Plastic Surgery & Changes of Perception

The term ‘plastic surgery’ are no longer a strange term as these procedures are getting more popular each day. Not only adults are receiving such procedure but I came across a video as young as 7 years old last week. There are some cases of bully in their surrounding leading them ‘fix’ the matter by doing so.

Screen Shot from ISAPS

Here is a statistic of top 25 countries on the total surgical and non-surgical procedures that has been done in year 2010. The amount has been gradually increased in certain countries. In the US, there are 13.8 million procedures performed in 2011 (Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons) which remains as the top country of performing plastic surgery.

Image Courtesy of Beauty Through Strength

Throughout the years, the society are accepting plastic surgery positively. Celebrities are no exceptional for such procedures for they are in the limelight of the society and being recognized everywhere they go. They would always want to look good and not all plastic surgery could be bad. Reality hits and study shown that good looking people gets more attention (Source: APS). Do you see where is this all going?

Back in 2008, I wrote about Plastic Surgery VS Natural Beauty and I wasn’t able to accept people who had plastic surgery except if you’re caught in accidents and being deformed from it. In my opinion, if you really need plastic surgery, ‘fix’ to improve the feature without going overboard. If you turned yourself looking totally different from how you originally looked, you’ll be the top hot news around for the wrong reasons. Worse case scenario when the surgery failed and your features started to collapse, people will take plastic surgery negatively. What’s the most important is, if you’re happy with how everything turned out, people will eventually accept you and plastic surgery.

No one is perfect and its alright to live with imperfections. Personally, I have flat and big nose with pitted scars and gummy smile but I counter it by contouring my nose with makeup and practice smiling in front of the mirror to lessen those gummy smiles from photos. I can’t really do much for the pitted scars unless I have it treated with laser which I couldn’t afford it yet . With our imperfections, we need to learn how to accept and embrace it. Can’t deny it as I also use double eyelid tape to deepen my crease although I do have double eyelid.

What if I were given a chance to go for plastic surgery for sponsored ? I still have the fear of entering operating theatre (the last time I did was for endoscopic procedure) and I’m still skeptical about it. Things could possibly change in the future, who knows?


What do you think of plastic surgery and if you’re sponsored with plastic surgery procedure, would you do it and which feature would you like to give it a change?


Traclyn Yeoh

Marie Claire Anti-Snatch Theft Campaign

Have you ever feel insecure when you walking alone by the street side fearing someone might snatch your beautiful bag and belongings? Or maybe unexpected incidents as such when you’re around with a bunch of friends?

Snatch theft cases are no longer a surprise in Malaysia, never ended and it has to end. Speaking from experience, I was once almost a snatch theft victim when I was 17.  I live in the city and it was evening about quarter past 6pm. I was on my way walking back home after finishing my part time job in a bookstore. There I was about 5 minutes away from home, a motorcyclist came from the back tried to grab my bag but he failed. I was holding a magazine with my both hands, that had prevented it. My lover yelled and chased but the motorcyclist fled.

My mother experienced it a few times before but the theft never got caught. She never carry any bags since then giving the exception for occasional dinners. No matter how beautiful handbags displayed in front of her, she will kept reminding herself of the unforgotten experience. I have also witnessed once happened before my eyes a few years back.

In March 2011, it happened to my blogger friend, Tammy. Poor her that she had so much injuries and she has also shared in her experience in her blog, here. I’m grateful that she has healed from her injuries now. Some serious cases reported are even worse as victims died after severe injuries. Not only one case but a few, listening or reading such cases just saddens most of us.


Here’s a share of  a video captured in April 2011. Can you see how violent these criminals can be? They are no longer only snatching from people walking by the streets but passengers in the car? That’s just crazy!

Image Courtesy of Marie Claire Malaysia

Here is a Anti-Snatch Theft Campaign currently running by Marie Claire Malaysia.I was glad to find such campaign and I did not think twice at all to sign for this petition. If you support to such campaign, please sign to this petition to reclaim our streets. I believe all of us would like to fight against snatch thieves. You will just have to include your name and email address. To sign the petition, please join here. This petition will be running until end of July 2011, please share this with your loved ones, friends and family.

Thank you for signing and together we fight against them!

Traclyn Yeoh


All the while I thought that I have good friends with me. They do exist and I appreciate them very much. Thank you for being such a good friend of mine. Somehow there is one now turned out to be a huge hypocrite or I should say a sly. What a person I have met and all the troubles that she has caused me and my friends to go through. She did not know who is treating her good, do not know how to appreciate her friend’s effort, and whatever that her friends’ does. For this person, I would just want to know her once and that’s it. For her to make a personal attack against her friend who has just ask for a return of his personal belongings that he borrowed to her, that is so wrong. For this kind of friend, I would just say good bye and I don’t need a friend like you anymore because I have better friends who knows how to treasure friendship a lot better than you do. I couldn’t believe that a friend would not even help and hang around with friends who are from the same country, but aiming to meet more white people when she is only hooked up very often with three guys and a girl who are not from where she is now.

Therefore, I appreciate a lot on whatever my friends have done for me. Thank you very much. If it’s not because of friends, one would be lonely.

If anyone interested to know who is this person I’m speaking about, do let me know. I will let you know the whole story. Please send a message to my inbox.

♥ Traclyn Yeoh

Traclyn Yeoh