Plastic Surgery & Changes of Perception

The term ‘plastic surgery’ are no longer a strange term as these procedures are getting more popular each day. Not only adults are receiving such procedure but I came across a video as young as 7 years old last week. There are some cases of bully in their surrounding leading them ‘fix’ the matter by doing so.

Screen Shot from ISAPS

Here is a statistic of top 25 countries on the total surgical and non-surgical procedures that has been done in year 2010. The amount has been gradually increased in certain countries. In the US, there are 13.8 million procedures performed in 2011 (Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons) which remains as the top country of performing plastic surgery.

Image Courtesy of Beauty Through Strength

Throughout the years, the society are accepting plastic surgery positively. Celebrities are no exceptional for such procedures for they are in the limelight of the society and being recognized everywhere they go. They would always want to look good and not all plastic surgery could be bad. Reality hits and study shown that good looking people gets more attention (Source: APS). Do you see where is this all going?

Back in 2008, I wrote about Plastic Surgery VS Natural Beauty and I wasn’t able to accept people who had plastic surgery except if you’re caught in accidents and being deformed from it. In my opinion, if you really need plastic surgery, ‘fix’ to improve the feature without going overboard. If you turned yourself looking totally different from how you originally looked, you’ll be the top hot news around for the wrong reasons. Worse case scenario when the surgery failed and your features started to collapse, people will take plastic surgery negatively. What’s the most important is, if you’re happy with how everything turned out, people will eventually accept you and plastic surgery.

No one is perfect and its alright to live with imperfections. Personally, I have flat and big nose with pitted scars and gummy smile but I counter it by contouring my nose with makeup and practice smiling in front of the mirror to lessen those gummy smiles from photos. I can’t really do much for the pitted scars unless I have it treated with laser which I couldn’t afford it yet . With our imperfections, we need to learn how to accept and embrace it. Can’t deny it as I also use double eyelid tape to deepen my crease although I do have double eyelid.

What if I were given a chance to go for plastic surgery for sponsored ? I still have the fear of entering operating theatre (the last time I did was for endoscopic procedure) and I’m still skeptical about it. Things could possibly change in the future, who knows?


What do you think of plastic surgery and if you’re sponsored with plastic surgery procedure, would you do it and which feature would you like to give it a change?


Traclyn Yeoh

Ease Your Monthly Boo Boo

Image Courtesy of Kyrariffin

It’s the time of the month again, some go “Oh, NO!” , some says “YAY!”. Many of us often feel uncomfortable during menstruation – PMS, cramps, bloated, mood swings. As I grow up, I discovered tips and remedies that helps me to ease the blues as I try to avoid for taking any medication. I have shared these remedies with my friends and this time I’m sharing it with you how to ease your menstrual cramps.

Image Courtesy of Healthy Palm

Warm Bath

Some say that we shouldn’t take our bath which I think it’s quite an unhealthy step. You definitely want to keep yourself hygienic and of course, to get rid of all kinds of odor. Best of all, try to have warm bath as it helps to relief the cramps.

Image Courtesy of Marathon Sweetheart

Hot Bag

I remember there was once when I was having fever and menstruating during winter in Melbourne, my Lover prepared me a hot bag to keep me warm. To my surprise, the hot bag helped me to ease my cramps a lot and I could never live without hot bags ever since (not till I come back to Malaysia). Uterine contraction happens most frequently when we are menstruating hence the cramp, the hot bag helps to relax your muscles.

Image Courtesy of Buzzle

Chamomile Tea

While anything warm could keep your muscles to relax, I find warm chamomile tea helps in relaxing your entire body system. Add some honey if you may, rest yourself aside and enjoy your warm tea. If you never like chamomile tea, try green tea or any of your favorite tea.  Ginger tea would help to ease bloating.

Image Courtesy of All Wellness


Try to light up the candle and use your favourite essential oil. The scent from these oils helps you to calm and relax, improve your mood and rest better. Chamomile, jasmine, lavender, rose and ylang ylang are recommended. Some use these essential oil to apply on affected areas, you may look out some DIY formulation over the internet.

Image Courtesy of Body Incredible


While some of us believe that chocolate helps to improve our mood, so go grab some chocolates to combat the moody us. If you can’t take chocolate, try banana. It contains vitamin B6 that helps to regulate your blood glucose levels.

The DON’Ts

While above are the remedies that may help you, I wanted to share what my mum had thought me what to avoid during our menstruation. It was through her experience and many Chinese belief. It isn’t too bad to avoid all these for only a week or two. You can take it as a belief or a precaution, otherwise you don’t have to follow.

Image Courtesy of Daily Tech

Ice Water

Remember how I mentioned that how warm bath, hot bags and warm tea helps to relax muscles? Consuming ice cold water goes the other way, it may worsen the cramps. Some say it’s a myth but consuming something warm isn’t too bad, I reckon?

Image Courtesy of Guangdong SO Dragon Food

Grass Jelly

Grass jelly are great when it comes to scorching heat weather and are mainly served as dessert or drinks. In the Chinese belief, any kind of food and drinks that is ‘cooling’ are better not to consume.  Grass jelly is one of them.

Image Courtesy of ESL Food Vocabulary Lesson

Coconut, Watermelon, Pineapple
Since we are speaking about ‘cooling’ food and drinks, fruits like coconut, watermelon and pineapple are said to be too ‘cooling’ for your body when you are menstruating. I do believe that coconut is very ‘cooling’ as it is recommended by doctors to take coconut juice especially when you have fever. My mum once ate pineapple when her menstruation almost end but after consuming it the duration has been prolonged.

Well, these are just my two cents sharing from experience and belief. I hope this is useful and do let me know which remedy helps.

Do you have any remedy that you would like to share? If you do, please share on the comment section.

Traclyn Yeoh

The Boob Job

Not many female Asians are blessed with the boob size they long for. They come in many sizes small, medium, large or A, B, C, D, E, F cups. Most of them would go for augmentation, however reduction is much lesser. Busty women are usually portrayed as sexy, more feminine, curvy and fun. What do you think?

Some examples of natural busty celebrities are newly wed Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Scarlet Johnson and Salma Hayek. Lucky them, their assets are just great to flaunt upon but do you know that it could get in the way when it gets too big? Especially exercise, the weight and the size might interrupt some of the movement and if it gets too bouncy, its kind of uncomfortable and yeah…gets saggy much faster if the boobies doesn’t get enough support.

I hit a question to my female friends asking if they are satisfied with their boob size and why, it was a great share and the assumption of wanting to be busty all the time maybe wrong!

“I would say no and I want them BIIIG! But even with my size now, I’m having a backache.” – Nicole, Blogger of Nicole’s Mirror

“I used to be very unhappy about it but I’ve learnt to accept my body just the way it is. You do not define a girl by her boob size but you look at the whole package. Also, having smaller boobs has it’s advantages as well.”  – Isabel Lee, Blogger of Sugar Coated Muffin

“Yes I am satisfied with my boob size because… I don’t feel inadequate?”  – Ju Ann, Senior Account Manager and Blogger of My Fat Pocket

“Yes I’m satisfied with mine. If the boobs are too big, makes someone look kinda umm… fat and tops won’t fit properly and nicely.” – Charlene Andria, Project Manager

“No…anyway I don’t think ANYONE is satisfied about their boob size.In my humble opinion, if you’re small… enough said, if you’re big then you will complain its heavy, difficult to buy clothes and bla bla…” – Anonymous

“I am satisfied. I just don’t see the need to change the boob size.” – Anonymous

Alright we have heard from the ladies, what about the men? When I popped the question to my guy friends, some of them took a while to answer and some said it was a good question. So here it is…

Why Do Men Like Big Boobs?

“Sensual pleasures are very hard to be explained. I believe not all men like girls with big bosoms. It’s a preference, I don’t think all girls like guys with big “tools” too, right? It’s a personal choice.” – Jon Wong, Brand Manager

“Not all  but certain girls look good with bigger boobs, like the petite ones.” – Anonymous

“Nice to hold on I guess” – Anonymous

“Because it fits the hand, feeling soft and I could lay my head on it like a pillow.” – Anonymous

“It’s a natural thing in men, they feel happier after looking at it and makes us feel rejuvenated after squeezing at it. ” – Anonymous

“I don’t fancy big boobs. Just nice and within hand grip is the best . Big boobs are just catchy, nice to see but not to grip.” – Anonymous

“First thing that comes to my mind would be visually attractive.” – Anonymous

I’m surprised by the answers although some sounded a wee bit perverted but they are speaking on their humble points. It was rather interesting and fun to open such question to my friends. It was cool to have them to answer it and thank you so much for your time and participation!

Although some said size doesn’t matter, some women would still long for larger boobies. Not just to please men but they just felt better, attractive, complete and more confident. I came across this video a while ago on how you could create an illusion of larger boobs, the safe way without surgery. Let’s watch some booby lesson~  *huge smile*

I thought this could be a good share, she is creative with ideas eh? Her socks idea was old school and cute, just reminded me how much I wanted to be a grown up when I was a kid.

When you want to boost your boobies in such way, try not to overdo it because it’s going to create madness in between your friends…gossips and yadda yadda yadda… and worse still your partner in bed *disappointed smile*. I’d like to tweak a bit from her tips, hopefully it would be alright for her and you.

Jenna’s  Tip: Safety pin

My tweak: Bra clips

I think investing on bra clips would make life easier because you’re not prone in getting injured. You can adjust anyhow by yourself without anybody’s help. It’s easy to use, all you have to do is slide your bra straps in between these clips and you’re ready to go! Crossback and removable straps bra could do the trick too.

Where to find?  At Supermodel Secrets.

Jenna’s Tip: Stuffing socks and double up bra

My tweak: Nu Bra

With the humidity in Malaysia, it’s really difficult to stay chilled for the entire time unless you’re in air-conditioned. Some of us tend to perspire easily and Jenna’s idea is definitely less troublesome for cold countries. My tips here would be using Nu Bra or also known as Freebra, its made out of silicone and widely known for its strapless and cleavage enhancer function. I reckon double up using this will be less warmer and not easy busted than using inflatable or water padding.

Where to find? At Supermodel’s Secret and other clothing stores.

I bump into the Victorian-style bras not too long ago, DEU Body Double. Its a full body corset and looks promising to give you that temporary boob job. You’re just a pull away from it.

Not into corsets? Here’s another bra, Evescret Magic Bra. It’s the same Victorian-style like DEU Body Double minus the corset.

If you were to ask me, I’m 50-50 for on the satisfaction although I’m a B. I do face problems on purchasing tops because the chest fitting was small but it doesn’t happen not all the time. There are times I do wish it could be bigger especially when it comes to low-cut tops or dresses and sometimes I do feel satisfied because it doesn’t really interrupt my exercise (sports bra come to the rescue~), don’t lure rapist/maniacs and premature sagging. Reminder, don’t lie about your size because if you do, you’re not even true to yourself and shows how well you are accepting you.


So what do you think? If the size ever matter? If these tricks going to work? If these tricks going to put men off?

Traclyn Yeoh

Clarence Valentines [MUST READ!]

Last month, I received this Facebook message and I thought I should share it just to make sure people are aware of it.

At first, I do think that this person is very sweet until I read the message to the end because he sounded a little desperate to become friends. I’m not falling for this, HAH! I felt a little dodgy and look through his profile.  Of course, he is a male with 100% female in his friend’s list and I googled his employer, found nothing. This is even more dodgy!

So I took the chance to even google part of his message and I found another person who receives this message, here. LOL! Telling me that he actually spent time typing such a dragging message when he DID COPY AND PASTE. I certainly don’t know the true color of this person and what are his intentions. I didn’t meant to badmouth about him but his actions are way to doggy that I think I need to alert everyone about this.

I just ignored his message and post it up here, letting you all to judge. What do you think?First thought that came into my mind is, ‘Is this like a dating scammer?’. Have you ever receive any of this message? Do share!

Traclyn Yeoh