

Though it might look simple but we share so much love there. The moment we  begin from our plans on cooking, looking out for ingredients, preparing it, cooking it together and toasting our wine for the day. Those small and hidden gestures are the love surrounded us that matters and our 8th year anniversary is coming  soon. The food was really mouth watering and made my lover’s rotweiler was dripping her saliva when we looked at her!

How was your celebration?

Traclyn Yeoh

Yummy Cheese Cake!

Alright this is the recipe that I have promised. Please do enjoy this recipe. Just a friendly notice, this cake is not suitable for Muslims to consume because it contains liqueur.

Some of the ingredients are not in the picture.

Ingredients Listing:
Cake Base/Crust

  1. 1 packet of Maltesers
  2. 15 pieces butter biscuits
  3. 58 grams salted butter

Cake Filling

  1. 250 grams cream cheese
  2. 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
  3. 30 ml Frangelico (liqueur) /Baileys
  4. 200 ml whipped cream
  5. ½ cup sugar
  6. 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  7. ¼ cup boiling water
  8. 1½ tablespoon of gelatin powder
  9. 50 grams chocolates
  10. 10 grams butter

Cake Base/Crust

  1. Crush all butter biscuits
  2. Crush Maltesers. Keep a few for decoration purposes.
  3. Combine crushed biscuits and Maltesers with 58 grams butter.
  4. Press the mixture onto a 9-inch spring form pan as crust. Press it evenly and chill for an hour.

Cake Filling

  1. Using double boiling method, melt chocolate and 10 grams butter. Keep the heat on until the chocolate mixture is in use.
  2. Whisk whipped cream and leave in the freezer to chill.
  3. Combine cream cheese and sugar. Mix with lemon juice and vanilla essence.
  4. Mix gelatine powder with boiling water
  5. Add gelatine mixture into the cream cheese mixture and combine.
  6. Fill in cold whipped cream into the mixture.
  7. Pour ¼ of chocolate mixture and Frangelico/Baileys into the mixture. Mix everything evenly.
  8. Pour half of the mixture over the crust and half of the remaining chocolate mixture. Spread it using marbling technique.
  9. Repeat step 8, pouring the remaining mixtures.

Extra information:

  • Double boiling method is one of the cooking method to melt ingredients. What you need is a pot, metal/glass bowl that be able to stand heat and water. Just fill water into the pot, use the bowl to cover the rim of the pot. Make sure the size of the bowl is big enough so that it will not sunk into the pot. Place ingredients to be melt into the bowl. Use slow heat throughout the process.
  • Marbling is a form of technique to create pattern. It can be use in many form of art such as art painting, nail painting, cake decorating, coffee decorating and many more.

I hope everyone learn something from this recipe. Have fun with this and good luck!

Traclyn Yeoh

Pineapple Tart

Another recipe that I’ve learned on the same day as Almond Flakes Bites. To make pineapple tarts is not too difficult, it just take a little more extra steps. Let’s roll.

Available in Youtube version: Pineapple Tart

Photo Tutorial: Pineapple Tart



1. Baking paper

2. Pineapple paste

3. 400 grams of pineapple tart mix

4. Five egg yolks

5. 250grams Anchor salted butter

6. Pineapple tart mold

7. Pastry brush

8. Mixing bowl

Step One: Pour pineapple tart mix into mixing bowl.

Step One Pineapple Tart

Step Two: Put in Anchor salted butter. It is recommended to use this brand, other brands don’t work as good as this butter.

Step Two Must Ingredient Pineapple Tart Step Two Pineapple Tart

Step Three: Pour four egg yolks.

Step Three Pineapple Tart

Step Four: Mix everything.

Step Four Pineapple Tart

Step Five: Use your hands to fold the batter till it’s even.

Step Five Pineapple Tart

Step Six: Flatten the batter in the mixing bowl.

Step Six Pineapple Tart Step Six Pineapple Tart (2)

Step Seven: Refrigerate for 30 minutes or longer. Let it harden a little.

Step Seven Pineapple Tart

Step Eight: Fill some batter into the mold. The batter mold looks like this.

Step Eight Pineapple Tart (2)

I forgot to take a closer picture of the mold. It is gold in color in the ingredients picture. Push out 3-4 inches of batter strips.

Step Eight Pineapple Tart

Step Nine: Wrap batter strip around rolled pineapple paste.

Step Nine Pineapple Tart Step Nine Pineapple Tart (2)

Step Ten: Remove extra batter strip. We just need enough batter strip to wrap around the pineapple paste. Arrange on a baking tray.

Step Ten Pineapple Tart Step Ten Pineapple Tart (2)

Step Eleven: Glaze the uncook pineapple tart using an egg yolk with pastry brush

Step Eleven Pineapple Tart Step Eleven Pineapple Tart (2)

Step Twelve: Bake at 180°C for 15 minutes. When it’s almost done, you can actually smell the delicious mouth-watering pineapple tarts.

Step Twelve Pineapple Tart Finish Pineapple Tart

Step Thirteen: Store pineapple tarts in small air-tight containers. Why use small containers? Pineapple tarts molds easily when any water or even saliva touches it, therefore separate it so that not all of your pineapple tarts will be moldy.

Step Thirteen Pineapple Tart

I don’t really have sweet tooth but I like this. It’s just feel good when you did everything by yourself, it’s well done and be able to enjoy it. Good luck!

Traclyn Yeoh

Almond Flakes Bites

Chinese New Year is just next week. I get to learn two simple recipes from Jowie’s mum and sharing with everyone would be fun. It’s something you can do it for your family and friends. This post would be on an easy peasy almond flakes bites recipe.

Available in Youtube version: Almond Flakes Bites

Photo Tutorial: Almond Flakes Bites

What you need is:

1. Almond Flakes

Almond Flakes

2. Bee-Sting Mix

Bee-Sting Mix

3. Greased baking tray with baking paper on top of it.

Baking Tray

Step One: Preheat oven at 180°C. Spread 1½ to 2 scoops (approximately 200grams) of bee-sting mix evenly over the baking tray.

Step One Almond Flakes Bites Step One Almond Flakes Bites(2)

Step Two: Sprinkle 100-150 grams of almond flakes over the bee-sting mix. Make sure it covers on top of all the bee-sting mix.

Step Two Almond Flakes Bites Step Two Almond Flakes Bites (2)

Step Three: Bake for approximately 5 -7 minutes (depending how roasted the almond flakes you want it to be). The smell of the roasted almonds makes me hungry!

Step Three Almond Flakes Bites Step Three Almond Flakes Bites (2)

Step Four: Use a pizza cutter, to roll over to form bite sizes.

Step Four Almond Flakes Bites Step Four Almond Flakes Bites (2)

Step Five: Remove almond flakes bites from the baking paper. You should able to break it into the size that you’ve cut and let it cool down.

Step Five Almond Flakes Bites

Step Six: Store it in an air-tight container.

Step Six Almond Flakes Bites Step Six Almond Flakes Bites (2)

Give it a try, it taste really good. Good munchy snack Good luck!

Traclyn Yeoh