Welcome Haters!

Ever since Nikkie came out with this video, I figured that it helped me a lot on handling haters and I think that this would be one great video to share with everyone. It would even help in your daily life because haters don’t only come in the blogging and Youtube community. They are everywhere but just don’t let them get you. For the times that I blog ( I think it’s coming almost 2 years of blogging), I don’t really get hateful comments until I started to produce my own videos. By the way, enjoy the video.

I get hateful comments like saying that I’m stupid, I copied Michelle Phan aka Ricebunny, I’m cheap and etc,…and I usually ignore them or reply them with facts politely to them. I always try to put myself in their shoe why that they leave such comment. For the case of Michelle Phan, I know that she has a lot of supporters all over the globe for her great makeup and beautiful skin. I watched and love her videos all the time too but I realise at one point there are many other makeup gurus out there other than her. So I opened my scope in Youtube than just watching her.

I have reasons where how I came across on doing my videos with music and voice overs. Let me list them.

  • My surroundings are usually noisy – ceiling fan, radio, laptop, surroundings outside the house
  • I don’t like to talk while doing makeup, it’s quite a distraction
  • I’m not really spontaneuos
  • Isn’t it better to listen some music from tutorials? You get to listen some great songs that you never come across~
  • My videos are like presentation, I prefer to look on quality than dragging the whole video of nothing
  • I was aware of doing voice overs might be just like Michelle’s videos but I was encouraged by Mina to do so. Check out this post.

And I enjoy doing video editing because I learn a lot from there and it gives me additional skill which I think it’s a good thing. For haters that easily leave hateful comment, I always wonder if that they came across over videos that:

  • does voice over
  • does the same technique/DIY/tutorial
  • better gurus out there although they didn’t appear to be more famous

There is one article wrote by one our famous Malaysian blogger which is useful too. Read it, here. Therefore, after reading Nicole’s article and Nikie’s video, I don’t take hateful comments emotionally anymore. In fact, I’m welcoming them. Just accept those nasty comments and stay strong. If you do have your own stories, do share it with me.

: Another uplifting video for everyone and I still adore Michelle Phan and Bubbi.

No one likes to be compared and no one is perfect. We are all trying at our best. If you are able to respect someone and they will eventually respect you too.

Traclyn Yeoh

Standardized Web Layout in All Browsers

Another idea that I have posted in Xanga Idea. I always use Firefox to open Xanga but just yesterday my laptop crashed and I have to use my brother’s computer to surf. I open my site using Internet Explorer and it came to my surprise that my custom module on my left panel is a mess. When I use Firefox to view my site, it is always as what I want it to be. Therefore, I’m urging you to vote on this idea to standardize the layout for all web browsers, so it is easy for you as you don’t need to worry how your site would look in other web browsers.


Please click on the picture to vote. You’ll make a difference and help me to spread the words around too! Thank you!

Traclyn Yeoh

Are Bloggers Just Boring People?

As I was speaking to a friend whom I just knew yesterday, I was telling her that I blog almost everyday. She wowed at me and told me that I should go out more often and see more of the outside world. Well, it dawn on me thinking that are bloggers just lonely people who sits in front of the computer doing their postings? Are we all just living in a box of boredom?

I’ve seen people earning their income by being a full-time blogger, and they are interesting people. Lucky them, they are sponsored.

Traclyn Yeoh