Giveaway: What Makes You Smile Today?

There is a glimpse of something exciting I have shared in my Facebook page this evening and I have kept you guessing what are they. This giveaway is by and before I go into the details of the giveaway, let’s learn a tad bit of


“…From a hobby and obsession of searching for the best mineral makeup available, we decided to start to share our passion with our friends in Malaysia.

At LovingMinerals, we stock only the safest and most luxurious mineral cosmetics at unbelievably low prices. We search the world for the most recommended mineral cosmetic brands, and all our products have been tried and tested repeatedly to suit Asian skin tones, skin types and our humid weather perfectly… ” – Loving, read more here.

I know you’ll be eager to find out what will be given away, let’s scootch over for the details!

The item to be given away is one Travel 9pc Brush Set worth MYR89.00! They are made of super soft synthetic bristles like many of their current available brushes. This set includes:

  • Powder Brush
  • Blush Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Spoolie Brush
  • Eye Shadow Brush
  • Angled Liner Brush
  • Thin Eye Liner Brush
  • Lip Liner Brush
  • Black Pouch with zippered area for makeups

This set will also be available in their website by 15th March 2012 and you, my readers are the first few to preview this brushes. How exciting!

Here is how you could stand a chance to grab this set of brushes with only three steps!


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Terms and Conditions:

  • Only one (1) winner will be selected via Fruit Machine and will have another post to announce the lucky winner.
  • Giveaway ends at 11:59pm (GMT +08:00) of 23 March 2012
  • Open to Malaysia’s residents only
  • Gift will be posted to the winner within a week once being contacted
  • Strictly NO SPAMMING



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Traclyn Yeoh

GIVEAWAY RESULT: Bioré Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip

I would like to thank for those who have participate my latest giveaway. Unfortunately, there are less than 30 participants but it is alright. I know some have been complaining saying it’s such a small product that it’s not worth participating. I will leave that thought to them but I REALLY appreciate for those who have participate. It was really interesting to read everyone’s beauty resolutions and remember try not to break your resolutions. I don’t want to be lengthy anymore, here is the list of who will be having the Bioré Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip of 18ml!



  1. Jolie
  2. Sangeetha
  3. Sherry
  4. FeedDuh
  5. Andrea Lee
  6. Mrs amyno
  7. Rane Chin
  8. Jean
  9. Nisa Abdul
  10. Mushaiyarah
  11. Siti Shahanim Hashim
  12. Abigail
  13. Hanna

For those who have won it, please email me your details to I would require your mailing address and contact number. Please be reminded to send your details before 6:00pm on the 16th January 2012 which is on Monday, otherwise your prize will be forfeited.

Until then, please stay tuned for more. Cheers~


Traclyn Yeoh

GIVEAWAY: Bioré Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip & My Beauty Resolutions

I don’t know if you remember how much I have loved and love my current makeup remover. If you haven’t, please do check them out here. With all the love I have for this Bioré Makeup Remover, here is a giveaway. A miniature bottle of 18ml to be given away to 30 participants!

For this miniature bottle, its easy to carry around and great for travelling. This baby is waiting for you to bring it back home!

How to grab them?

Easy peasy with two simple steps!

Step One: Click on the ‘Like’ for my page below.

Step Two: Share with me at least 5 Beauty Resolutions for 2012 in the comment section below. Just list them would do, no need of explaining each point.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Open to those with valid Malaysian address only.
  • Only for those who fulfilled both steps qualify.
  • No spamming please!
  • Giveaway ends by 11th January (Wednesday) at 11:59pm and winners will be announced by 13th January 2012 (Friday).

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Pretty easy right? I thought this could be useful since we have just arrived to 2012, setting up resolution will help to guide you throughout the year and keep an eye on it if you ever fulfill your resolutions.

Here are my 5 Beauty Resolutions:

Treating my face at least 2-3 times a week.

I haven’t applied any mask for a month now but I have been really hardworking in layering skin care at night. I would layer at least six different skin cares at night because I’m getting paranoid over aging and acne skin after my skin crisis a year and a half ago.

♥ Refrain myself from rubbing my eyes crazily

Early last month, I have been crazily rubbing my eyes till it gets swollen and red. I did this so often that it can happen 2-3 times a day and one day, I saw a long fine line on my under eye. That just freaked me out, I totally want to keep that away.

Creating more videos for all

I know I haven’t consistently update videos in my Youtube channel but I promise that this year is going to be better. You’ll be expecting more makeup tutorials and DIYs. I will try to update some random vlogs too, just so if you’re interested to watch like how I did for Christmas.

Wash my makeup brush more often and get organized

It sounds nasty but I tend to get tired too when I get back home after makeup session with my clients. I abandon my brushes for weeks, I know you can call me lazy but in real life I don’t wear makeup as often. Honestly! Some of my makeup are disorganized ever since I have a train case. Shifting it from my train case to drawers is quite a hassle.

Carrying blotting paper with me

I never have the practice of carrying blotting paper in my bag. I have superb oily skin and since I don’t wear as much makeup daily, I tend to use the back of my hands to wipe off my face oil. Eeewww! Even when I’m typing this, I felt how unhygienic I am. If I have makeup on, I usually head to the nearest loo to grab some tissue and if they don’t have them, I’ll have to stay with oil slick face. I should really stock in blotting papers.


First 30 participants who completed the two steps will get the baby above! Please share this too~



Traclyn Yeoh

f.o.x. Makeup School @ Counter Pre-Launch & GIVEAWAY

f.o.x.  is one of the popular makeup brand that came all the way from Taiwan and now they are available in Malaysia. You can find them in Sg. Wang, Sunway Pyramid and One Utama’s Parkson. Recently they have just launch Makeup School @ Counter. Wonder what is it?

It’s a personalized makeup lesson for individuals held over f.o.x. counter itself. f.o.x makeup artist will guide you into makeup application step by step, not only helping to apply makeup for you but to have you to apply your own, hence you get to learn some makeup skills too.  All you have to do is to find out what look that you would love to achieve and the session will take about 15 to 30 minutes.

What makes this special is you will be guided what’s suitable for your own features. These sessions is affordable, with the minimum purchase of RM50 and above you could join the Express Class for RM15 or Premium Class for RM25. If you purchase RM350 and above, you’re entitled for FREE classes.

I was invited to the pre-launch of this program and at first I gotten confused what this event is all about. I really enjoyed looking around for their products so much. It took me some time because I didn’t know where to start but I was really happy that I’ve been guided from Kelly (she’s related to my previous job, long story). She was very nice to show me around with what’s available there, from cosmetics to skincare. Oh, what skincare? I didn’t know they have skincare! Let’s have a look over their cosmetics.

They have two makeup remover of cherry blossom! I went ga-ga over those, I bet those could be good. I like how Kelly demonstrated to me on their liquid foundation and liquid makeup primer. It can be mixed together to correct your skin tone, it doesn’t cake, chalky or ball up during the mixing. Even if you set the foundation with powder and re-apply the liquid foundation, it goes on smoothly without getting mess up into patches. I also like how their loose powder is packaged. It comes with a retractable brush that you can keep it on the lid, its travel friendly! I hope that they could bring in more blushes because the shades are pretty limited. Their Classic Rouge lipstick glides smoothly and they will have a new improved coming soon!

They have quite a range of eye shadows from shimmery to matte ones, its pretty pigmented and the powder is very fine. Swatching it over the back of my hand seems fine, not too sure how it goes over the eyes.

They have their very own 360°Oscillation Mascara and I’m impressed for the functions in this mascara. The spoolie actually turns 360° in two directions that it delivers about 30 turns every minute, waterproof , smudge-proof, anti-oxidize and anti-bacterial. The battery is changeable so you don’t have to worry if it runs out. Sounds really promising! This mascara will be coming soon over their counters for RM100. Introductory price will be only for RM80!

The skin care range along with them is U Care. U Care is a sister brand of f.o.x cosmetics, also comes from Taiwan. Look at their serum! Quite a number of them, I’m a serum fan. I like one of their serum that it comes it two bottle, its special that you have mix both the serum when you want to use it. That way it keeps the purity of the serum. It doesn’t feel oily but to feel your skin more supple. Another thing that attracted me is their 7-Day Anti Wrinkle Hydrating Spray, its not like any ordinary spray where it sprays directly to your skin, sometimes if you get crappy pump it spritz droplets of water but this sprays fine mist that spreads around makes the application more even.

If you’re interested on their skincare but not convinced, they have mini sets for you! If I’m not mistaken their mini sets accommodate for 7-days. Not too bad eh?

Let’s go back to the main event!

See? The two way interaction of having a makeup artist to guide you makes the session more personalized. I would recommend this classes especially when you want to learn some basic skills of makeup. To pay up a lump sum for make up classes in an academy could be dreadful unless you want to be a certified makeup artist, this is still affordable. By the way, the Makeup Artist on the left is Kelly and on the right is the Chief Makeup Artist, Alvin.

I’m not too sure if this applies to all the classes but what we had on the pre-launch is after the class, you are given the chance to snap some photos. It feels like celebrity! I was too shy to have my picture taken. Hehe! After you had your photo taken, they will print it out for you sign it and . . .

Walaa~ posted up on their board for the day. Simple yet stylish idea and oh, they have printed another copy for everyone who did their makeup too.

Oh I almost forgotten their lovely refreshment. I always love cupcakes for their colors and cuteness but it’s too sweet for my liking. One of it has cherry blossom decoration, see the pink one?

I have spoken to quite a few of the f.o.x management team and makeup artist, they are quite friendly and funny, easily cope with them. They are very attentive in terms of reaching out to get ideas of improvement in many aspects.

For those who attended, we were given door gift of the U Care 7-Day Anti-Wrinkle Hydrating Spray (RM65), U Care Sheer Radiance Silky Mask(RM200 for six pieces), f.o.x 360°Oscillation mascara (price as mentioned above) and artist color palette (RM60).

This will be the fun part of this post. It’s GIVEAWAY time! I have 10 pieces of Complimentary 15 minutes Makeup Lesson pass to be given away. Want to get it? Easy peasy! Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Follow me through Google Friend Connect or NetworkedBlogs (available on right sidebar). If you’re already a follower, that’s great!

Step 2: Comment below what does f.o.x stands for and include your name in Google Friend Connect or NetworkedBlogs (please state which did you use) and email address. No spams please, only one entry per person.

First five commentators who follows the steps correctly (including spelling) WINS! Each winner will be given two passes and I will contact winners via email for prize collection. Winners will have to respond to my email within 48 hours or else it prize will be forfeited. This giveaway opens to Malaysia residents. Giveaway ends at midnight (GMT +08:00) on 31st March 2011.

Good luck! *wink*

Traclyn Yeoh