Plastic Surgery & Changes of Perception

The term ‘plastic surgery’ are no longer a strange term as these procedures are getting more popular each day. Not only adults are receiving such procedure but I came across a video as young as 7 years old last week. There are some cases of bully in their surrounding leading them ‘fix’ the matter by doing so.

Screen Shot from ISAPS

Here is a statistic of top 25 countries on the total surgical and non-surgical procedures that has been done in year 2010. The amount has been gradually increased in certain countries. In the US, there are 13.8 million procedures performed in 2011 (Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons) which remains as the top country of performing plastic surgery.

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Throughout the years, the society are accepting plastic surgery positively. Celebrities are no exceptional for such procedures for they are in the limelight of the society and being recognized everywhere they go. They would always want to look good and not all plastic surgery could be bad. Reality hits and study shown that good looking people gets more attention (Source: APS). Do you see where is this all going?

Back in 2008, I wrote about Plastic Surgery VS Natural Beauty and I wasn’t able to accept people who had plastic surgery except if you’re caught in accidents and being deformed from it. In my opinion, if you really need plastic surgery, ‘fix’ to improve the feature without going overboard. If you turned yourself looking totally different from how you originally looked, you’ll be the top hot news around for the wrong reasons. Worse case scenario when the surgery failed and your features started to collapse, people will take plastic surgery negatively. What’s the most important is, if you’re happy with how everything turned out, people will eventually accept you and plastic surgery.

No one is perfect and its alright to live with imperfections. Personally, I have flat and big nose with pitted scars and gummy smile but I counter it by contouring my nose with makeup and practice smiling in front of the mirror to lessen those gummy smiles from photos. I can’t really do much for the pitted scars unless I have it treated with laser which I couldn’t afford it yet . With our imperfections, we need to learn how to accept and embrace it. Can’t deny it as I also use double eyelid tape to deepen my crease although I do have double eyelid.

What if I were given a chance to go for plastic surgery for sponsored ? I still have the fear of entering operating theatre (the last time I did was for endoscopic procedure) and I’m still skeptical about it. Things could possibly change in the future, who knows?


What do you think of plastic surgery and if you’re sponsored with plastic surgery procedure, would you do it and which feature would you like to give it a change?


Traclyn Yeoh

Pure Beauty Brand Ambassador First Public Appearance

On 1st Ocotber, Fish Leong as the Pure Beauty Ambassador makes her first public appearance in Sunway Pyramid and Jusco Cheras Selatan.

” Ms Fish Leong is an icon of beauty and talent. Her naturally flawless skin, naturally beauty, vitality, radiance and confidence are a true personification of the Pure Beauty brand” – Ms Alice Lau, Pure Beauty Brand Manager.

Before her appearance, medias from our local newspaper get to sit down for an interview with her. She shared around her love for Pure Beauty products. To her humbleness, she offered the medias try the products too.

Nonetheless, I was very fortunate to sit down with her and the rest of the brand advocates for a chit chat session. She is definitely very humble and polite, the only barrier between me with her is language. I can’t really converse in Mandarin. I picked up on listening for a bit and here is something she shared with us:

Why do you choose Pure Beauty?

I have been using Pure Beauty range for 2 months and I’m amazed for what it did for my skin. I love that it contains high antioxidant level and with natural ingredients such as pomegranate. It is very moisturizing to keep my skin supple and smooth.

Which is your favorite in the Pure Beauty range?

It’s very difficult to only select one because all of the skin care has been very kind to my skin. If I were to carry one and only, I will select the essence because it is light-weight and concentrated. I can apply the essence all over my face including my eye area and it helps to maintain skin youthfulness.

You are always busy with photo shoots and tours, how does Pure Beauty helped you?

I felt delighted when I received compliments on my skin despite spending long hours with makeup on during such occasions. Pure Beauty has helped to improve and maintain my skin texture. I love to give a good massage for my face before going to bed with the night cream. Just use to cream to massage face all the way to the back of your neck, it helps to relax your skin and facial muscles.

Do you visit to any beauty salon for facial treatments?

I believe that if you’re using the right skin care, home treatments are sufficient. One of the treatment that I practice is to use brewed warm tea bags to reduce eye puffiness.  Also, the practice of healthy diet is very important too.

Could you share with us your healthy diet regime?

I take fruits and milk or honey for breakfast. With the honey, I always prefer to mix it with warm water to consume and try to drink less iced beverages all time. I do take vitamins and we as Chinese always love our nutritional soups. I recommend consuming white fungus with rock sugar as white fungus contains collagen which is great for skin and health. I also love having salmon and cord fish as they are rich in Omega-3.

That was a great share isn’t ? This gave me the chance to observe her skin, her skin is flawless. She made her stage appearance later in the evening in Sunway Pyramid.

‘Sing Like Fish’ contest was one of the activities in conjunction to her appearance. The winner from Sunway Pyramid gets to duet with Fish Leong on stage. How lucky!

Fans of Fish Leong waited patiently to meet her personally and for her autograph. Some of them have shirts with Fish Leong’s name on it, how cute! Media gushed in for a close up photos of hers too.

Meet the brand advocates! It was great to have lunch and chit chat with them, we shared lots of laugh and craziness! From left there is me, Cindy, Ringo, Audrey and Jess.

Personally, I like their essence and eye cream. I’ve used it for one and a half month now and if you know me well, you’ll know how much I love essences or serums for its concentrated formula. It’s in gel texture and easily absorb into my skin. Just like Fish Leong, I also use it around my eye area. The eye cream helped in decreasing my fine lines on my undereye by half. You may look out for Pure Beauty products in Watsons and their products are pretty affordable.

  • Cleanser  – MYR 21.90
  • Toner – MYR 27.90
  • Gel Cream – MYR 36.90
  • Night Cream – MYR 42.90
  • Eye Cream – MYR 36.90
  • Essence – MYR 49.90
You may also look out for more information from their website, Pure Beauty Malaysia or their Facebook page, Pure Beauty Malaysia.


Traclyn Yeoh

Meet & Greet: Yasmin Hani

This sweet lady, Yasmin Hani, an actress, TV host, emcee and model has recently joined the Fabulous 7 by Bizzy Body.  Here’s a chance for me have a sweet sizzle chat with her and find out what she has to share with us.

~ ♦ ~

You are an actress and TV Host, you always have to look good and stay healthy. What are your fitness regime and secrets?

Basically there is no secret with me. I used to eat what I want until I hit 30 and noticed  some spaces on my body been used without my permission~ So I head to the gym frequently as well as yoga. I slowed  down on yoga for a bit now as I’m taking gym and classes. I intend to be active in yoga again.

Could you share with us your perspective on the Slimming industry?

It changed my perception of slimming programs. I used to be skeptical with slimming programs for I used to think exercising and dieting is the best solution. I always think that  people are lazy that is why they opt for slimming programs but when I hit the gym,  I noticed some areas are difficult to tone. However after the first trial, I noticed immediate results in just one session. Such programs does the job quicker and it has educated me a new perspective. Bizzy Body has helped me to achieve the body that I always wanted and I’m very happy with the results.

What was your Bizzy Body experience?

They interviewed me for my food intake and lifestyle.  The measurement of my body fat, height and every part of my body has been taken before the treatment. From the bottom of the ankle, they marked and measure everywhere! This shows that they are very thorough and confident in proving some results. Some people said that cellulite treatments are painful and I was scared but after I tried it, I think its bearable and fine. You know what, for the sake of beauty, no pain no gain! In the beginning, it was painful but I can say the pain in waxing is much greater.

Any particular treatments you enjoyed?

My first treatment was the RF (Reform Technology Treatment). After the first treatment, I immediately fell in love with it. I do enjoy it because I could feel it really working on me and I feel satisfied. If its comfortable and not working, I wouldn’t like it because it’s a waste of time. After a few sessions, I can see a more firm, slender and refined body.

Understand that you are also a satisfied customer of Facial First. What do you look for when you select your facial center?

I hardly care on my freckles because I want it to be there, just need to lessen it a little but the pores is very crucial. I’m carrying the skin, I look, touch and take care of it everyday. Its hard to control those expression lines as well especially around my eye  area when I smile sincerely and the lines just comes out. Facial First has presented a different concept compared to other facial centers. Unlike others, Facial First is the first to implement the wellness concept – where they not only take care of your skin inside out but also outside in approach. They also cater personalized treatment for each individual based on their skin problems.

Are you aware that Skin Nutrition uses 100% paraben-free product? Is safe cosmetics something you are concern with?

Oh yes, I was told that Skin Nutrition only uses safe skin care products before we undergo our treatment. I like that the product doesn’t contain ingredients or chemicals that is harmful to the skin and the results are amazing! I think they are taking one step further to make sure that everything is safe to have satisfied customers. I’m happy to hear this. Safe cosmetics is a concern for everyone  but for me it is important because as I aged, I need a skin care to maintain the wellness of my skin and also to fight against premature skin aging.

What do you think of Wyann’s initiative of Going Green?

I think it’s fantastic that they’re embarking on this CSR initiative. It’s the first time I believe a slimming brand has taken this amazing step to preserving the environment.


~ ♦ ~

She is such a lovely and friendly person, I’m really lucky to meet her! Hope you enjoy reading her take on these beauty treatments. Oh, she has something to say in regards to this campaign!

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Meet & Greet: Tony Eusoff

Tony Eusoff, a charming prince to many females all around Malaysia who is an actor, model and singer. Recently, he has joined the Fabulous 7 by Bizzy Body,  I had the chance to sit down and have a chit chat session with him. So let’s see what he has to share with us.

~ ♦ ~

Do you think it’s important for men to keep themselves well-groomed?

Definitely. Its more important as time progresses, there are a lot more pressure for men to be well-groomed compared to 50 years ago. Pressure from current times are like media, people’s expectation and etc. Men do want to be confident and maintain a positive outlook. We are much more fashion savvy compared to before, we cannot be too old fashion otherwise you’ll be left behind. In the line of work that I do, its like ‘fashion savvy on steroids’. That’s my take on it but of course, facial and body treatments are important to the overall well-being and it plays a big part in maintaining one’s appearance.

Do you think Malaysian men are becoming more metro sexual?

Men are becoming increasingly aware and sophisticated about beauty, especially with Malaysian men simply because we are becoming more progressive and develop nation. It affected us to be more conscious about our appearance even say in the corporate world, its just enormous. If you want to be a figure of some sort, it means you’re constantly being look up for as a role model, therefore it is vital to be presentable. It is true that a high percentage of the public today are skeptical of beauty services and slimming packages and its funny, I used to be skeptical about this as well but MASCULINE has changes my perception completely.

As a popular actor, what do you think is the most important thing when it comes to maintaining a body?

In today’s day and age, we face hectic situations at work and other issues we sometimes have no control over. Men, too, need to just relax and be pampered. In that respect, I’m more traditional because I don’t believe on medication that works from inside out as I’m not convinced on such claims.  You also cannot just go for a liposuction just to look fit, these shortcuts never last. I believe in achieving good health but in a tougher way. It’s like the legs of a camera tripod, we need enough rest or sleep, nutritional food and balanced diet, and exercise. I don’t believe there’s a way around it because if you lose out on one, if will affect the rest. Despite all this, we also know what is good for our bodies. I believe MASCULINE stay true to their vision; to make a prominent stance for the men out there that it is okay to want to be in good shape. Apart from that with Masculine’s customized treatments and diet plan, it also motivates me to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Which Masculine treatment is your favorite and why?

Definitely the MASCULINE’s signature treatment called Fabulous Abs Action. It allows the body to sweat and burns 600 to 2,400 calories in 30 minutes. This is good, especially with my hectic schedule, I can still juggle with my work and look good at the same time.

What are the first three things a man should do to look more well-groomed?

As I mentioned earlier using a camera tripod, those are the most important elements. I heard a lot of people work so hard that they only slept for 3-4 hours, how can that be good for you? If you don’t rest, your brain will never get the chance to develop.  Now that my schedule is a lot more busier, I prioritize my rest. Rest is something I take very importantly, I’ll make it a point to get at least 6 hours of sleep in a day. I came from a village in Sarawak and our upbringing is very natural, I used to go to the field to get enough sun and Vitamin D.  Back home we plant our rice, vegetables and we have our own chicken and duck. We’ve been eating organic before the organic craze. I’ve been trained by my mum from young to work in the farm. My mum disciplines me in the way that I get enough exercise and trust me, its labor intensive work. Because of my upbringing that had helped me in optimizing all the health aspects to my life. I realize I need to return to my old nature when I completed my studies in Kuala Lumpur.  I started going to the gym, get the sun for at least 15 minutes and taking in supplements to counter balanced diet.

What is your take on Wyann’s decision to offer a 7-day money back guarantee for all customers?

It’s a great thing that Wyann is introducing this and no other beauty and slimming brand provides money back guarantee.

~ ♦ ~

It was great to have such session up-close with Tony and he is hilarious! Hopefully you find his tips and review handy. Watch what Tony has to say on this campaign!

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