A Night To Remember 11.12.13

I understand some of you might have been wondering what happened exactly on the 11.12.13. Please bear with me as it was a night to remember.

It was a bright Wednesday where Selangor had their holidays.  I worked in Kuala Lumpur and I didn’t get the chance to get off from work. Jowie, the love of my life came to have lunch with me. I didn’t know he would because I wanted him to catch a good rest after his long restless working days. It was a surprise lunch. We are supposed to meet for dinner and didn’t know where we should be going. I went to search for some new places to visit somewhere near KLCC, somewhere I have promised to dine with him for a long time.

A Night To Remember - Christmas

Arrived at KLCC mall and was looking forward for Christmas decorations. It was crowded where people are busy taking photos with their camera. We participated and tried so hard to capture the best selfie of ourselves. With the thoughts that I should bring him to the dinner place, he said he wanted to cool down and we walked around the mall first. Unknowingly, he walked me to somewhere that I have least expected. One of the most luxurious restaurants in town, Marini’s on 57. It is literally on the 57th floor, a place you can dine and drink with magnificent 360° view of Kuala Lumpur. I never know about this and I only had my mobile to take some shots, please excuse the quality.

Marini on 57 - Violet Paradiso & Mojito

We headed to the bar with the hope to be able to witness sunset and started with very nice cocktails of the “Espresso Marte-ny” and “Mojito”. Sadly, it was a cloudy day and we didn’t get to see the sunset. The taste of the “Mojito”, we felt the rum was too strong that it was overpowering the rest of the flavors.  The “Espresso Marte-ny” was smooth especially with the froth, so fine that it blends well with the entire drink. Mojito is priced at MYR35 and The Espresso Marte-ny is priced at MYR42.

Marini's on 57 - Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Avocado Mayonnaise

To kick off our appetite, we went with Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Avocado Mayonnaise. The soft shell crab itself is delicious, crunchy and fresh, topped with rocket makes the flavor slightly tangy. The avocado mayonaise is creamy and they blend very well with the soft shell crab.  This dish is priced at MYR35.

Marini on 57 - Drinks

We ordered more drinks. Asahi beer, the blue shot glass was complimentary as of lady’s night. The drink was nice, I’m not sure what is it called but it ends with a little sweetness on it. The other two drinks, I wasn’t sure whats the name. The orange colored cocktail was a southern drink with berry taste but the vodka was overpowering, however the green one has some green tea flavor to it.

Marini on 57 - Sausage Platter

Aside from that, we ordered the Sausage platter. Three different types of sausage was served. Smoked Chicken Cheese Krainer, Thüringer Bratwurst and Chicken Krakauer served with Mustard. They are one of those worthwhile sausages to have. This dish is priced at MYR32.

Marini on 57 - Beef

Next we ordered the Angus Steak. Probably the best steak I ever had. Disbelief that this angus beef is prepared so well that it melts in your mouth, the flavours rich and I can’t even tell it was beef. This dish is priced at MYR95 for a full slab.

Marini's on 57 - Always

Here comes the bouquet of roses. I am starting to suspect something is going to happen. The expensive dinner and the roses. I have asked him about the roses, he said it was a service by them and I doubted it.

Marini on 57

We took advantage of snapping photos, Marini’s on 57 is just next to Petronas Twin Tower. The view was magnificent.

A Night To Remember - Marini's on 57

Here’s to us with the bouquet of roses that is so fine and marked this date of 11.12.13 as our most memorable moments together.

Marini's on 57 -  Drinks 2

This drink was on their special menu and had water melons in it. Forgot the name again. It was much better than the previous ones we had and the taste was just nice with a nice hint of liquor. At this moment, I have finally figured that the froth is actually egg white. This is priced at MYR37.

A Night To Remember - Roses

We were having the drink while waiting to be seated at the restaurant. I couldn’t help looking at how beautiful the roses are.

A Night To Remember - Marini's on 57 - Scenery 2

Finally, to have the chance to be at the restaurant after quite a bit of wait. The restaurant scenery view overlooks the KL Tower, the other side of Kuala Lumpur.

A Night To Remember - Marini's on 57 - Scenery

A city that never sleeps, a night to remember for us and shall not forget this very moment.

Marini's on 57 - Earl Grey

Earl Grey tea was ordered as a tummy calmer before the dessert comes. Interesting double wall glass where the heat from the tea doesn’t disperse as quickly.


The dessert was to die for, Fondente Con Gelato All A Vaniglia is 70 % Pure Valrhona Melted Chocolate, Vanilla Gelato and berries.  The only I would describe this dessert is SEXY, the chocolate was rich but not overly sweet.  This is a must try, priced at MYR42.

A Night To Remember Marini's On 57 - Congratulations

The final dish was given a bit too quick I think, with a variety of praline selections. Why too quick? See the congratulations written there ? This silly boy hasn’t even popped the question yet !

This is the moment that I have been waiting for the longest time. I saw it coming the moment we changed our path to the restaurant and I was very nervous.

Yes, he did pop the question. With a diamond ring in his hand, he asked me the one question that I’ve been waiting to hear for such a long time.

I was lost for words for a while. Collecting my thoughts, thinking where are we headed in the future. Where am I today and how will we fare as a forever loving couple. I told him this will have to wait. There are a few accomplishments to gather under myself before I can say yes. Yes, I told him this isn’t the right time yet and he would have to work harder to get me again 😛

To our dear family and friends, we appreciate all the good wishes and congratulations. I was never expecting the overwhelming responses. Though the proposal didn’t work, he insisted me to keep the ring. This is not the end of us as we will treasure our relationship even further. I will still love him with all my heart and no one else in the world but only him.


Yours sincerely.

Traclyn Yeoh

Waffle Mania, Yummy Belgian Waffles!

Waffle is my old time favorite dessert and my sweet tooth couldn’t refrain these waffles with I first saw it during my food hunting at Tiny Taipei of Berjaya Times Square. Personally, I only ate those normal waffle but what Waffle Mania offers is Belgian waffle. Belgian waffles are usually quite expensive but I find this still affordable.

Waffle Mania - Belgium Waffle - Samples

Over their stall there’s sample for you to try and their waffle are made 100% milk, promising that their waffle is crispy outside and chewy inside.

Waffle Mania - Belgium Waffle - Menu

They  have their menu displayed in front of the cashier and there are eight flavors to choose from. I have tried Marshmallow and Strawberry Frozen Yogurt, they both their special flavors. This is not the first time of me eating this Belgian Waffle from Waffle Mania.

Waffle Mania - Belgium Waffle - In The Making

Their waffle is pre-made and heat it over the waffle maker then add in the flavor that has been ordered. Depending on what you’ve ordered, they’ll make sure that you’ll get your waffle warm.

Waffle Mania - Belgium Waffle - Marshmallow

This is the first flavor that I tried on my first purchase and never forget how awesome it tasted. Its the Marshmallow where the waffle is topped with chocolate syrup,  crushed peanut and mini marshmallow. The waffle indeed crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. What I love is the entire waffle is warm yet that it doesn’t get soggy and I’m a big fan of marshmallow. The marshmallow was warm too that the insides are melting. Yummy! This cost MYR 5.50 and if you add MYR 1.90, you get to choose lemonade or mineral water.

Waffle Mania - Belgium Waffle 2

Waffle Mania are now only available at Tiny Taipei in Berjaya Times Square, I highly recommend on their waffle. Especially if you don’t mind treating yourself with some sweetness. If you would like to support them, please give them a thumbs up on their Facebook below!

They can be found at,
Lot K-03-05, Level 3, Berjaya Times Square,
No. 1, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

[gmap addr=” No. 1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur”]Berjaya Times Square[/gmap]


Ben’s @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

It was a lunch before Talika Skin Retouch Launch and here I was with Fatin and Jean. We hang out every now and then for shopping, food, events and etc. I had dine in Ben’s at KLCC once and it wasn’t a pleasant experience because there was a hair in my salad but they did changed my salad. I was crossing my fingers when we decided to have our lunch here.

Oozy Cheese Toastie

‘with cheddar, gruyere & parmesan cheese’ – Ben’s

This was ordered by Fatin, I took a small bite out of it. Served with salad and chips as sides, the bread was toasted nicely with butter and the cheese was melted in between. It was like having a slice of cheesy pizza but in a sandwich. The cheese combination gives a tinge of saltiness to the sandwich which doesn’t make the taste bland.

Price: MYR18.90

Anglio Oglio Spagethetini

‘tossed with olive oil, garlic and dried chillies’ – Ben’s

This is Jean’s dish, also I took a small bite. Topped with a leaf (which I’m not so sure what leaf) and dried chillies, there wasn’t much of a flavour but it has a very mild spiciness. She then used my pesto sauce to mix with her spaghetti and it tasted a lot more better.  I’m happier to see her eating with the pesto, otherwise she was having a hard time eating it.

Price: MYR13.90

Mushroom Lasagne

‘layers of pasta, sauteed mushrooms, herbs & cheese, baked till golden’ – Ben’s

Tadaaa~ this is my dish and I have been craving for lasagne. Mushroom has always been my favourite and I was curious to find out how does this combination go. Served with salad and pesto sauce, the lasagne was delicious. The mushroom that they used was oyster mushroom and usually this type of mushroom doesn’t have much flavour but I could tell the mushroom indeed was sautéed because the fragrant olive oil. It was quite a large piece that towards the end I couldn’t finish it. I like the original flavour without mixing the pesto sauce hence I gave it all to Jean.

Price: MYR23.90

This time I’m really satisfied dining here. Everything was quite good except for Jean’s dish, poor girl but she managed to make it a twist. Currently, Ben’s are available at  Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Suria KLCC and Publika, Solaris Dutamas. If you wish to be notified with the latest news from Ben’s, don’t forget to ‘Like’ their Facebook (The Big Group) below.


Traclyn Yeoh

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

I was incredibly tempted to visit TWG Tea Salon and Boutique after reading Jean and Fatin‘s reviews on it. Its located at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and great place to hang out if you’re up for high tea with friends and family. I’ve gotten my chance to be here after brunch at Acme with the girls.

Let’s make it short and call it TWG. This place adapts classic and modern interior decoration. What’s classic is the tea cannisters placed on wood shelves that can be found all around TWG. The marble tiles of deep green with gold borders make it luxury and modern.

They have a variety of cakes from small to larger size, different types of chocolates, macarons  and more. They are such temptation isn’t it? By looking at the colors of it just made me feel happy. The units of display also matches the flooring tiles as well.

There are three menus to begin with and one of the menu which is in the middle has cute tokens ( I think that’s what you called it) embedded with TWG’s name on it hanging out it. My bad for not taking down the name of the waiter, he is very polite and served us extremely well. We were not quite used to being addressed as ‘Madam’ but its all good.

Chocolate Fondant

‘TWG Tea’s warm chocolate cake served with a light custard cream and a scoop of homemade Vanilla Bourbon Tea ice cream’ – TWG Tea Salon and Boutique

I ordered this and was craving for chocolate that day. Fatin highly recommended it because she had it good on her last visit. The chocolate flavour is so rich and intense, the texture is like firm cream cheese. I wasn’t expecting the strawberry to be there! Kills my guilt from having all the sweetest things. I love the ice cream, the tea infused ice cream had a tinge of bitterness to it but not overwhelming. It goes very well together with the cake but when it comes to the end at finishing the cake, it was too sweet for me and the sourness from the strawberry did help to tackle the sweetness.

Price: MYR19.00

Crème Brûlée

‘A refreshing return to the traditional French confection, these two miniature crème brûlée are delightfully infused with two of our exclusive TWG’s Teas, Phuguri Dajeeling and Vanilla Bourbon Tea’ – TWG Tea Salon and Boutique

This is Fatin’s order and the crème brûlée comes in two little cute pots, totally different from what we usually see on crème brûlée. The difference between both is the creamy texture. I think on top of it is caramelized sugar, which adds great fragrant to the crème brûlée and its a little crunchy.

Price: MYR17.00

Tea Pasteries – Financier with Matcha Tea

‘Served with TWG Tea jelly whipped cream’ – TWG Tea Salon and Boutique

This three tier of goodies was Jean’s. They seems to come with somewhat tasted like cakes but they are moist, crunchy outside and soft inside. There are two flavours ordered by Jean which is green tea and chocolate. I love green tea and I’m still sticking to it even if they come in different forms.

Price: MYR13.50

Tea Macaron

‘TWG Tea’s reowned crispy almond biscuit with a soft centre. Infused with our signature tea, TWG Tea has transformed the macaron into a uniquely memorable confection’ – TWG Tea Slon and Boutique

I can’t remember which macaron that Jean ordered but I know there’s chocolate. The peach colored macaron smells amazing, just like Lancôme L’Extrait. It has rose scent to it and pretty sweet to my liking though  I had a quarter of it. The chocolate is good because it has a little bitterness to it, like dark chocolate.

MYR4.00 each

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Its definitely a great experience though its a little wee bit expensive for me but I think it’ll be good to go for it occasionally. TWG Tea Salon and Boutique is now located at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Level 2 Couture Pavilion.


Traclyn Yeoh