Acme Bar & Coffee

Last week, I had a brunch with Fatin and Jean at Acme Bar & Coffee. I have been wanting to come here for months and didn’t have a chance. Many raves about this place especially at night, it looks romantic like you were having dinner at Paris or something similar.

Entering upon the heavy and tall doors of Acme, this is what you see when you come in where there are large mirrors, box-pattern tiles, sofa and a counter. Restroom is just behind Jean where there is a LED screen blinking your way to it. I love Jean’s post, she wasn’t aware of it but its cute!

The counter in the middle is where they have the drinks prepared. It was just behind the the counter by the entrance.

They served alcoholic to non alcohol beverages and desserts too. By the end of the counter displays some delicious variety of cakes.

Acme is pretty spacious where they have a second floor which was occupied for event (I believe) on that day.

I love their wine cellar with the chiller underneath. That is super cool with ladder for easier removal of the wine. Let’s see what we had!

Baked Egg, Spinach, Rhubarb, Ricotta & Grilled Sourdough Bread

‘Two eggs slathered on grilled bread’ – Acme

Coincidentally, Fatin and I ordered the same dish. Baked eggs sounds really awesome and I couldn’t resist spinach. It comes in a small shallow pot placed on top of a plate and the eggs was nicely cooked, not over done at all. It goes really great with the bread. It doesn’t have much flavour other than the ingredients mentioned but easily adjustable with salt and pepper. It may look like quite a small portion but I was stuffed on the last few bits.

Price: MYR17.00

Fresh Tomato Mozzarella Fettucini

‘Fresh tomato with buffalo mozzarella , grilled artichoke’ – Acme

This is Jean’s dish. I get to taste for a bit and the sourness of the fresh tomato is really appetizing. It was topped with cream and that adds a little creamy flavour to it. If you’re small eater, the portion will be sufficient for you and since its really appetizing, you might finished it without noticing.

Price: MYR35.00

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Acme is located at Ground Floor at The Troika, 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and they do take reservation. Their working hours are

  • Mon – Thu:11:00 am-12:00 am
  • Fri – Sat:11:00 am-1:00 am
  • Sun:11:00 am-12:00 am

If you’re interested, you may like Acme’s Facebook below to find out more about them and keep yourself updated with their latest news. I’m really looking forward to dine-in at night one day.


Traclyn Yeoh

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie

Here’s my visit to the highly raved lavish bakery and café for dinner, Levain Boulangerie Patisserie. This is my first visit although my house is just around the corner. It’s location is pretty secluded and I give this a go since one of my peeps is treating.

Upon entering, I love the smell of butter from the bakery section. The aroma just makes the entire place felt so cozy. There are two sections where you could hang around. indoor and outdoor.

Behind at the outdoor section, there is where you can get to watch how they make their pizza fresh from oven.

They are very well-known for their pastries coming from the stone oven.

As vintage as it is, I was amazed to see the classic coffee grinder mounted on the wall and it is still functioning.

Here’s the wholesome menu, they serve from breakfast to dinner. Oh, there’s Japanese curry rice too.

As I said earlier to witness their freshly made pizza, of course they have pizza in the menu too.

I drooled over the desserts that they have. GAH~ nevermind, let’s see what are the dishes that I tried. The waiter who served us doesn’t seem to be friendly, he doesn’t smile nor naming the dish when he brought it over. We messed up with some of the dishes, luckily all of us are fine with sharing.

Dish #1: Creamy Mushroom Chicken Soup

I love the presentation, a sprinkle of herbs over the mushroom just give more color to the soup. However, I prefer it to be richer in terms of it’s texture and flavor. It was just lacking of wee bit taste.

Price: MYR 5.40

Dish # 2: Spicy Seafood Tomato Soup

This is great for starter as the flavor is just right and appetizing. It has fresh clams in the soup and the sourness from the tomato is not too extreme. It wasn’t too spicy, I could taste a very mild one.

Price: MYR 7.50

Dish #3: Creamy Mentaiko and Seafood Spaghetti

You can’t really see any mentaiko (marinated fish egg) but I do taste a bit. I would prefer it to be a little more saucy because it was pretty dry. I think there is squid, not much choice of seafood in the dish.

Price: MYR 15.90

Dish #4: Seafood Aglio Oglio Spaghetti

This has more seafood from the previous dish I reckon and it tasted like stir-fry spaghetti! It tasted special, a mix of western and eastern style to it. This is recommended.

Price: MYR 12.90

Dish #5: Cabbage Corn Beef Spaghetti

It somehow tasted like spaghetti bolognese but with cabbage and so much less sauce. I like this too, it isn’t too bad in fact.  Again, I prefer it to me more saucy.

Price: MYR 12.90

All the above dishes aren’t mine, I just tasted by taking a mouth or two. My dish did not come that night and it was weird because when our orders have been taken, the staff repeated with my dish in it. I waited for quite a bit after all the above dishes came. My Lover with one of my peeps went to check it for me and the staff  just said that they can’t do anything as the kitchen has already closed (it was already 9pm).

I want to love this place despite all the positive reviews but I left this place with huge disappointment. Not only my dish did not come, there wasn’t any apology, no actions taken and I left the place starving that I had to look for another place for food later that night. I don’t think I’ll be visiting anytime soon.

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If you are still interested to visit them, do check them out at the address above.

* Dining in are subjected to tax charges.

Traclyn Yeoh

Do You Plan B ?

Ever gone into situation that your major plan didn’t work and you have to instantly think for the second plan?

Out of ideas?

Try Plan B!

Alright this wasn’t any smart guidance of a how-to plan b but a food outlet by The Big Group named Plan B. I had lunch here with Fatin and Isabel right after attending Lancôme’s party. It’s located at

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Let’s see what we’ve ordered. Hungry Fatin has a lot…

Dish #1: Double Cheeseburger

Description: Two juicy home-made patties, with melted cheddar, fries & onion rings.

Seems quite a big portion and affordable especially it comes with a mini cup of salad and chips. Grilled patty with melting cheesing and oozing sauce under the patty.

Price: MYR 23

Dish #2: Plan B Salad

Description: Fresh mesclun leaves, chopped cucumber, onions & green olives tossed with spiced Mediterranean dressing then topped with toasted 7 seeds.

Contrasting colors in between, serves quite a big portion. I believe there was only one olive in the dish.

Price:  MYR15


Dish #3: Plan B Platter

Description: Two eggs any style, served on toast with crispy turkey bacon, golden hash brown, juicy breakfast sausages, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms & roasted tomatoes + fresh orange juice & a choice of coffee or tea.

Isabel had this, seems like a light portion but we had some food before coming here. She couldn’t finish it. I like how they have combination of any English breakfast you can find.

Price: MYR 24

Dish #4: Ben’s Egg

Description: Delicately poached eggs, a succulent slow-roasted Portobello mushroom & fresh arugula heaped on a toasted English muffin topped with Hollandaise.

I had this and I highly recommend this! Although I prefer the yolk of the poached eggs to be less cooked, the other combination was good! Arugula or better known as rocket is one of my favorite, it has that mild spicy mustard taste that blend so well when you combine with the rest.  The egg and Hollandaise sauce is creamy enough to cover the spicy taste of rocket. This dish stuffed me!

Price: MYR 16


I can’t wait to try more food again in Plan B with my friends. The dishes are priced slightly higher than ordinary ones but it’s still affordable. It’s good to try this once in a while. You may check out their menu or about them at Plan B’s website or be their fan in Plan B’s Facebook.

Now that’s the Plan B! 🙂

Traclyn Yeoh

WANTED: The Fastest Appetite in the West

What’s up dawg? Imma brin’ yo’ to the West side to feast some freakin’ awesome goodness!

I always heard about the good things of Tony Roma’s beef ribs but I have never try them until recently. My lover enjoys food as how much I enjoyed it, I brought him to dine at Tony Roma’s Pavilion on his birthday. The environment was really cozy, however, we waited for 10 minutes to get seated as we have requested for the empty space by the cushion seats.

Now here’s the birthday boy along with his mum, playing around with poses and his mum is a cam-whore 😛 . She love taking photos and there is nothing wrong definitely that his mum came along. She love her food too!

There were sauces placed on the table, comes in variety of four.

This is how the sauce texture look like. There are barbecue sauces with different flavors.

  • Blue Ridge Smokies: Thick and dark texture, tasted woody and sweet.
  • Original: Lighter texture and less sweeter than Blue Ridge Smokies. Just like the normal barbecue sauce.
  • Red Hots: Even lighter texture than Original with  a hint of spiciness. Not too spicy at first but it will gradually. It has the lightest color of all the sauces with a hint of redness.
  • Carolina Honey’s: The texture is in between Original and Red Hots, rich with the smell of honey but its not as sweet as Blue Ridge Smokies.

Let’s see what have we ordered. There’s only three of us, so don’t expect us to order gazillion dishes. So here it goes~

After ordering, we were served with complimentary breads with garlic butter. Very nice presentation but the breads are tough to chew off!

I love the bottomless juices, you get refills and the one I have ordered is mango. I could tell it’s pure because its pulpy. Priced at MYR8.90.

Dish #1 : Chicken Alfredo Florentine

Description: Linguine tossed with Alfredo sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, fresh parsley and Parmesan cheese.

It tasted not too bad but it can be improved because it wasn’t up to taste and a little lack of sauce. It was pretty dry. I have to admit that the portion is huge, you could definitely share this up to 2-3 person for small to medium eater. I love sun-dried tomatoes!

Price: MYR 31.90

Dish #2: Bountiful Beef Ribs (5pieces)

Description: Hearty ribs with a rich beef flavor. Glazed with TR’s Original or your choice of other sauce.

Succulent beef ribs with mashed potatoes. It looks like just another beef ribs but I was wrong!  The taste of original barbecue sauces soaks into the meat, leaving the meat soft and tender. The taste is intense and definitely yummy but not overwhelming. Each ribs are sized about 4-5 inches and the meat is done and pinkish. It’s funny how the lover brought back the bones for his rottweiler, she can’t crush the bones at all. This dish is a definitely must try! However the mashed potatoes didn’t taste so good.

Price: MYR  75.90

Dish #3: Steakhouse Burger (Medium Well)

Description: A grilled pure-beef burger topped with Cabernet demi-glace, creamy Havarti cheese and rosemary beef bacon.

Steak burger at almost 4-inch tall served with brown sauce and chips. The melting cheese is good enough to tempt you. I never like bloody meat and they did well for this. The patty appear pinkish with juices (it shows that the meat didn’t lose its moisture) of it as I gave a bite. I liked to eat it just by it’s original flavor, we made use of the sauce for this dish on the mashed potatoes on the previous dish. The patty itself is not too salty but it comes with beef bacon and the combination just compliments everything. However, the bread kept breaking apart as we eat, made us a mess though.

Price: MYR 27.90

Upon seeking for the bill, we were given one mentos mint for each of us just to refresh our breath.  I still prefer fruits! 😛 Don’t forget that we are subjected to 10% service charge. I definitely recommend the food here especially the ribs, they are just amazing. The food and environment was great, I still think customer service can still be improved because most of the time while we were eating and needed to request for something, waiter or waitresses seem to bother us even if we call them verbally and politely.

We had another barbecue with his bunch of friends on the next day at his house. My gift for him? A Blueberry Oreo Cheese Cake (freshly made by me), cute pig plushie (if you watch Korean drama, Kim Sam Soon) and my sincere heart 🙂 .

Traclyn Yeoh